Can mountaineering bring us some benefits?

Can mountaineering bring us some benefits?

It is very beneficial to the human body to carry out hiking and camping activities frequently. From a medical point of view, it has direct harm to five aspects such as human vision, cardiopulmonary function, coordination of limbs, excess consumption in the body, and delaying human aging.

  First, there is one of the simplest ways to treat myopia, which is to look beyond the distance and relax the eye muscles.

However, due to industrial pollution and heat island effect in the city, the suspended particles in the air are disordered and the visibility is poor.

In the mountains, especially on the foothills, you can make your eyes infinity and relieve the fatigue of the eye muscles.

  Second, the area of virgin forests and grasslands in the mountains is far beyond the green grass and flowers in the city.

Therefore, walking in the mountains has the potential to improve lung ventilation, increase lung capacity, and improve lung function, while also enhancing the ability of the heart to contract.

  Third, the mountain roads are bumpy. Walking through this area is beneficial to improve the balance function of the human body and enhance the coordination ability of the limbs, especially walking on non-step sections without artificial modification, so that the muscle fibers of the human body are thickened, muscles are developed, and the flexibility of the limbs is enhanced.

  Fourth, the sugar metabolism in people’s daily body belongs to aerobic metabolism. Mountaineering activities, especially in the mountains, are mostly due to the thin air, and most of the human body is converted to anaerobic metabolism. In addition, the amount of exercise for mountaineering camping activities increases, and the mountains often cannot meet the needs of the body.It can consume a large amount of small tissues gathered in the human body, especially small tissues of the waist and abdomen.

  Fifth, the normal metabolism of the human body will produce a harmful substance called free radicals, which can destroy the human cell membrane, dissolve the normal cells of the human body, and cause aging and even mutation of human tissues.

Oxygen anions can effectively bind free radicals and excrete them.

According to relevant data, the unit content of oxygen anions in urban streets is only 100 to 300, and tens of thousands can be found in mountain forests.

Therefore, walking camping in the mountains can effectively replace harmful free radicals, which is beneficial to delay aging.

  (1) Science, economy, and effective fitness. Mountaineering and physical fitness have become fashionable. Many people invest in fitness machines, and some participate in fitness clubs. But for those who climb, they choose a less investment., the effective fitness road – mountaineering.

Mountaineering is a rare, economical and easy-to-use fitness exercise that keeps people away from the hustle and bustle of the city, bathes the fresh air of the forest, and is physiologically refreshed and full of vitality.

  The choice of fitness method not only varies from person to person, but also depends on the environment, conditions, and time.

Going to the mountains to go to the heights, running in the wild, there is no investment, and still keep fit.

Fitness is not investing much, but expensive.

We actively promote this kind of science that embraces nature and loves life.

  (2) Mountain climbing and cardiovascular gymnastics Mountain climbing can form a unique cardiovascular movement characteristic: firstly, when the legs alternately climb, the pressure in the muscle contraction gap of the legs rises, and the venous blood vessels are squeezed, so that the blood is returned.The reflux is accelerated.

When the muscles are relaxed, the pressure drop in the muscle gap can attract blood flow from the capillaries and arterial ends, and then push to the atrium direction, forming an alternating pumping function when the contraction and relaxation are combined, which effectively reduces the venous pressure of the lower limbs and reduces the blood pressure.Stasis is of great significance.

The second rhythm of the mountain climbing is relatively stable, and the perseverance of the blood flow to the vessel wall is relatively fixed, which has positive significance for restoring the elasticity of the blood vessel.

Third, from the perspective of the burden of the heart, although it is faster than usual, from the above two points, the burden on the heart is not too big.

  (3) Mountaineering can prevent osteoporosis1.

The most direct effect of osteoporosis is fracture, and mountaineering can make middle-aged and old friends have flexible legs and strong legs, greatly reducing the chance of falling.


In the part where the fracture occurs, the hip fracture has the greatest impact on people, and the probability of occurrence is also great. When climbing, the leg should be raised high, which increases the range of motion of the thigh bone, making the thigh bone strong and powerful.


Osteoporosis requires calcium supplementation. Older friends have poor gastrointestinal absorption, calcium intake is obviously insufficient, mountain climbing increases gastric motility, and sunlight is beneficial to vitamin D to promote calcium absorption and utilization.

  (4) Diabetes climbing therapy There are three basic therapies for diabetes. Among them, exercise therapy has positive significance for the rehabilitation of diabetes. Mountain climbing is an ideal exercise method.

Mountain climbing can improve physical fitness, improve immunity, reduce or prevent complications, consume excess dose, promote fat loss, increase sensitivity to insulin, reduce the amount of insulin and oral sugar drugs, and promote the use of sugar by body tissues.In particular, the skeletal muscle absorbs and utilizes glucose, restores the absorption of sugar by cells, and lowers blood sugar and blood lipid levels.

  During the mountaineering process, the large muscles of the leg participate in more regular exercise, which has a certain load, which makes more capillaries open, strengthens oxygen exchange, enhances metabolism, and strengthens the sensitivity of the human body to insulin, which is beneficial to better.Control blood sugar levels.

  (5) The toxicity of climbing and sweating promotes blood circulation and energy metabolism during mountain climbing, and the body temperature rises, which brings positive effects to the body.

First of all, climbing the mountain and sweating can discharge some waste from the body and the body surface, and do a general cleaning of the body.

Temperature, during the climbing process, due to the increase in body temperature, some bacteria can be killed, and then the proper discharge of sweat, so that the body temperature can be controlled within a safe range.

Third, regular mountain climbing exercise can control the nervous system of the sweat gland to get more sensitive.

The fourth mountain climbing sweat has a beauty and skin-feeling effect, the blood vessels shrink, stretch, and contract, which is equivalent to giving the skin an easy to rub.

But pay attention to bathe with warm water after sweating, timely replenish moisture and heat preservation after exercise.

  (6) Mountaineering should grasp the amount of exercise. Mountain climbing should be done with force, because the damage of the heart to the heart is invisible and potential.Mastering the amount of exercise First, control the speed of climbing, not to breathe as much, not to pursue time and speed, just to move yourself to the top of the mountain, the spirit can be satisfied.

Second, during the climbing process, measuring your pulse every 10 seconds, the best should be 18 (± 3 times) / 10 seconds.

Mountain climbing for fitness, we must master the strength.

  (7) Benefits of mountaineering 1.

Foot exercise – make your feet flexible and powerful. Mountain climbing is one of the best ways to exercise your feet.


Mountain climbing promotes capillary function – feeling refreshed and smooth.


Mountain climbing can strengthen the bones.


Forest bath – green health law.

Entering the forest, wading through the mountains, meditation and rejuvenation, bathing the essence and aroma of the forest, washing the city dust mites, and feeling refreshed.


Mountaineering can significantly improve the waist, the strength of the legs, the speed of travel, the endurance, the body’s ability to coordinate and balance, and other physical qualities, strengthen the heart, lung function, and enhance disease resistance.

  (8) One of the “four big” mountaineering, one is sweating a lot.

When the mountaineering sweats, the whole body pores are like a mouth open, and communicate with nature.

  Second, breathing big breath.

Deep inspiration, no longer reduces fatigue, but also enlarges the lungs and strengthens the function of the respiratory system.

  Third, the blood is washed.

Mountaineering blood circulation is accelerated, and in many cases there is a feeling of blood or a fascinating sensation of harmful substances attached to the blood vessel wall.

  Fourth, the mood is great.

Jinping Mountain has a beautiful natural environment, dense forests, and a lot of negative oxygen ions. After exercise, the body secretes endorphins, and ascends to the top, and the mountains are small, and the pride and ambition are born.

Spring: the role of vegetarian first bamboo shoots

Spring: the role of vegetarian first bamboo shoots

In spring, it is known as the “first vegetarian food”, and the spring bamboo shoots of “Spring King of Vegetables” have sprouted out. “Good bamboo and even mountain feels bamboo shoots” is a good time for spring bamboo shoots.

  The spring bamboo shoots are light and fresh, rich in nutrients, containing a lot of water, vegetable protein, traces, sugars, a large amount of carotene and vitamin B, C, E and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential nutrients and trace elements.The higher content is cellulose, amino acid.

Spring bamboo shoots are not good vegetables or good medicines. Clinical research of Chinese medicine has found that spring bamboo shoots are sweet and cold, with the benefits of benefiting nine sputum, blood circulation, phlegm, and swelling.

  Eating bamboo shoots and roasting meat can nourish yin and blood; sesame oil can smother bamboo shoots, can phlegm and digest food; children with measles, can eat soup made with tender bamboo shoots, make measles clear, shorten the disease period; eat bamboo shoot porridge, form a long-diarrheaThe rectal prolapse is effective.

Modern medicine believes that bamboo shoots have adsorptive properties, promote food fermentation, and help digestion and excretion. Therefore, frequent spring bamboo shoots have serious side effects on simple obesity.

  However, bamboo shoots completely contain insoluble calcium oxalate, urethra, kidney, gallstones patients should not eat more, but also contains a lot of crude cellulose, may be a causative factor for patients with diseases and cirrhosis, easily lead to stomach bleeding, liver diseaseAggravated and so on.

  Eat spring bamboo shoots to prevent allergies, especially the elderly, children should not eat more, it is best not to exceed half of each meal.

Chinese medicine believes that bamboo shoots have the effects of nourishing yin, benefiting blood, reducing phlegm, digestion, and convenience. However, a large amount of cellulose in bamboo shoots is difficult to digest, and bamboo shoots contain insoluble oxalic acid.Disease, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, etc.

In spring, it is easy to be allergic. For those who are susceptible to allergic absorption, eating spring bamboo shoots can also cause urticaria.

Therefore, children should eat a small amount of spring bamboo shoots, but can not eat bamboo shoots; the elderly must eat slowly and slowly swallow.

  In order to prevent allergies, eat bamboo shoots should be a small amount of taste, if there is a reaction, stop immediately; if there is no reaction, you can eat it properly.

If you use bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots and stir-fry, you must first boil the bamboo shoots with boiling water for 5-10 minutes, then fry with other foods.

This can not only decompose most of the oxalic acid at high temperature to reduce the drawbacks, but also make it tasteless and tastes more delicious.

At the same time, try not to eat with sea fish when eating bamboo shoots, to avoid skin diseases.

  Allergic diseases are an abnormal immune response of our body to the external substances exposed. Wheezing, allergic rhinitis, urticaria, dermatitis, etc. are more common allergic diseases, and severe allergic reactions may manifest as anaphylactic shock.The throat is edematous and even dead.

Bamboo shoots are a good food, but it is not uncommon for people who suffer from allergic diseases by eating bamboo shoots.

Patients with allergic diseases mentioned above should try a small amount of food when they eat bamboo shoots. If there is a reaction, stop immediately, and those who are allergic to bamboo shoots should avoid eating bamboo shoots again.

Abuse of throat tablets gives you a big throat damage

Abuse of throat tablets gives you a big throat damage

Some people have nothing to do with a piece of throat, think that they can both “throat” and fresh breath, killing two birds with one stone.

The glory, long-term abuse of throat tablets to bring your throat is a great harm.

The reporter interviewed Professor Song Haitao from the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health on this issue. She told the reporter: “Laryngeal tablets are a commonly used over-the-counter medicine to correct the treatment of respiratory diseases, but if they are abused for a long time, especially the throatUse in case of doubt often has an adverse effect.

“Laryngeal tablets are commonly used anti-inflammatory throat drugs, have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, often used to treat pharyngitis, tonsillitis, hoarseness and so on.

Due to its sweet and comfortable feeling after the entrance, it is prone to being repeated.

  Some throat tablets are antibacterial drugs that kill bacteria and create a sterile environment for the mouth.

These throat tablets are suitable for acute respiratory tract inflammation. If these drugs are used repeatedly without sterilizing, the antibacterial ingredients will kill the normal flora in the mouth, causing the dysbacteriosis, which is more likely to cause arthritis.There was a kidney disease that was about to be caused at that time.

  Some throat tablets contain iodine molecules, so there is a history of iodine allergy or pregnancy, and women who are breast-feeding are not allowed to take it.

If a lactating woman is taking a throat tablet containing iodine, iodine can enter the child’s body through the milk, affecting the growth and development of the child.

Some throat pieces, such as peppermint throat tablets, can shrink blood vessels, reducing the disease resistance of the mucous membranes, and long-term repetition can lead to oral ulcers.

  It is definitely one of the throat tablets. Continuous application will cause the throat to be stimulated for a long time, causing mucosal edema in the throat and thickening of the vocal cords, resulting in thick and hoarse voice.

  Finally, Song Haitao reminded: “The throat must be treated with distance from the disease. Do not think that the disease is small and not a serious matter. The throat tablets can only assist the auxiliary function. It is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment.

People who like to put garlic in the cooking must pay attention to it.



People who like to put garlic in the cooking must pay attention to it.

Most people know that eating garlic is good, I am afraid you still don’t know.

Garlic and these things, after simple processing, and these magical effects, come see!

The simplest method is to peel a piece of garlic, which is contained in the mouth. It is lightly bitten. When the garlic tastes out, it slowly swallows. 1 capsule contains 1 hour, the throat is reduced, and the cough can be cured.

Method 2 Take more than a dozen petals of garlic, add the mud into the cup, add the amount of crystal sugar, brew with boiling water, warm clothes as tea, 1 time a day, 2 times a day with severe cough, this method has a rapid cough and phlegmSpecial effects.

Method 3 steamed garlic water: children with cough and asthma with garlic 2-3 petals, adults with 7-8 petals, smashed, put into a bowl, add water, then add to the pot to steam, steam after boiling for 15 minutes, when severeThree times a day, you can drink water without eating garlic.

The next day, when you steam the garlic, you need to add rock sugar. The child puts one grain, the adult puts two tablets, the garlic is warm, enters the spleen, stomach, lung, and the folk uses garlic to treat cough, bronchitis, hypertension, and tuberculosis.

Method 4: Garlic and rock sugar boiled water to drink: When the child has a cold and cough, use 30 grams of garlic, 10 grams of rock sugar and 200 ml of water, first boil the water with a big fire, then simmer for a few minutes with a small fire, and finally smash into a small bowl.Let the child drink it.

When the child coughs badly, drink 3 times in the morning, in the middle and in the evening, and the next day will be effective.

Method Five-boiled ginger garlic brown sugar water: If the cough is severe, the white sputum splashes, indicating that the cold is heavier.

Children can use 3 slices of ginger, 3 petals of garlic, half a spoon of brown sugar, 7-8 slices of ginger for adults, 7-8 petals of garlic, a spoonful of brown sugar, add water to the pot, and burn for 10 minutes on medium heat.three times.

Method 6 Take three or four heads of garlic. After peeling, cut the garlic cloves into thin slices.

Before going to bed at night, put the sliced garlic cloves on the four sides of the oven and bake them. The next morning, the garlic slices are basically dried and roasted, but be careful not to bake them into black.

Then chop the dried garlic slices with a rolling pin into the end, the more broken the better.

Dig a tablespoon of garlic and pour it into a cup, add a little brown sugar, pour in boiling water, mix well, and drink.

Drinking a cup or two a day, even after drinking for two or three days, the cough will ease.

Method seven on the fire cough, the garlic can be mashed into a paste, put into an empty medicine bottle, the mouth of the bottle is aimed at the mouth, try to sniff the spicy taste of garlic, it can be seen that the disease smells 4-5 times a day.

After the spicy taste of garlic is lightened, it can be replaced with new garlic. The bottle used should not be too large, so it is better to align the two nostrils.

In addition, you can also wash a few pieces of garlic into the outer skin, put it in a large bottle of honey, cover it, soak it for about a week, and take it out.

Method 8: Garlic dressing to deal with fire, coughing method: Before going to bed every night, after washing your feet, cut the garlic into thin slices and apply it on the acupoints of the feet and feet (position on the heel up 1/3 of the soles of the feet) and then take the medical tape.Stick to it.

Because garlic is irritating to the skin, the time of sticking should not be too long, so it is best to remove it when you wake up in the morning.

This method has a certain effect on cough, nosebleed and constipation. Apply for 7 days in a row?
10 days, the effect will be better.

There may be a small number of people who will have blisters at the appetite. It is recommended to suspend the application at this time. After the blisters are broken, the skin will be rehabilitated and applied.

Teach you how to use decorative painting to enhance home wealth

Teach you how to use decorative painting to enhance home wealth

Teach you how to use decorative painting to enhance home wealth. In many home transportation, everyone is most concerned about the wealth of home, how to use decorative painting to enhance home wealth?

What kind of decorative painting can make money for home?


Enhance wealth 1 .

Symbolizes wealthy wealth: red peony decoration painting peony is a symbol of wealth, sunflower flowers are bright and lovely, bright flowers, flowers are gorgeous, the axis is straight and upright, and the head is sunny, with the praise of the flower of gold, full positive energy, attractingYour friends and friends, away from the best representation of the villain.

At home in the porch, the living room or the six-squares in the house hang this painting, which can improve the family’s arduous fortune, attracting customers to come to the door, near the expensive disaster, the future is flying, and the sky is bright.


Conducive to the fortune of the fortune: the pastoral decorative painting living room can be placed in the pastoral decorative painting, the pastoral decorative painting makes the home ventilation smooth, and the living room is conducive to attracting fortune.

But it is not appropriate to face the window. If the two windows in the room are facing each other, the gas will come in from the window of one wall and then go out from the other window, and it will not blow into the living room, which is easy for the visitors to feel uncomfortable.


Meaning of wealth: Wealth and calligraphy, some traditional lucky treasures, wealthy images, wealthy trees and other calligraphy and painting can be hung indoors, with a view to introducing wealth.

General type calligraphy and painting can be attached to the entrance, which means that wealth is rolling.


It means that there are more than a year: the “fish” of the nine fishes takes all the good things, and it has meanings more than a year.

Jiuyu homophonic is “Jiuru”, which is a long-lasting wishful auspicious.

The ninth fish picture in the living room can protect the fortune of the home from infringement.

Since the fish five elements are “water”, people born in the summer and autumn are more suitable.


In addition to helping the home to enhance the fortune, the Taohua decorative painting can also enhance the peach blossoms, and use the warm style or decorative paintings with special meanings to hang in the bedroom or the living room, which can effectively enhance the owner’s peach blossoms and make the marriage happy and smooth.


Symbolizes warmth and romance: If you want to increase the marriage or love fortune, then the southwest side of the living room is the most important. You can hang yellow warm small paintings in this orientation, but you should pay attention to the paintings and the people you use.Even if it is a picture frame and other details, please pay attention.

If you are a person who avoids gold, you cannot use a metal frame, otherwise it will affect the fortune.


It means many sons and grandchildren: the jade pomegranate decoration and the knotted pomegranate are known as one of the most potted plants, meaning the many grandchildren of the ring, so that the men and women who are not married at home will increase their peach blossoms.

You can hang this picture in the bedroom or embed the related accessories to help you.


Enhance the peach blossoms: The red and yellow flower decorative paintings first determine their peach blossom position according to their own genus, and then place flowers on the peach blossoms in the living room or bedroom.

Of course, the patterns of the flowers are all exquisite: you can put roses or other elegant colors of flowers, preferably in red and yellow, two.

The effect is good!


Harmony between husband and wife: The phoenix map is called “Phoenix Xiongfeng, female phoenix, phoenix flying” This is a symbol of husband and wife harmony.

Putting a phoenix symbolizing auspiciousness in the bedroom is conducive to increasing the relationship between husband and wife.

Because the phoenix has the property of “chicken”, the zodiac is a rabbit, and the dog is not suitable for placement.


Asylum health decorative paintings are placed at home and can be seen at a glance.

If you place an unusual decorative painting, people who will see it will feel uncomfortable, which is not conducive to the physical health of the family.

Therefore, the correct choice of decorative painting is very important and can help to improve the health of the family.

1.The meaning of evergreen: landscape decoration painting landscape decoration gives people a fresh and comfortable feeling, the five elements are “water”, and it means alwaysgreen.

The living room is in the east and is in charge of the health of the residents. A landscape painting can be placed in this area.

The so-called water can raise wood, health is wood, and the decorative painting of “water” can promote the health and longevity of family members.


The genus is very particular: the choice of appropriate decorative paintings is often arranged to control the home feng shui, the effect is desirable, it depends on the use of each person, but also needs to match the family members’ genus to choose the appropriate painting.

Especially in terms of improving health, such as monkeys, hanging a gourd embroidery or picture in the direction of Wang Health, can have a certain effect on the family.


How do thin people gain weight?

How do thin people gain weight?

Q: I am 20 years old. I am 170, weigh less than 90 pounds, my legs and arms are very thin. I feel a little sick and thin. I really want to gain weight.

How do thin people gain weight?

My nutrition is ok, the food I eat at home is very good, but I don’t exercise, I haven’t done any physical exercise, but I don’t think it’s not itself. When I was a child, I wouldn’t be as thin as I used to be.Dudu, now very thin, do not know why?

  Anyway, I am not fat, I will not get fat when I eat anything. I rarely eat things like KFC. I drink it regularly. Now I have very few snacks.

Anyway, I want to be a little fat now, my legs are too thin, it looks very thin, who will help me analyze, give me some advice, I am currently preparing for the college entrance examination, I want to be successful after the college entrance examination, I usually stay at home every summer.Play, no work, no fat, I really don’t know why, there is no aunt, how do thin people gain weight?

Help me!

  Netizen thirty-nine degrees: I teach you a very simple way to increase fat, that is, you eat a week of clear noodles, then eat as usual, so you will slowly become fat.

This is a simple recipe.

  Netizen Ice Brother: Brother, I am also very thin.

I want to increase fat, brother is almost like you, almost 21 years old, 175, only a little more than 100 pounds.

However, it has never been fat, in fact, you can eat sheep placenta, I heard that it is very good.

However, I have not tried it. Although I heard that the sheep placenta is very good in fattening, the taste of this thing is very sloppy. I really can’t try it.

Otherwise, I have already eaten it. If you really want to fat, try it.

  Netizen: How do thin people gain weight?

Try spirulina tablets.

Spirulina tablets have two effects, weight loss and fattening, weight loss before meals, and eating after eating.

Practice Tai Chi, remember ten taboos, avoid taboos, loose and weak

Practice Tai Chi, remember ten taboos, avoid taboos, loose and weak

Tai Chi is a good fitness method. The people who practice Tai Chi are the elderly. They often see them playing Tai Chi in the park in the morning.
Taiji’s health effects are many, to prevent osteoporosis, enhance heart function, etc., practice Taiji pays attention to a lot, then what are the taboos of Tai Chi practice?
Let’s take a look at it.
  1、具有健美作用  太极拳的顶悬、沉肩坠肘、含胸拔背、松腹开胯、敛臀等身法要求,加上在练习时的腰部旋转,使练习者的全身肌肉得到充分锻炼,Maintain a good body shape.
  2、增强心脏功能,改善循环系统,扩大肺活量  心脏病是世界第一号杀手,目前西医对这种疾病还没有特效的治疗方法,练习太极拳能预防心脏病,这是因为太极拳不同于其他Exercise, it moves slowly, the muscles of the body relax, and the heart gets enough blood.
  However, it will not speed up the heart rhythm and increase the burden on the heart; Tai Chi Chuan will make the oxygen in the lungs of the human body full of oxygen through the slow, slender and even abdominal breathing, and the stomach will be motivated to enhance digestion and excretion function, so the Tai Chi is often exercised.It has a preventive effect on heart disease, lung disease, stomach disease, constipation, and hemorrhoids.
  3, improve people’s ability to balance, prevent osteoporosis One of the common accidents in the elderly is the loss of balance and fall and lead to femoral neck fracture, why is this result?
This is because the elderly have reduced bone calcium and osteoporosis.
In the Tai Chi exercise, some of the exercises are specially designed to balance the ability, and the balance ability of the practitioner is fully exercised.
  When practicing Tai Chi, often one leg supports the weight of the whole body, the leg strength increases, the calcium content of the bone increases, and the bone becomes very strong.
Therefore, people who practice Tai Chi often do not easily wrestle and fracture.
  4, improve the nervous system The role of the nervous system is to regulate the function of various organs of the body, to maintain the integrity of the internal body, in order to adapt to the changes in the external environment.
Through the combination of mind and breathing and movement, Tai Chi Chuan promotes the perfection of brain nerve cells, coordinates the process of excitation and inhibition of the human nervous system, and has good effects on trauma, neurological diseases such as neurasthenia, insomnia, and hypertension.Prevention and treatment.
  What are the taboos for practicing Tai Chi Chuan? Taijiquan has been a very good fitness method since ancient times. Many people in Tai Chi will practice, but how much do you know about the benefits of Tai Chi?
In order to make Taijiquan play as much as possible, the Taijiquan must first understand the purpose of practicing Taijiquan. In fact, there are still many taboos in Taijiquan. Let’s take a look at it together!
  Taijiquan taboos 1. Avoid taboos: Taijiquan is an internal boxing, with a focus on internal and external double-education. It is difficult to enter the room if the practice of training with foreigners is difficult.
  2, avoid the boxing with the same practice: practicing Tai Chi with other miscellaneous family boxing exercises, easy to cause body qi and blood scattered, it is difficult to practice through the days.
  3, avoid rapid success: the merits are not only learned by learning, but trained, only to the fire throat, can be water, there is no through train, the speed does not reach.
  4, avoid over-the-fire for the merits: the key to practicing Tai Chi is to build a good bridge, adjust the interest, only the Wen fire attack can only have a pool of liquid, Dan medicine and raise.
The mouth is not loose, the teeth are closed, and the bridge is too tight, it will dry and bitter, and it will consume gas.
  5, avoid loose and weak: Song is the door of Tai Chi Chuan, is the first level of entry for Tai Chi Chuan practitioners, loose is to close the knot, the knot, the spine loose, so that the muscles, tendons, skin expansion, let the blood lead to the tip.
It is not loose, loose, and slack.
  6, avoid stiff training: Tai Chi is not intended to use force, is the soft Zhongzang, loose is the door of Tai Chi, stiffness is the martyrdom of Tai Chi, with gas stagnation, force and gas, is the taboo of Tai Chi.
  7, avoid the assault to make the move: Taijiquan’s skill strike rule is: do not hit the top, reverse to accept, force and force, to pull a thousand pounds.
Assaults can not only win, but it is easy to lose both.
  8, avoid frivolous and singular dance: body sinking is air-sinking, frivolous, dry, flat, stable, sinking, is the basic requirement of Tai Chi, “掤, 捋, squeeze, press, pick, 挒, elbow, rely on”The boxing method of Taijiquan, “circle, spin” is the trajectory of Taijiquan movement.
It is a fist that has a blow, and there is no punch that does not beat people. Tai Chi is a kind of “smart power” fist, frivolous and singular, and it is not easy to use.
  9, avoid the miscellaneous words: the core of practicing Tai Chi is to clean the heart, Shengjin alchemy.
Misunderstanding in the heart is a major obstacle to practicing boxing and must be ruled out.
Secondly, the saying goes that “the fart is not sick, the words are more than life”, and the practicing boxers are talking and practicing, which is the culprit of consumption and consumption, and must be strictly controlled.
  10, taboo God does not guard: Tai Chi is a three-point form of seven points, very skill in the air.
The trick is for the skill, the god is the power, there is no way to recruit, and the power is magical.
Divine power, unpredictable, and majestic.
To practice Tai Chi, you must reach the hand, the eye, the body, and the spirit.
  Taijiquan combines the traditional methods of guiding and absorbing, focusing on the close coordination between practicing, practicing, and practicing, which is very helpful for our fitness and health.

Improper coloring of tiles is harmful to health

Improper coloring of tiles is harmful to health

Tiles are 10 times higher than the surface reflections. According to the survey, most homes and office buildings prefer to use brighter tiles for decoration, because the bright tiles not only make the room look rich and bright, but also can be replaced to some extent.Insufficient lighting.

The Secretary General of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association said that in general, the light reflection coefficient of white powder wall is 69%-80%, and the mirror glass is 82%-88%, while the walls of the room and some tiles on the ground (mainly polished tiles)After decoration with a part of antique bricks, the light reflection coefficient is as high as 90%, which greatly exceeds the physiological adaptation range that the human body can withstand, which will cause light pollution and damage people’s health.

  According to Secretary General Qi Bin, the light pollution depending on the environment can be roughly divided into the following categories: first, internal environmental pollution, such as reflective exterior walls of buildings; second, indoor environmental pollution, light pollution caused by indoor tiles belongs to this category.The third is local environmental pollution, such as book paper.

Among them, polished bricks and antique bricks use related technology to increase the brightness of the brick surface, resulting in a higher reflection coefficient of light, even 10 times higher than the reflection coefficient of the matte decoration.


On average, after watching TV for several hours in a row, people’s vision will temporarily drop by 30%.

In the long-term living environment with smooth walls and floors, the light reflection re-reflects to produce stimulation, which exceeds the coordination of the eyes, makes the eyes fatigue, and even leads to reduced visual function.

  Light pollution will cause damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, inhibiting the function of photoreceptor cells of the retina.

The study found that people who work and live in a white bright and polluted environment will have a sharp decline in vision, and the incidence of cataracts will be as high as 45%. At the same time, it is easy to cause dizziness, upset, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, and physical weakness.And similar symptoms of neurasthenia.

  The survey shows that long-term exposure to various light pollution in the surrounding environment is also one of the leading leaders in the current youth myopia rate.

  Choosing tiles to make your eyes comfortable. President Bin said that since August 1, 2005, the state has implemented mandatory signs (3C marks) for three types of decorative products, including porcelain tiles, which mainly detect whether they are up to standard.

Since some ultra-white tiles use an additive that acts as a “white” in the production process, and this additive contains radioactive substances, it may cause pollution pollution and light pollution.

  In the regulations, the porcelain tiles that are certified are executed GB-T400.

1 standard, water absorption rate is less than or equal to 0.

The products of 5 are mainly polished tiles and antique bricks, and glazed tiles and some wall tiles are not included in this range.

  Finally, Secretary-General Zhai Bin suggested that the best visual environment should be in full coordination with the human eye in terms of color, light frequency, brightness, shape of objects, and movement.

Therefore, when decorating the home, it is best to choose matt bricks; the study room and children’s room should use the floor instead of the floor tiles; if polished tiles are used, usually try to open small lights at home, but also avoid direct light or affect the eyes through reflection;And the metallic tiles are over-reflective and not suitable for large areas in the living room.

Swimming in the summer, come to the water, jogging, thin belly, stovepipe, two-pronged

Swimming in the summer, come to the water, jogging, thin belly, stovepipe, two-pronged

The so-called jogging in the water is to choose the water depth 1.

A pool of 5 meters to 2 meters, with a floating belt around the waist, so that you can keep your body standing vertically in the water, so you don’t have to worry about leaning forward, so you can concentrate on exercising.

During exercise, the feet are not on the ground, the head and head are exposed to the water surface: the hands and feet mimic the running motion: the arm is bent at 90 degrees, the shoulder is the axis, and the front and back are swung. The point is that the finger does not protrude from the water surface; the height parallel to the head is exposed, thenStep down again.

In this way, no matter which direction you move, you will encounter water constraints, so that the muscles of the whole body will get balanced exercise.

If you want to increase the amount of exercise, you can also speed up the movement of your hands and feet, and consume more aunts with the help of water stress.

After this exercise, the heart and muscles are exercised, and then a feeling of comfort after massage is experienced.

  The action of jogging in the water is not complicated, as long as the amount of exercise is adjusted by adjusting the exercise frequency.

In addition, the jogging in the army water should be gradual.

Adjust your strength with your own feelings during exercise.

After jogging for 5 minutes, the heart rate exceeds 110 to 130 beats per minute, and it is advisable to alternate between rest and exercise.

  Jogging in the water can reduce the impact of traditional training methods on joints and avoid sports injuries.

Sports experts say that jogging in the water can distribute the body load evenly, which has obvious advantages over land running.

On land, every mile runs, each foot has to hit the ground for about 1,000 times. The feet, knees and buttocks are oscillated, which can easily lead to muscle sprains or ligament strains. In water, the lower limbs oscillate to zero.The above accidents will not occur.

  Jogging in water is more efficient than land training.

Since water has a higher density and heat transfer than air, people consume more energy in the water than on land.

Tests have shown that the change that occurs in a 12 second stay in water for 4 minutes is equivalent to the change that occurs on land for one hour at the same temperature.

In addition, the resistance of water is 12 times that of air, and it takes 45 minutes to run in the water, which is equivalent to running on land for two hours.

At the same time, exercise under intensity, more energy is consumed in the water than on land. The supply of these energy is supplemented by the consumption of sugar and a small amount in the body. By this method, the excess amount in the body can be gradually reduced.
Therefore, jogging in the water is especially suitable for obese people.

Medical experts also suggest that people’s abdomen and legs can be well exercised by the length of the water. Women who want to lose weight jogging in the water can remove excess aunts and make their legs slender.

  Jogging in the water also contributes to the recovery of sports injuries.

Some athletes have to stop training after being injured.

And if you resume training in the way of jogging in the water, you can avoid re-injury and stop exercising.

Intuition can make you lose weight

Intuition can make you lose weight

The mystery of this weight loss method lies in people’s psychology.

Professor Hawkes manages this method as an “intuition” diet.

The “intuition” diet is based on two very simple rules: First, people don’t have to think about losing weight all the time. They can follow the rules of weight loss and don’t have to blame themselves.

He said that self-blame will only make the situation worse.

Our body begins to have some kind of behavior, and then we will face some kind of result.

If you eat something that is “excessive”, you will have to gain weight.

This is entirely because you can’t be self-sustaining.

Second, there must be something in the food that you really want to eat, but you can’t eat.

  Professor Hawkes is particularly prominent. One of the “intuition” weight loss laws is absolutely in violation of the rules, that is, you can only eat when you feel obese.

He pointed out sharply that people often forget this in modern society.

People in today’s society often can’t control their mouths, eat them when they are sorrowful, and eat when others are sorrowful.

But in the past, when they decided to lose weight, they instead tempered their diet, and soon they became obese.

As the saying goes, hunger does not eat.

The superiority of the “intuition” diet is due to the fact that it only allows you to eat when you are hungry, so no matter what food is in front of you, you always feel that what you eat is what you like.

  Professor Hawkes’s weight once reached more than 100 kilograms.

In the years of the Air Force, he has also changed his way to lose weight, but the results have been minimal.

Its weight has dropped from time to time, and it has soared rapidly.

During the weight loss period, Hawkes’ body weight naturally improved, and then he felt tremendous pressure from himself.

Therefore, the professor decided to invent a new way to lose weight, which is what is called “intuition” diet.

After using the new law, even if he occasionally ate what food he had previously banned, he would no longer blame himself for his weakness, because he was really hungry at this time, and he ate what he wanted to eat.

  Professor Hawkes’s colleagues believe that this unusual diet is worth emulating, and some obese people will soon see benefits after use.

If one of them is within 11 months, the weight will be reduced by 16 kg.