[Can the ginger soup brown sugar water be heated to drink the next day?]_ Pieces of yellow sugar water_How to drink

[Can the ginger soup brown sugar water be heated to drink the next day?]_ Pieces of yellow sugar water_How to drink

Ginger soup brown sugar water is referred to as ginger soup for short. This ginger soup can adjust the effect of expelling cold and warming the stomach, but it is best for the human body to be hot before it is eaten.The flavor of ginger soup is sweet with a little spicy, and can also relieve the symptoms of irregular menstruation, but some people will put the rest of the ginger soup on the next day instead, so the ginger soup brown sugar water can be heated to drink

First, can the ginger soup brown sugar water be heated for drinking the next day?

  Extreme soups and foods should not be eaten as much as possible, such as the role of brown sugar: 1.

Brown sugar contains glucose, fructose and other monosaccharides and glucose energy substances, which can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and provide energy for cells.

Folic acid and trace substances contained in brown sugar can accelerate blood circulation, increase blood volume, stimulate the body’s hematopoietic function, expand blood volume, and improve local skin nutrition, oxygen, and water supply.

Some of the vitamins and electrolytes contained in brown sugar can balance the water-liquid metabolism of the cell’s internal environment by regulating the concentration of certain substances between tissues, eliminate cell metabolites, and keep the internal and external environment clean.

Second, a variety of vitamins and antioxidants contained in brown sugar can resist free radicals, rebuild and protect the cellular infrastructure, and maintain the normal function and metabolism of cells.

The amino acids, cellulose and other substances contained in brown sugar can effectively protect and restore the epidermis, dermis fiber structure and water-holding ability, strengthen skin tissue structure and skin elasticity, and at the same time supplement skin nutrition and promote cell regeneration.

Some natural acids and pigment regulating substances contained in brown sugar can effectively regulate various pigment metabolism processes, balance the amount of pigment secretion and pigment distribution in the skin, and reduce the abnormal accumulation of certain pigments.

However, the brown sugar water after the night will lose most of the nutrition. For example, if the nutrients are reheated, the nutrients will gradually decrease, so that it will lose the value of drinking it.

Can the ginger soup brown sugar water be heated to drink the next day?

Whether you can drink or not depends on the situation. You can still drink it safely in winter, because the temperature is relatively low in winter, and the food is not easy to be infected by bacteria. In summer, it is better not to drink, because the temperature is relatively high in summer, and the food is vulnerable to bacteria.infection.
It is best to keep it in the refrigerator, because other small animals may care about the food outside. Drinking it may cause diarrhea or discomfort. Of course, it is best to take it out of the refrigerator on the second day before drinking.Heat and boil before drinking, because the food in the refrigerator is 20-30 ° C lower than the human stomach temperature. Food that is too cold can cause the gastric mucosa to contract sharply and contract, causing severe contraction of the gastric mucosa, and drinking hot brown sugar gingerWater works better than cold.

[Dangers of eating Korean noodles often]_ Harm _ Harm

[Dangers of eating Korean noodles often]_ Harm _ Harm

Korean cold noodles are a very popular type of noodles. Korean cold noodles are also called Korean noodles. We often see them on the streets.

Korean cold noodle soup is usually chicken soup or beef soup.

The taste is hot and sour, and it is generally hot in summer. In the summer, people often eat Korean cold noodles. Korean cold noodles can improve the feeling of dryness in the human body, and they can also appetite and strengthen the spleen. Here is a detailed introduction to Korean cold noodles.Specific methods: Korean cold noodles, commonly known as Korean noodles, Korean cold noodles, foods made from buckwheat noodles, starch, beef, pepper noodles, carrots and other materials, of which the soba noodles are especially well-known.This is a traditional Korean food that people like.

It is usually made with beef or chicken broth, served with spicy cabbage, sliced meat, eggs, shredded cucumber, and pear sticks.

When eating, first put a small amount of cold soup and an appropriate amount of noodles in the bowl, then add the seasoning, and finally pour the soup again.

Its noodles are fine and tough, the soup is cool, and sour and palatable.

Flavor characteristics Cold noodles were invented by the ancient Chinese Qin Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, North Korea was expected, and later it was renamed Korean water-cooled cold noodles, which is referred to as cold noodles for most people.

Cold noodles will always be a popular food in the Korean peninsula or mainland China. In mainland China, Korean cold noodles are popular in too many street snack shops because of their cheapness and fast consumption.

Authentic Korean cold noodles are usually eaten in the summer.

Korean cold noodles are mostly eaten in bowls and served in plates, but cold noodle soup is relatively speaking.

The practice of cold noodles is to cook the noodles, copy the dried noodles with cold water, and add seasonings such as salt, vinegar, and soy sauce, and add green vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers as side dishes.

When you eat, mix the side dishes with noodles, and then mix with Korean pickles or pickles, and you can eat.

As for the seasoning, Korean spicy sauce is generally used, but mustard sauce is also used.

As the saying goes: “Chilli hot mouth, garlic hot heart, mustard hot nasal tendon.”

When you have a cold or a stuffy nose, eating mustard will make your nose clear immediately.

The Jilin Yanji area is known as the Korean cold noodles and is called Yanji cold noodles.

Throughout the Korean peninsula, cold noodles are often considered to be food in the northern parts of Hampyeong, Pyongyang and other places.

Yanji cold noodles with hot sauce, less soup, Korean cold noodles-Pyongyang cold noodles have more water, light flavors, Korean cold noodles-cold noodles from other places, special features of Jeolla cold noodles: softer, mixed with shredded vegetables to eat.

The more famous is “Dongtang Cold Noodle”.

The three major noodles can usually be bought in the northeast market, or you can go to the market near the Korean settlements, and you should all be able to buy more authentic noodles.

There are other places . It seems that there are some “fools” in some supermarkets that sell noodles and soups, and buy them and throw them away.

Bought the noodles. If the authentic noodles are finished, put them in cold water and soak them softly, then bake them gently in boiling water. It will be fine soon. Just try one, not hard or tooth decay.Do n’t overcook it. You can only change the Korean version of this noodle when it ‘s overcooked. Take it out and dip it in cold water repeatedly. Do n’t ask with your hands or chopsticks.

For bagged noodles, just follow the instructions on the package.

The standard for good noodles is muscle.

The degree of authentic Korean cold gluten is “extremely difficult to bite.”

After the noodles are prepared, combine one portion according to the size of each bowl, saving time and effort.

Note that preparing the noodles is the last step. If you make it first, it will simmer for a long time and it will be difficult to eat.

Soup is simple!

Ice water, add some sour rice vinegar (not rice vinegar, white vinegar), a few drops of soy sauce (ten million moda), salt, sugar, miso, fried ginger, minced garlic, parsley, shredded cucumber, the above are the essential ingredients!!

You can also add pear slices, shredded apples, pineapples, shredded carrots, etc., as you like, delicious and beautiful!

(Severely recommended Northeast specialty fruit-Apple Pear, also called Pear Apple) This is the clear soup, and the soup is the clear soup in which ice water is replaced by beef bones or beef; the standard of a good soup is: sweet and sour, cool and refreshing, lightDrink soup and drink it, and add a few pieces of ice, one word: cool!

Add: This thing still follows personal tastes, sour and sweet and salty.

As far as Northeast China is concerned, there are two main types of cold noodles, which are actually the taste of soup.

The Yanbian line represents Yanji Da Noodles, with its sweet and sour characteristics, and it is located in Jiliao and most of Heihe. The Jixi line stands for Jixi Da Noodles, with its special characteristics of salty and spicy, Jixi and its surroundings.

Mixing is also the most difficult to control, because good spicy sauce is rare!


Usually home-cooked with hot sauce + chili oil + pickles (spicy cabbage, spicy radish, cabbage, eustoma . Feel free to taste, but must have at least the same) Kimchi kimchi is crispy, a little sweet, and delicious.

The Koreans also like to eat spicy food, which is a kind of spiciness. There is no Sichuan, and the spiciness of the two lakes is domineering. This is the Kimchi in cold noodle soup.There are two kinds of hot noodles, such as hot red peppers, which are fermented with chutney; and traditional Korean hot sauce with chili powder + apple sauce + Korean soybean sauce + honey.

The two work best together.

The chili oil should actually be “oil chili”. Everyone thinks it will be. The method is to use a small bowl to hold the coarse paprika with seeds, add pepper powder, sesame, salt, and then heat the oil and pour on it.The oil fume, the thief is fragrant!

If you specialize in cold noodles, you can also add onion shreds in the oil to make it delicious.

Well, the three major elements are ready, let’s start eating!

Put a portion of noodles in a large bowl, serve with soup, add more shredded cucumbers, add chili sauce, chili oil, and a lot of kimchi, and mix while drooling!

Eat noodles, drink soup, chew ice . sweet and sour, ice cold refreshing, salty and spicy.

On a hot summer day, if you can eat a bowl of cold cold noodles with cold noodle dishes and hot sauce.

It must be beautiful home.

Ha ha!

But you need to prepare some hot milk and stomach medicine, don’t eat your stomach.

Method of making material: About 40% of buckwheat noodles, about 60% of starch, beef, seasonal vegetables, pears, spring onions, carrots, etc.

Chili noodles, sesame oil, sesame, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, alkali, vinegar, soy sauce, etc. each amount.

Cooking method 1: Cut the beef into large pieces and soak in cold water, wash it, put it in a cold water pot and boil it on high heat, skim off the floating blood on the surface, then add soy sauce and salt, and then stew it with a light fire.

2. Put the shallots and carrots in a special small cloth bag and put them in the pot. When the beef is fully stewed, remove it and place it on the chopping board, and shred it when it is cool.

Take a pan and open a small fire, spread the beaten egg thinly on the bottom of the pot, shape it, turn it over, make it into an egg skin, and shred it for later use.

Beef slices are set aside, all two halves of poached eggs are set aside and shredded cucumbers are set aside.

1 pear, chopped shreds, squeeze the rest for later use.

3. Slightly filter the beef broth, cool it, and put it in a container for later use.

4. Mix the buckwheat noodles and starch in a mixing bowl with a certain ratio, blanch the hard noodles with boiling water, add an appropriate amount of alkali, knead them well, stack them into round bars, put them into a special squeeze tube, and quickly pressNoodles[Finished soba noodles can also be purchased directly].

5. Immediately after the water is boiled, cook the noodles in the pot for 40-65 seconds and remove them quickly.

After the noodles are cooked, add cold water and cool them out. Drain the water slightly and place them in the center of the bowl.

6. Put carrot shreds (put in), cucumber shreds (put in), pear shreds, drizzle Korean spicy sauce, put spicy cabbage, and pile them in order in order; five slices of cooked beef, half of waterBoil the eggs and place the egg crusts on the side. Sprinkle with sesame, seaweed, sugar, sesame oil, pine nuts, and top with beef broth. Add the pear juice you squeezed before serving.

7, such as buckwheat plaster, you can use scissors to cut two knives, mix well and eat immediately.

[1]The bar-type foods in Korean are called “guxian” (very vivid?
Lively), cold noodles are usually made with wheat flour and buckwheat noodles or corn noodles, served with clear soup or wonton soup, plus hot sauce, chilli oil, pickles, sesame, fruits, etc. as a dressing.

Cold and light, sour and refreshing, very popular.

The seemingly inconspicuous details of pear juice and pine nuts are often the key to the success of a bowl of cold noodles. In a formal Korean meal, the sweetness of pear juice and the spicy taste of hot sauce are well neutralized, which not only tastes refreshingIt is delicious, balanced in nutrition and easy to operate. It is very suitable for today’s office workers to cook at home.

Six South Korean anti-Sad groups demand government to stop deploying Sad

Six South Korean anti-Sad groups demand government to stop deploying “Sad”
Xinhua News Agency, Seoul, August 10th (Reporter Yao Qilin, Geng Xuepeng) Singju, Kimcheon people and six anti-Sad groups have an antique press conference on the 10th near Sade, Sungju County, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.On the same day, an electromagnetic wave survey was conducted at the Sade base in Xingzhou.The investigation aborted with strong opposition from local residents and civic groups.  Opponents argue that the South Korean government’s planned electromagnetic wave survey is an attempt to legalize small-scale environmental impact assessments, and they oppose it.The statement said that the deployment of Thaad is harmless and not beneficial. As a peace-loving Korean people, it is their responsibility to resist the deployment of Thaad.  The statement also made four requirements: the South Korean government immediately stopped small-scale environmental impact assessment; immediately stopped the activation of the Thaad system and removed Thaad equipment; stopped the deployment of Thaad and implemented the strategic 西安耍耍网 environmental impact assessment after the Thaad equipment was removed; comprehensive investigationDeploy Sade ‘s illegal process and severely punish those responsible.  The Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Defense of South Korea conducted a small-scale environmental impact assessment on the part of the Sade system where Sade ‘s system was deployed in the first stage of Sungju Golf Course at the end of 2016.To the Ministry of the Environment.The Ministry of Environment originally planned to confirm the results of this small-scale environmental assessment on the spot on August 10, but was strongly opposed by the local people.  On July 29, South Korean President Moon Jae-in presided over a security conference to instruct North Korea to test the intercontinental ballistic missiles and strengthen the deterrence measures, including the temporary deployment of the remaining equipment from Sade.This statement caused strong opposition from local citizens and civic groups in Sungju, Kimcheon, South Korea. Original Title: Six South Korean Anti-Sad Groups Demand Government to Stop Deployment of “Sad”

Qibin Group (601636) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Turning Point of Performance Growth Appears

Qibin Group (601636) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Turning Point of Performance Growth Appears

Report Summary: Incident: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and achieved a total of 65 operating income in the first three quarters.

32 ppm, an increase of 7 per year.

6%, net profit attributable to mother is 9.

27 ppm, a decrease of 3 per year.

33%, a sharp decrease compared to the 2019 Interim Report, and realized a zero return.

35 yuan.

In terms of single quarter performance, the company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in Q3 20194.

09 million yuan, a 34-year increase of 34.

6%, ending many negative increases since 2018Q4.

Single quarter return to mother’s net profit hit a record high.

The increase in the ex-factory price of glass and the decrease in the price of heavy alkali in raw materials are the main reasons for the improvement in the third and third quarter results.

Qibin Group’s main markets are in East and South China. According to the company’s 2018 annual report, the company’s revenue is 49.


08% come from East China, 27%.

45% comes from South China.

Taking the delivery price of Zhangzhou Qibin Futures in Fujian as an example, the daily delivery price of 5MM float glass in the company’s main market rose from 1,427 yuan / ton at the end of June to 1,506 yuan / ton at the end of September 2019, with a single third quarter interval increase.5.

The prices of heavy soda ash for raw glass raw materials have both declined in East China and South China, with a decrease of 2.

63% and 5.

13%, Cibin Group is a heavy-asset domestic float glass leader. Production line capacity penetrates. Production and sales of glass original sheets are basically balanced. There is less room for output growth. Under the background of rising glass prices and falling raw material prices, the company’s performance is flexible.In the third and third quarter results are expected to further improve in line with our expectations.杭州桑拿网

The company’s inventory at the end of the third quarter increased by 51 from the beginning of the period.

04% is due to the increase in inventory products brought by the increase in production capacity and the company’s strategic reserve of heavy soda ash at low prices. Raw material supply companies with low-priced reserves should respond to raw material price risks and improve the company’s ability to control the cost side.

Operating net cash flow has declined, but still has a dividend basis.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s net cash flow from operating activities was 10.

23 ppm, a decrease of 26 from the beginning.

42%, initially three: 1. The report resulted in an increase in the working capital caused by the commissioning of new capacity; 2. The sales of energy-saving glass increased the company’s accounts receivable by 69 compared with the beginning of the period.

71%; 3. The company made a large number of strategic reserves while the price of heavy soda ash dropped.

As one of the leading glass companies, the average annual operating cash flow has been above 700 million since 2013, and even reached 23 in 2017.

500 million.

The company’s average annual net profit is distributed in cash. Except for 2014 (the industry’s prosperity has not only declined and it is expected to be pessimistic), it has not distributed infrared rays. The annual dividend ratio is not less than 30%, and even as high as 71% in 2017.

Although the company’s first three quarters of 2019’s operating net cash flow has decreased, it is still at a historically high level. We believe that continued dividend distribution in 2019 will be a high probability event. According to the historical lowest dividend rate of 30%, the current division level is about 4%.If you follow the historical highest dividend rate, the current dividend rate will reach about 9%.

Medium- and long-term development planning and equity incentives have helped the glass leaders improve their long-term development.

In September 2019, Qibin Group announced the “Outline of Medium- and Long-Term Development Strategic Planning (2019-2024)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Strategic Outline”), the “Shareholding Plan of the Business Partner (Draft)” and the “The first phase of the company’s employee shareholding plan (draft) and other company documents, while setting the company’s long-term development plan, using employee shareholding plans and partner shareholding plans to deeply bind the interests of employees, employees and the company.

According to the company’s “Strategy Outline”, the company will achieve revenue of over 10 billion in 2021. Based on 2018 revenue, the company’s CAGR target for 2018-2021 is as high as 6% and the ROE is not lower than the 80th place of comparable companies in the same industry.Value, the revenue target in 2024 is to exceed 13.5 billion.

While planning to become bigger and stronger, the company has launched a series of professional partner shareholding plans and the first phase of employee shareholding plans to stimulate the overall entrepreneurial vitality of the company through interest binding. We believe that the combination of “target + strong incentives”The combination will effectively promote the long-term development of the glass leader, and Qibin Group will be more high-quality in terms of company operations.

At the same time, it is believed that since the glass business of Qibin belongs to a typical segmented industry, and its performance is affected by macroeconomic conditions, the company’s mid- and long-term development plan puts forward long-term and stable requirements for performance growth, while also using ROE asAssessing the target means that the company intends to reduce its own performance at the strategic level. We will see a high probability that the company will still strive to maintain capacity expansion during the downward phase of the cycle to increase the city’s share. At the same time, the cost reduction is worth looking forward to.

Earnings forecast and investment rating: We expect the company’s EPS from 2019 to 2020 to be 0.

47 yuan, 0.
56 yuan and 0.
62 yuan, the corresponding dynamic PE is 8 times, 7 times and 6 times.

Taking into account that the company’s performance growth rate is rapidly entering an inflection point, the single-quarter growth rate has turned from negative to positive; the increase in glass prices has driven the company’s performance elasticity; the allocation rate is high; the medium and long-term planning and employee incentive plans help the company’s further development; low valuation;Recommended “investment rating.

Risk warning: The improvement in the price of glass is persistent and less resilient than expected.

Antihypertensive can also depend on eating and drinking-soup

Antihypertensive can also depend on eating and drinking-soup

Chinese people always come with a bowl of soup to eat. It is also a good enjoyment to eat a full bowl and drink a bowl of soup. So is it better to drink a nutritious soup that can condition the body?

The answer is yes. The following antihypertensive soups have good effects. I hope everyone can cascade.

  红枣芹菜根汤  [原料]红枣、芹菜根各50克。  [Method]Peel the red dates, add 500 ml of celery root, and fry to 300 ml.

Eat dates and drink soup 1-2 times.

  [Efficacy]It is suitable for hypertension, elevated serum hypertension and coronary heart disease.

  枣菊汤  [原料]红枣50克,菊花30克。  [Methods]Jujube and chrysanthemums are fried twice in water, 300 ml of water each time, fried for 20 minutes, mixed twice, and juice is taken.

When tea.

  [Efficacy]Suitable for high blood pressure and high serum hypertension.

  香蕉玉米须汤  [原料]玉米须、西瓜皮各30克,香蕉3只。  [Method]Add 500ml of water to the corn peel, fry the watermelon peel for half an hour, remove the dregs and leave the juice. Then peel the bananas and put them in pieces, and continue to fry until the bananas are cooked.

Eat bananas in 2 portions and drink soup.

  [Efficacy]Suitable for essential hypertension.

  蘑菇汤  [原料]磨菇300克。  [Method]Add 1500 ml of water to the mushrooms and simmer for 2 hours on low heat.

Take 2-3 times.

  [Efficacy]It is suitable for hypertension, hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

  海带决明饮  [原料]海带100克,决明子50克。  [Methods]Wash the kelp and cut into small pieces. Wash the cassia seeds. Use 400 ml of water and cook for half an hour.

Eat kelp in 1-2 times and drink soup.

  [Efficacy]It is suitable for high blood pressure, dizziness, tinnitus, red head, irritability, and bitter mouth.

  海带菠菜汤  [原料]海带50克,菠菜200克,精盐、味精、麻油各适量。  [Methods]Wash and shred seaweed, add 300 ml of water, cook for 15 minutes, and then put the spinach washed and cut into sections. Cook for 10 minutes, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil.

Eat dishes while hot and drink soup 1-2 times.

  [Efficacy]It is suitable for hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

  紫菜决明饮  [原料]紫菜50克,决明子20克。  [Practice]Wash and chop the seaweed, wash and drain the cassia seeds, and fry them twice, each time with 500 ml of water, fry for half an hour, remove the residue and take the juice.

Take 2-3 times.
  [Efficacy]It is suitable for high blood pressure, dizziness and bloating, and is easily excited.

Yoga can improve the strength of cancer patients

Yoga can improve the strength of cancer patients

Many people think that cancer patients undergo surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, which cause major injuries and should be less active and rested.

In fact, this will only make the patient weaker and weaker.

Medical experts point out that yoga can improve physical fitness, gentle aerobic exercises such as walking, Tai Chi, etc.

  Although exercise can not tolerate the treatment of cancer, it can reduce the fatigue and discomfort caused by chemotherapy, improve the immune function, and make patients feel cheerful. Therefore, they can do what they can to extend the time and frequency of exercise in a gradual manner to improve their physical fitness.

  Research from the National Cancer Institute has shown that yoga can boost the immunity of cancer patients.

The American Academy of Sports Medicine recommends practicing yoga for 20 to 60 minutes at least 3 days a week to improve the patient’s physical strength.

You can start from 3 minutes each time, increase the number of times, and gradually change the rest time of each time.

  Medical experts said that cancer patients do not exercise at all, not only poor physical strength, but also reduce tolerance to treatment. The concept of more rest in the past has actually greatly reduced the quality of life of cancer patients.

Winter health medicated diet

Winter health medicated diet

Near the Spring Festival is the best time for winter supplements.

The health medicated diet is guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and according to the sexual taste function of traditional Chinese medicine, it is matched with corresponding food to prepare a diet that is compatible with the internal organs, yin and yang, qi and blood, and cold and heat.Physical fitness, slow down aging, and prolong life.

  Health medicinal diet medicinal and food are obtained, and the compatibility is convenient, especially the medicinal diet is medicinal and gentle, and it can be supplemented without stagnation, and it is harmless to eat more.

For those who do not have time to take care of their body during normal workload, they can use the convenient medicated diet to regulate their body during the holiday season. Armor can work with sufficient energy for the coming year.

  Traditional Chinese medicine for bodybuilding and medicinal diet believes that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

Although some people are young and strong, they are busy all day long, lose their nutrition the day after tomorrow, exhausted internal injuries, overrun the body, hurt the lungs, spleen, and kidneys.Appetite is poor, sometimes asthma due to movement.

This convenience is good for business owners and successful people.

  3 jujube quantum congee ginseng 3 grams, astragalus 10 grams, 5 grams of Huang Jing, 5 jujube (coreless), 100 grams of rice.

Put the first 3 herbs in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, fry into the soup, remove the residue and remove the soup, put the previously washed rice and red dates, and put it in the casserole. If the soup is too little, add a small amount of water and cook to dilutePorridge, add brown sugar and mix well, you can take it for 15 days.

This side has the effect of replenishing Qi.

  The Chinese medicine for brain-building and nourishing medicinal herbs believes that the human spirit, consciousness, and thinking activities are due to the function of the “heart”, that is, the reaction of the brain to external objects. The Nei Jing also states:Get out.

“People who have been engaged in human mental labor for a long time will cause insufficient kidney essence and insufficiency of the marrow sea. They need to replenish the heart, kidney, and brain, and replace medicinal diets that strengthen people’s memory, intelligence, and thinking.

This convenience is good for teachers, researchers and mental workers.

  Cordyceps yam beef bone soup Cordyceps sinensis 1?
2 grams, 10 grams of yam, 10 grams of honey red lotus, 10 grams of cypress kernel, moderate amount of beef pulp.

In addition to Cordyceps sinensis, add the other 5 herbs to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 30 minutes.

Wash the Cordyceps sinensis, put it into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of water to the steamer and steam for 20 minutes, and take the same solution before adding it.

Served for more than 15 days.
This side has the effect of Jianzhijian brain strengthening heart.

  Eliminate tiredness medicated traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver is the main source of blood.

If you work too hard, exercise too much, and think too much, you can easily feel weak muscles, tiredness, and lack of energy. You can recover from the rest after a short break, and recover from the long-term difficulty.Acid can enter the liver and transform the glutinous muscles.

At the same time supplemented with spleen appetizer, the effect is very good.

This prescription is suitable for sub-healthy people and athletes.

  Fruit tomato honey jujube drink 10g, tomato 30g, honey, 6 jujube (decored).

Steam the lotus root, red dates, and grind them into mud; mash the tomatoes into juice, mix with honey, and then take.

Should be taken for a long time.

This formula can nourish yinrou liver and tendons, quickly eliminate fatigue, promote physical recovery, and relieve mental tension.

  TCM believes that if qi and blood are full, a person’s complexion will become rosy and lustrous. If they stay up late for a long time without good rules of life, they will look pale or yellow, and wrinkles or pigmentation will appear on the skin.

Some successful women are usually busy with work and have no time to maintain, resulting in blood deficiency dissatisfaction, liver and kidney deficiency or liver qi stagnation, and blood stasis and obstruction. Therefore, they should take the product of nourishing kidney and regulating liver, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and regulating qi and stasis.Enriches qi and blood, hydrates the skin, and refreshes the spirit.

This party is mainly suitable for ladies.

  Artemisia annua peach turtle soup 10 grams of artemisia annua, 10 grams of dried peach blossom, 10 grams of astragalus, 200 grams of turtle (hair removal, viscera, bone retention).

Add the first 3 flavors to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, decoction, and remove the residue. Then add the casserole with the turtle to cook. If the solution is too little, add an appropriate amount of water. After frying for about half an hour, the temperature is slightly lower.Just add honey and serve for more than 15 days.

This side has the functions of nourishing yin, nourishing, nourishing, nourishing and nourishing blood, which can make the lady look new.

Winter Skin Care Soup Gives Skin Care Extra Points_1

Winter Skin Care Soup Gives Extra Skin Care

This winter, meeting two or three friends to go to the hot spring has become very popular.

Everyone uses their leisure time to take a trip to the hot springs, which can relieve stress and purify physiology.

The most important thing is that after soaking in the hot spring, everyone will become ruddy and have smooth skin.

No wonder many people call hot springs “beauty soup”. Hot springs can indeed help women become more beautiful.

If you can seize the hot spring time for skin care, the beauty score will increase even more.

  The perfect place for beauty treatments in hot springs. No matter in our neighbourhood or in a distant country, beauty people like to enjoy the care of hot springs.

They will make good use of the power of heat and steam, and let the hot springs help improve skin care and make skin more effective.

  Japanese hot springs must be fully skin-care when bathing in Japan. Japan’s hot springs are too famous. Even the Taiwanese beauty Lin Zhiling and Da S have made a special trip to Japan’s hot springs. They are really the first choice for beauty.

  The Japanese pay attention to “three baths a day”: before dinner, before bed, and once every morning in the morning, so the hot spring naturally becomes the best place for skin care.

Japanese women are convinced that hot springs help their targeted skin care become more effective.

  In Japan, soaking in hot springs is a way to connect feelings with friends and an important moment for women’s skin care.

At the hot spring pool, beautiful Japanese women will do a full set of skin care: cleansing, exfoliating, applying facial masks, doing massages, and body detail care . almost moved their bathroom to the hot spring pool.

  Turkish brides soak in Turkey for a full day before they get married-in our hearts is a country associated with hot springs and baths, and Turkish beauty is always so mysterious, holy and beautiful.

  Traditional Turkish women usually cover their face with turbans and wear robes. Only in the hot spring bath, they will take care of their body skin carefully while taking the best time for cleaning and skin care.

  It is said that many family affairs in Turkey are set in the bath, and the hot spring bath is an important place for future mother-in-law to choose daughter-in-law.

Before marrying, the bride and his wife would spend a whole day in the hot spring and do everything from head to toe. Every detail would be ignored so as to become the most beautiful bride.

  Korean hot spring beauty services are full of eyebrows, Korean women are beautiful for two reasons: the first is to soak in the hot springs, and the second is to use makeup and cosmetic surgery.

  The biggest feature of Korean hot springs is the humanized service, and this feature is precisely because Korean beauty is very aware of the beauty effect when soaking in hot springs.

Towels, cosmetics, hair dryer, flow rate, weight machine, back rubbing machine, etc. are provided free of charge in the powder room of the hot spring bathroom, which is very thoughtful and considerate.

  Korean hot spring services for women are even more diverse: bathing, doing beauty, meridian massage, foot massage, plucking hair, manicure, applying wormwood, etc., it seems that Korean beauty really depends on the beauty of the hot springs.

Nutritional foods that should be supplemented in summer

Nutritional foods that should be supplemented in summer

In summer, high temperature and high sweating, consumption increases body fluids, and consumes various nutrients, it is easy to feel physically weak and thirsty.

This is a manifestation of exhausting yin and yin, which will affect the function of the spleen and stomach, causing loss of appetite and decreased digestive function. Therefore, doctors recommend eating four types of food in summer.

  ”Sour” food: Sweating in summer is most likely to lose fluid, so eat some acidic foods, such as tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, ume, grapes, hawthorn, pineapple, mango, kiwi and the like. Their sourness can reduce sweat.Antidiarrheal and dampness can prevent excessive sweating and exhausting qi and yin, and it can also quench the thirst, strengthen the stomach and eliminate food.

If vinegar is added in some cases, acetic acid sterilization can prevent venous diseases.

  ”Bitter” food: As the saying goes, hot food “bitter” is better than tonic.

The bitter food contains a large number of amino acids, vitamins, alkaloids, classes, trace elements, etc. It has a variety of medical and health functions such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and heatstroke, refreshing, and eliminating fatigue.

Common “bitter” foods include bitter gourd, dandelion, beer, tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, etc. However, it should be noted that bitter foods should not be consumed in excess at one time, and excessive bitterness may cause nausea, vomiting, and stomach discomfort.

  Foods rich in “potassium”: Because people sweat and sweat in hot weather, a large amount of sweating can take away a large amount of potassium elements, leading to excessive loss of potassium in the body, causing hypokalemia, which can cause human fatigue, dizziness, appetiteSymptoms such as poor health and depression.

The most effective way to prevent potassium deficiency in hot weather is to eat more potassium-containing foods, such as strawberries, peaches, spinach, potatoes, green onions, celery, edamame and so on.

The potassium content in tea is particularly large, accounting for about 1.

About 5%, drinking more tea on hot days can not only reduce heat, but also supplement potassium.

  Smooth food: The hot weather in summer often causes people to be physically and mentally exhausted and tired, and they can’t sleep well. At this time, in addition to relaxing, stretching and doing good mental and psychological adjustment, it is especially important to choose some smooth and delicious food.

For example, radish, beer, rose, coriander, fennel, hawthorn, orange, etc.