[Can you eat durian when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can you eat durian when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Durian is a tropical fruit, known as the King of Fruits. I have always linked durian with China’s stinky tofu, all of which smell and smell delicious.

However, the nutritional value of durian is still very high, and it is loved by many domestic diners.

But normal people can eat durian as long as they like to eat it, but can they eat durian when pregnant?

What should pregnant women eat when eating durian?

What can’t durian eat with?

The next one is revealed to everyone.

Durian pulp contains a variety of vitamins and rich protein and lipids, which has a good nourishing effect on the body. It is a good source of nutrition for fruits and is therefore loved by everyone.

Pregnant women can also eat durian, but should not eat more.

Because durian contains high transient and sugar content, if mothers often use durian as a supplement, it will cause their blood sugar to rise.

In addition, although durian consumes too much cellulose, it will absorb water and swell in the stomach. Too much consumption will cause tandem and constipation. Therefore, it will increase the burden on pregnant women who are prone to constipation, especiallyPregnant women who have suffered from constipation and hemorrhoids are more unsuitable to eat durian.

In addition, durian is warm, and it is easy to get angry if you eat too much, sore throat, irritability and insomnia can cause fetal fever in pregnant women and damage the health of newborns.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must resist the temptation for the health of themselves and the fetus, and should not eat more durian.

If you want to eat, limit it to 1 orange (100g).

Precautions for pregnant women to eat durians Pregnant women should not eat more durians. If you want to eat durians, you should also observe the following: 1. Durian has a thick texture and tends to accumulate in the intestines. Drinking more water can help digestion.

2. When eating durian, try not to eat the following foods: wine, mangosteen, beef and mutton, milk, cola, eggplant, etc.

3. The foods that cannot be eaten with durian are: wine, mangosteen, beef and mutton, milk, cola, eggplant, crabs, etc.

4. The durian with natural cracks should not be stored for a long time after maturity. When it smells an alcohol, it must be spoiled. Do not buy it.

5, containing high plasma and sugar, pregnant women who are too much should eat less, and those with diabetes should not eat.

6, durian contains higher potassium, people with kidney disease and heart disease should eat less.

Durian can’t be eaten with anything. When pregnant women eat durian, try not to eat the following foods: wine, mangosteen, beef and mutton, milk, cola, eggplant, etc.

1. Durian cannot be eaten with wine.

Because wine and durian are both hot and dry, if two people with diabetes eat it together, it will cause blood vessels to split, severe blood vessels will burst, and stroke will not occur.

Thailand has a clear rule that after eating a large amount of durian, you cannot drink alcohol for 8 hours.

2. Although eating durian and mangosteen at the same time can avoid getting angry, it may cause constipation.

Because these two kinds of fruits contain cellulose, they will absorb water and swell in the stomach, but excessive consumption will cause tandem and constipation.

3, durian can not be eaten with warm foods, such as beef, lamb, dog meat and seafood.

Because these foods are all hot and hot, they can become irritated or cause other diseases or cause previous diseases.

4. Drinking milk after eating durian and poisoning the cobra will lead to excessive caffeine poisoning and blood pressure soaring, which will cause sudden death.

This statement is unscientific.

Milk and durian itself do not contain caffeine, and together they do not produce caffeine. Although durian has higher sugar content than other fruits, as long as the amount is appropriate, blood pressure will not spike.

Durian and milk can be eaten together without poisoning.

5, durian and cola are easily poisoned when consumed together.

This rumor is also unbelievable. Although cola is a carbonated beverage containing caffeine, it does not produce a chemical reaction with durian, nor does it cause poisoning.

6, durian can not eat with eggplant.

Because eggplant and durian are eaten together, it will be very angry, not good for your health.

7. Durian cannot be eaten with crabs.

If you eat them together, it can easily cause severe stomach upset.

The durian recipe suitable for pregnant women has the image metaphor of “one durian and three chickens” to point out the great effect of durian, so pregnant women can eat durian appropriately.You can usually use it as ingredients for cooking, but pay attention to the matching.

The following durian recipes can be tried by pregnant mothers: Durian stewed chicken ingredients: 1000g of native chicken, 80g of durian meat, 50g of chicken feet, 50g of pork ribs, 50g of lean pork, 30g of durian shell, 5g of wolfberry, 6 jujubesPractices: 1. Cut the chicken into large pieces of boiling water and wash it first.

Wash and drain all excipients.

2. Ingest all the ingredients into the casserole, inject 1500g of mineral water at the same time, cover it with a sandpaper, and steam it in a basket drawer for 4 hours.

3. Take out the salt seasoning channel, close it, and steam it in the cage drawer for 1 hour.

Tips: Durian, sweet and warm, has a high nutritional value, regular consumption can strengthen the spleen and qi, kidney and impotence, warm the body, especially suitable for pregnant women with cold stomach.

Ingredients for Durian Shell Pork Ribs Soup: 500 grams of pork ribs, half a durian with shells, the right amount of salt: 1. Wash the ribs with boiling water, and pick up cold water for later use.

2. Use a knife to cut the white pimple on the durian shell and cut into small pieces.

3. Put the pork ribs in the casserole, pour in the water (you can pass the pork ribs), and boil over low heat until the soup turns white and the pork ribs overflow.

4. Pour the durian dumplings together and cook until the durian dumplings are cooked through. Add salt to season the pan.

Tip: This bowl of soup is pre-filled with wine, but the wine will dilute the durian fragrance in the soup.

The soup is creamy white with a slight durian flavor.

[Flower buns.Practice]_ flower buns.Home-made practices _ flower buns.Daquan practice _ flower buns.How to do it

鍙兘鏈変簺浜轰細鎶婅嚜宸卞湪瀹堕噷鍋氶キ鎯冲緱澶鏉傦紝浜嬪疄涓婏紝鍙鎺屾彙涓€浜涚畝鍗曠殑鑿滆氨锛屾兂瑕佽嚜宸卞湪瀹跺悆涓婁竴椤跨編鍛冲張钀ュ吇鐨勬櫄椁愬苟闈炰笉鍙兘锛岃姳棣掑ご銆傜殑鍋氭硶灏卞緢瀹规槗锛屽嵆浣挎病鏈夌児楗ぉ鍒嗭紝涔熻兘璁╁浜哄悆涓婄編鍛崇殑鑿滆偞銆?銆佹墦鐨捀鐔熺传钖€?銆 佦 哦 镄  區 镡 熡 吡 鐡?銆佺传钖拰鍗楃摐鎹g浜嗗緟鐢ㄣ€?Do you want to go to the top of the map? Do you want to donate? Do you donate to the Mongolian government? Do you have a chain? Do you have a lot of money? Do you want to go?銆佸悓鐞嗐€?What is the difference between the number of people and the number of people?涓皬鏃讹紝鍥犱负鍐ぉ闈㈠彂涓嶅ソ锛屽彧鑳藉幓鐢电儹鐐曞姞娓╀簡7銆佸悓鐞嗐€?銆 丸 鹜 岜 槠 闱 ㈠ 洟 銆?銆 丷 笁 鬁  甲 ㈠ 垎 鍒  斁 閒 Pretending to be sorrowful?0銆佸彂濂藉悗锛屽垎鍒崗涓€鎹忓皬鑻忔墦锛屾弶鍗佸垎閽熴€傚啀閱掍竴浼氥€?1銆佸悓鐞嗐€?2銆佸悓鐞嗐€?3 銆 丷 笁 綁 綁 The stubble of the stubble is stubbornly stubbornly stubborn.  粠 澶 у Do you think?4銆佸儚鍖呭寘瀛愪技鐨勬妸鏈€灏忕殑鍖呰捣鏉ワ紝灏佸彛15銆佸啀鐢ㄦ渶澶х殑鎶婁粬淇╅兘鍖呰捣鏉ャ€?6銆佸皝鍙f湞灏忔寜鎵併€?7 銆 丸 雧 鍧 卑 擑 鍒 囨 垚 鶚 擑 浠?8銆佸啀鎶婂洓鍒嗕箣涓€鍝潡锛屽钩鍧囩殑鍒囨垚涓夌瓑浠姐€?9銆佷篃灏辨槸12绛変唤20銆佹妸鍏朵腑涓€鏉¢潰锛岀炕璧锋潵銆備緷娆¤繖鏍峰仛銆?1銆佸叏缈昏繃鏉ョ殑鏍峰瓙22銆佸啀鍋氫竴涓姳鑺€備竴涓氨瀹屾垚浜嗐€?3銆佷笂閿呰捀鍗佸垎閽熷嵆鍙€?4銆佷竴瀹朵笁鍙d竴浜轰竴涓樋鍢裤€傝姳棣掑ご銆傜殑鍋氭硶浣犱細浜嗗悧锛熷枩娆㈠悆闈㈤鐨勬湅鍙嬩竴瀹氫笉瑕侀敊杩囦簡锛岃繕鍙互鏍规嵁涓汉鐨勫枩濂藉姞鍏ュ叾瀹冭彍鑲达紝鏀惧亣鐨勬椂鍊欑害涓婁笁浜斿ソ鍙嬩竴璧峰仛鑺遍澶淬€傚悆锛岃偗瀹氱壒鍒湁瓒c€?

Shun Xin Agriculture (000860): Maintaining the advantage of high cost-effectiveness and flooding the nationwide battle

Shun Xin Agriculture (000860): Maintaining the advantage of high cost-effectiveness and flooding the nationwide battle
Core point of view The market segment of low-end wines is large, and the trend of centralized wines is accelerating. 1) The scale of low-end wines exceeds 200 billion yuan, CR3 accounts for only 12%, and Niulanshan accounts for 62%; 2) The revenue of light bottle wine below 100 yuan is 70 billion, and the revenue of large single-product Niulanshan aging is about 35 billion; 3) The consumption demand of light bottle wine is rigid, and high-line light bottle wine may grow explosively in the future. Niulanshan expands against the trend, and profitability is leading in the low-end wine market. 1) Niulanshan has a compound annual growth rate of 19 in the 18-18 year.2%, ranking first in the industry; 2) Shunxin’s advance accounts accounted for a leading position in the industry, dealers are highly enthusiastic about making payments, and Niulanshan has excellent sales; 3) Niulanshan’s overall gross profit margin is lowThe first echelon of wine, the net margin level has improved significantly; 4) Sales have rapidly increased to 62 inches, and volume and price are expected to rise in the future. Maintaining a high profit advantage and flooding the nationwide battle 1) Excellent brand, large channel profit space, and maintaining a high profit advantage; 2) Relying on high-quality channel resources, building a win-win mechanism for manufacturers, profitable dealer channels, and strong terminal sales capabilities;3) At present, Niulanshan has 22 sales markets of more than one million US dollars, and it is expected to replicate the successful experience of core foreign port markets such as Hebei and Henan in the future. The entire industrial chain of pork business operates, and the progress of real estate de-chemicalization has accelerated. Shunxin’s pork business has formed a full industrial chain, with revenues stable at 2 to 2.5 billion yuan, and contributing to gross profit1.500-200 million.The real estate business will be based on the development of desalination, and it is expected to shorten further in the future. Covered for the first time, giving the company an “overweight” rating. We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 148.27, 173.42, 190.8.6 billion; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 11.51, 16.47, 20.29 深圳桑拿网 ppm; EPS for 2019-2021 is 2 respectively.02, 2.89, 3.56 yuan / share.Taking into account the company’s brand power, product power, and channel power, we are optimistic about the company’s development in the low-end mass wine segmentation industry, giving the company 28-30 times PE reasonable, corresponding to reasonable and feasible 57-61 yuan.Hold “rating. Risk reminders: Macroeconomic impact, leading to a decline in the spirit of the liquor industry; increased competition in the low-end liquor market, the risk of expansion of foreign channels; the risk of counterfeit and inferior products; the risk of African swine fever epidemic prevention and control.

Hisense Video (600060): The development industry trend is clear, the state-owned enterprise mixed reform is expected to be strong

Hisense Video (600060): The development industry trend is clear, the state-owned enterprise mixed reform is expected to be strong

Investment recommendation We upgrade the company to “Outperform” rating with a target price of 15.

90 yuan, corresponding to 1.

4x 2020eP / B.

The reasons are as follows: The industry trend is clear: 1) China has acquired the industrial chain integration capabilities of color TVs, panels, LEDs, and color TV chips. Chinese color TV brands have the opportunity to surpass Korean brands in the next 5 years.

2) Hisense color TVs sold 20 million units in 2019, ranking fourth globally.

The company’s target is 40 million units, ranking among the top two in the world.

3) The company’s ROE before 2009-2016 is above 12%, 1.

5x is the lower area for P / B estimation.

From 2017 to 2019, due to the company’s profitability, ROE is at a low level, and the price-to-book ratio is estimated to be low.

We expect the company to achieve its target within 5 years, with a CAGR of 15% in sales. By then, the brand will rank first in the world and its profitability will be significantly improved (assuming that the problem of related party transactions is solved).

State-owned enterprise mixed reform is expected to be strong: In August 2019, the parent company Hisense Group was included in the Qingdao state-owned 淡水桑拿网 enterprise mixed reform list; in December 2019, the company changed its name to Hisense Vision, a positioning video integrated solution provider; in December 2019,Hisense Group will hold the shares (22.

996%) transferred to its subsidiary Hisense Electronics Industry (Hisense Group executives have a higher shareholding ratio).

The market expects companies to: 1) Improve the governance structure and release the vitality of the company’s operations.

2) Solve the problem of related party transactions with the parent company and improve the profitability of overseas business.

Overseas Hisense color TV brand business is operated by Hisense Group, the company’s foundry, low gross profit margin.

3) Solve the problem of intra-group competition.

Hisense Group’s video industry also includes optical communication devices, commercial displays, medical technology and electronic equipment, and intelligent transportation.

What makes us different from the market?

Since 2017, the company’s performance has been affected by the intensified competition in the color TV industry, which has consistently exceeded market expectations and the market lacks confidence.

We expect the company to become a global first-tier brand in the next five years, with ROE returning to more than 12% and estimated to return to the level before 2016.

Potential catalysts: mixed state-owned enterprise reforms to release operating vitality; global color TV sales to improve in 2020.

Earnings forecasts and estimates remain Hisense’s EPS forecast for 2019/20 of 0.

36 yuan / 0.

40 yuan, EPS forecast for date 2021 is 0.

59 yuan.

Considering that the ROE is expected to improve in the future, the level is raised to “outperform the industry”.

Video companies were excluded from comparable companies, and the company’s target price was raised by 58% to 15 using the comparable P / B estimation method.

90 yuan, corresponding to 1.

4x 2020e P / B, which is 20% higher than previously.

The current contradiction corresponds to 2019/20.

2x / 1.

2x P / B.

Risks China’s color TV market competition is exacerbated by risks; the state-owned enterprise mix has improved less than expected.

What is the high blood fat to eat, so that you can eat more than 12 kinds of home cooking.

What is the high blood fat to eat, so that you can eat more than 12 kinds of home cooking.

Nowadays, due to the good living conditions, the table is full of big fish and meat.

Therefore, there are more and more “three high” people.

So how do you lower blood fat?

What to eat blood fat?

Let’s take a look at it.

What to eat blood fat, Huanren Huanren can reduce blood lipids and blood sugar, promote metabolism, diuretic effect, effectively improve edema, and the amount of coix seed is relatively low, not too fat to eat.

Moreover, Coix seed is rich in crude fiber, which can improve constipation and remove toxins from the body.

2, squid squid is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce blood triglyceride levels, and can increase high-density lipoprotein plasma, enhance blood vessel elasticity.

Among freshwater fish, squid is a highly recommended lipid-lowering food.

3, garlic, garlic and other foods have always been the best food for cancer prevention, but in addition to this effect, garlic contains volatile savory, can remove the aunts accumulated in the blood vessels, has a significant role in lowering cholesterol.

4, cauliflower with low trace content, high fiber content, is very suitable for high blood lipids.

In addition, it also contains a variety of micronutrients, which have a strong effect on fighting cancer.

It should be noted that the vitamins rich in cauliflower are synthetic, so in order to avoid the loss of nutrients, the best cooking method is: avoid using a knife to change the hand to tear; avoid repeated stewing, but stir-fry, or steamed.

5, carrots and carrots are rich in a large amount of biological potassium, potassium into the blood, can emulsify the fat in the blood, while effectively dissolving the “anti-hardened plaque” deposited on the blood vessel wall, so that these body wastes are excreted.

Reduce blood fat, reduce blood viscosity, purify the blood, “clean” blood vessels, increase blood vessel elasticity, and improve the effect of microcirculation.

6, oats contain a very rich linoleic acid, accounting for 35% -52% of all unsaturated fatty acids; vitamin E content is also very rich, and oatmeal contains saponin.

They all have the effect of lowering plasma cholesterol levels.

7, pea beans are cheap, safe and effective lipid-lowering food, as long as you eat half a bowl of beans at noon every day, you can reduce the “bad cholesterol” concentration by 20% within 8 weeks.

Bean foods contain a variety of cholesterol-lowering active ingredients, the most important of which are soluble and insoluble fiber in beans.

8, mung bean sprouts mung bean itself is a good cholesterol-lowering food, and in its germination process, vitamin C can reach as much as six or seven times the original content of mung bean.

A large amount of vitamin C can promote cholesterol excretion and prevent its deposition on the inner wall of the artery.

Precipitated fiber of mung bean sprouts can help remove body waste, and can also be combined with plasma in food to convert it into bile acid replacement, thereby lowering cholesterol levels.

9, other kinds of vegetables with high trace fat content in edamame, but most of them are mainly unsaturated fatty acids, such as essential linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which can improve micro-metabolism and help reduce the body.Cholesterol triesters and plasma edamame contain compounds that scavenge fat on the walls of blood vessels, thereby lowering blood lipids and lowering blood cholesterol.

10, eggplant contains a variety of vitamins, especially purple egg contains a lot of vitamin P, can enhance cell adhesion and improve microvascular elasticity.

Medical research shows that eggplant can lower cholesterol, prevent vascular damage caused by hyperlipidemia, and can help treat complications such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

11, bitter gourd bitter gourd cool bitter taste, contains a lot of bitter gourd saponin, can stimulate the release of release, has a very obvious hypoglycemic effect, bitter gourd vitamin B1, vitamin C and a variety of minerals are rich in content, can regulate blood lipids,The role of improving the body’s immunity, and the “plant insulin” is also known.

12, celery Chinese medicine believes that celery is cool.

Celery is rich in vitamins and minerals. Celery contains a lot of crude fiber, which can enhance the melting and creeping. It has a good laxative effect and can help eliminate the excess aunt.

Existing studies abroad have confirmed that people who regularly eat celery have a significant decrease in plasma levels and can significantly lower blood pressure.

There is a good way for teenagers

There is a good way for teenagers

First, develop good habits.


Have a good breakfast.

There has always been a saying that “Eat breakfast is good, lunch is full, and dinner is small.” However, because the morning is the most tense, some children are dependent on the bed and have no time to eat breakfast.

In this way, the damage to the brain is very large, because the lack of breakfast causes hypoglycemia in the human body, insufficient nutritional supply to the brain, and the morning when there is the most homework.Brain development.

Fresh milk is best for breakfast. It contains a lot of high-quality protein and also contains lecithin, which is necessary for brain development.


Ensure enough sleep.

Sleep is the period of rest and adjustment of the brain. Sleep can not only protect the cerebral cortex from failure, but also replenish the energy consumed. The excitement and inhibition of the cerebral cortex have reached a new balance.

Good sleep has the effect of improving memory.

Teenagers should guarantee 8 hours of sleep each day.

At the same time, pay attention not to cover your head when you sleep, because when you cover your head, the carbon dioxide concentration in the alternating quilt will continue to rise, the oxygen concentration will continue to drop, the brain will not be supplied with oxygen, and it will continuously suck in the dirty air, which will cause great brain damage.

Drink plenty of water.

Water is the most important part of the human body. Studies have found that insufficient drinking is an important cause of accelerated brain aging.

Teenagers receive at least 8 glasses of water a day to ensure their physical needs.

Take part in physical exercise.

It can not only strengthen bones and muscles, but also promote the development of the brain and internal organs.


Do not use the brain with illness.

When you are in poor health or suffering from various acute illnesses, you should rest.

At this time, if you insist on learning the brain, it is not only inefficient, but also easily causes brain damage.

  Second, a scientific nutritious diet can meet the nutritional needs of the brain. It is best to match nutritious foods with different efficacy into a balanced diet.

Among the nutritional ingredients and foods, the best brain-building nutrients and the best brain-building foods that play an important role in the sound development of the brain are: 1.

Your aunt is the primary substance of your brain.

Aunt plays an important role in exerting the complex and delicate functions of the brain.

Providing the brain with excellent and rich aunts can promote brain cell development and the formation of nerve fiber myelin sheath, and ensure their good function.

The best foods are sesame, walnut kernels, animals that breed in nature, and other products and nuts.


Protein is the material basis of intellectual activity.

Protein is the main substance that controls the process of excitement and inhibition of brain cells. It plays an important role in memory, language, thinking and exercise, and neurological diseases.

The best foods are lean meat, eggs, soy products and fish and shellfish.

Fish brain is a good health brain food.


Sterling is the source of energy for brain activity.

After plasma is broken down into glucose in the body, it becomes an important energy for the brain.

The main carbohydrate content in food can basically meet the needs of the body.

The hyperglycemic brain enters a state of excessive fatigue, causing neurasthenia or depression.The best foods are cereals, coarse rice, brown sugar, and pastries.


Calcium is a substance that keeps the brain working.

Calcium can maintain the normal state of the blood to be weakly alkaline, and it is acidic and easy to fatigue in the body.

Adequate calcium promotes bone and tooth development and suppresses abnormal nerve excitement.

Severe calcium deficiency can lead to irritability, hyperactivity, decreased resistance, inattention, mental retardation and even mental retardation.

The best foods are milk, kelp, bone soup, small fish, laver, wild vegetables, soy products, shrimp skin and fruits.

Development Status of Drug Stores in East China


Development Status of Drug Stores in East China

At a pharmacy summit forum in September 2006, Shuma CEO Wang Chunlei, Hangzhou Wulin Deputy General Manager Wu Yangxian, General Manager of L’Oreal (China) Active Health Cosmetics Department Lu Xiaoming, Tongrentang Technology Xu Hui, etc.The experimental significance of the makeup store and the concept of drug makeup had a full and detailed exchange with the participating drug store executives.

The author recognizes from this forum that the practitioners and promoters of these domestic drugstore stores have achieved considerable gains. It is just that the road to drugstore in the retail and retail industry seems to be still in “darkness before dawn”.The dawn dawned.

  Observation In order to understand the actual development of drugstores, the author recently conducted a rough survey of selected locations in East China.

  Step 1: Hangzhou Wulin Drug Store ‘s cosmetics business has shrunk sharply. The Wulin Drug Store, No. 435 Wulin Road, Hangzhou, is located north of the well-known local women ‘s clothing street.between.

This location is regarded as the best location in Hangzhou’s business district, with a large number of target customers and dense crowds (there is also a mobile phone street and a shoe industry street nearby); the branch here is the largest of the Wulin chain drug stores, according to this report, With an average daily turnover of more than 6 million.

  The storefront is about 40 meters wide. The sliding glass door surface is full of advertisements and is very atmospheric. The products and brands of the advertisements include Cai Tongde, Tiepi Fengdou, Shouxing (Hangzhou famous trademark, ginseng supplements), Zhengguanzhuang,Gesbao, American ginseng (Daewoo wild ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, white bird’s nest), desert ginseng velvet flower, Cistanche deserticulata, Vichy, Omron, La Roche-Posay, etc., replace high-end goods.

In the Wulin store of more than 400 square meters, half of the area is reserved for Shanghai Cai Tongde, East China Medicine, Hongkong Longbao Ginseng and a local brand of Ginseng and other local brands, and another 1/5 of the area is reserved forcosmetic.

The author injected it. The brand cosmetics in the cosmetics area are only Avene, La Roche-Posay, and Vichy (about 95 specifications), and the rest of the non-brand products (including medical equipment, personal care products, etc.), the overall number is small.

The Bofu, Marubei, and elegant body products that were once able to be purchased from the headquarters of Wulin Chain are no longer here. The operating area of cosmetics, product specifications, and sales proportion are the same as the previous Wulin ‘s publicity in the media reports, showingA considerable shrinkage (I estimate that the proportion of its cosmetics sales now does not exceed 1/10).

  Less than half a year before the peak summit in September last year, why did the drugstore experiments in Hangzhou Wulin change so much?

According to people familiar with the matter, just across the street from this store, a large cosmetics consortium is under renovation and will soon open.

The reason why Wulin Pharmacy gradually weakened its cosmetics business is definitely related.

In order to avoid competition risks, the substitution of medicines and high-end fitness products has become the main business category of the store.

  Step 2: Shanghai Fahrenheit Pharmacy Nanfang Mall has made a big achievement in a small area. Take the light rail in Shanghai and get off at Lianhua Road Station, you can reach the Nanfang Mall at an accelerated speed (gradually renamed as Bailian Nanfang Shopping Center).

Fahrenheit Pharmacy is on the first floor of the mall.

  This Fahrenheit pharmacy has a small business area of less than 40 square meters and employs 15 people (including cosmetics promotion commissioners and consultants).

However, you must not underestimate it.

Fahrenheit South Mall is the store with the highest efficiency in the entire Fahrenheit system.

Although there are only 4 brands of cosmetics operating here, including Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Avene, etc., each brand has an average of nearly 100 product specifications. In addition, there are more than ten brands such as non-branded Qingjiao.10% of the total number of stores, but sales accounted for at least 60%.

This store has never publicized its positioning as a drug store, but the author believes that this Fahrenheit store, established in 1999, has formed a unique set of cosmetics management ideas due to its special store-in-store business format and time accumulation.And has achieved good results. The influence of its stable operation on the business circle and customer reputation are also worthy of further research in developing countries.

  Next to Fahrenheit South Mall, there is an omey (Europe and America) drug store competing with it.

This shop is the first franchise store that I officially identified as a pharmacy store and not part of the pharmacy system. It operates a wealth of series of plantesystem, uriage, and Gaolun Yafu (proactive) and other brands.

European and American drugstores have a business area of less than 20 square meters and only one salesperson.

It is understood that European and American drugstores have 20 branches in Shanghai, and the daily turnover of this store next to Fahrenheit South Mall is about 5,000 yuan. At present, it does not pose a major threat to cosmetics operations in Fahrenheit.

  Step 3: Shanghai Fahrenheit Pharmacy Jing’an Temple shop customers do not know how to make medicines. From the entire CIS system (including VI, BI, MI) to locate the drugstore, Hua’s Cosmeceuticals (232 Yuyuan Road, Jing’an Temple, Shanghai)HealthStyle).

From logo design, facade decoration (including color background, facade advertising), to space management in the store, lighting, category identification, floor cleaning, professional services, etc., the impression of Fahrenheit Cosmeceutical is professional and standard.

Taking category identification as an example, Fahrenheit drugstore’s choices are: anti-tumor drugs, cardio-cerebral vascular drugs, etc. in the prescription drug counter area; gastrointestinal drugs (2 rows) in the OTC shelf area, antipyretic and analgesic drugs (3Rows of noodles), respiratory medications (two rows of noodles), tonic drugs (two rows of noodles), and men’s medications, gynecological medications, Chinese medicine anti-inflammatory medications, dermatological medications; facial medicine medications are placed in glass cabinets;Chuanwei medicine is also placed in a vertical cabinet; others include family planning medicine, wound treatment, refined decoction pieces, health food, ginseng decoction pieces, mobility aids, home health equipment, etc.

In the “make-up area”, in addition to the counters of La Roche-Posay, Avene, Phoebe, Simple, Eucerin, Filuze, etc., other category logos also include skin care (Didou, eye pattern elimination, ice king series, etc.), Maternal and infant care (Johnson & Johnson baby series, Liushen series, etc.), beauty skin care, medical skin care, men’s skin care, etc.

  The operating area of Fahrenheit Pharmacy is about 150 square meters, with a total of more than 3,000 products.

The author roughly estimates that the cosmetic product specifications should be more than 1,000, which is in line with 40% of “international practice”.

It is understood that the store averages about 200 transactions per day, but most customers come for medicines, and not many people actually buy cosmetics.

After many discussions with salespersons, the author learned that the current business status of Fahrenheit Cosmeceuticals is not ideal, so the store’s previous positioning was professional drug sales. After the renovation at the end of last year, the doorway was changed to become a drugstore, Jing’an TempleCustomers in the area are not expected to adapt to the change. In addition, the nearby Leiyun Shangyaocheng also adopts large-scale cosmetics operations, grabbing Fahrenheit’s market share.

  Step 4: Shanghai No. 1 Medicine Store “just don’t say it,” quietly transformed Shanghai’s No. 1 Medicine Store on Nanjing East Road last year’s ranking.

500 million US dollars, the single throne in the country’s single store sales is probably no one can shake.

According to some public reports and several years of rumors, the two first pharmaceutical stores have quietly begun their business models and the profit model has changed. Their non-drug and drug ratios have reached the highest level in the country at 8: 2.

  The first-floor lobby of the First Medicine Store, in addition to Beijing Tongrentang’s specialty area of about 80 square meters, has a strong “medicine taste”, and most of them are ginseng and other high-end health products counters, the country’s famous Tonghan Chuntang, Shanghong Pharmaceutical,More than a dozen brands such as idols gathered here.

In addition, it is the world of cosmetics-French L’Oreal (Vichy, La Roche-Posay) covers an area of at least 100 square meters and has a double-sided counter; Avene also has a special counter that covers an area of about 20 square meters;There are many brands such as Yiquan, Ou Cuibi, Eucerin, Yingquan.

If you look closely, you know that this is actually a large-scale drug store with high specifications and high standards of “just say nothing”.   In the main business hall on the second floor of the store, there is also an optional drug makeup area.

The most conspicuous are the four cosmetic shelves with advertising surfaces, such as Zhangguang 101, Rosemiss (Australia) series and so on.

I roughly point out the types of these cosmetics and care products, about 400.

There are an estimated 6,000 OTC drugs in other open shelves.

On the periphery of the open shelf drug makeup area is the medical equipment counter area, China’s import and export cosmetics boutique counter and so on.

  To sum up, we can derive the following basic indicators-The location of the business district determines the success or failure of a drug store as a business format. At present, it is still in the exploratory stage.

For this uncertain and mature industry, what models can be copied and what needs to be further tested are still inconclusive.

  The location of a drug store will directly determine its success or failure.

Site selection has a lot to do with business districts.

In the established or even changing business district, cosmeceuticals should be formulated in accordance with the changes in consumer demand in the business districts, and the performance of the cosmeceutical stores can be supplemented.

  What is the scientific and reasonable ratio of unilaterally training target customers with unrealistic cosmetics and pharmaceuticals or other health products?

How to attract brand cosmetics into the store and jointly promote effective promotion with non-brand cosmetics?

The author believes that this is an urgent problem to be solved in the current drug cosmetics business.

The expression is more straightforward, which means that there are too few cosmetic products in drugstores, and brand cosmetics have used drugstores as their main battlefield (this is different from brand drugs).

In this case, in addition to attracting customers through the established drug advantages, can pharmacies find other ways to attract target customers to enter the store, change their strategies, and test the ability of pharmacy makeup operators tactically.

  The industry generally believes that drugstores should strengthen their professionalism (clinical efficacy of cosmetics, etc.) to highlight the operating advantages of drugstores.

In fact, some foreign cosmetics containing active pharmaceutical ingredients are listed as OTC products, but the current cosmetic management policy has been promoted by cosmetics. Consumers are also very vigilant about the effectiveness of cosmetics’ promotional drugs.The future of drugstores is critical.

If this problem is not solved, drug stores will be at a disadvantage in competition with beauty salons, specialty stores, supermarkets and shopping malls.

To put it another way, it is very difficult for a pharmacy to unilaterally cultivate the target consumer’s consumption concept of cosmeceutical products.

  In the face of higher segmentation (especially competitors in the same business district), it is wise to carry out differentiated competition with weaker tactical adjustments (such as Hangzhou Wulin Store).

However, from a strategic point of view, how to link the various tactical behaviors of the current pharmacy system operating cosmetics with the company’s long-term development strategy is worthy of all participants to discuss together.

  At present, many pharmacies are relying on leasing cosmetics counters or special areas to manage drug cosmetics. In view of this, the author believes that each pharmacy should make some adjustments according to its own situation.

To make a suggestion, if a pharmacy can work with a cosmetics supplier, the leasing fee of the cabinet area will be used as an operating resource of the company to divide the operation plan of the pharmacy and make up a new investment to optimize and improve the marketing costs and consumption of the supply chainSpecial surveys, such as consumer surveys and consumer training programs, are likely to steadily expand the product’s product regulations and sales ratio step by step.

Good health tips for couples before bedtime

Good health tips for couples before bedtime

Introduction: TCM health care providers point out that the back, spine, arms, and abdomen are important health zones for the human body.

Strengthening the health care of these parts can promote blood flow, regulate the breath, and nourish the whole body organs. It is an effective health care method to strengthen the body and eliminate disease and prolong life.

It is especially recommended for bedtime health care between husband and wife, the operation is simpler, the effect is obvious, and the purpose of fitness is easily achieved.

Push back: One side lies on the bed without pillows, the head is on one side, and the upper limbs relax.

The other is standing beside the bed, facing the prone’s head, pulling the small bows with both legs, stretching both hands with five fingers, laying side by side on the prone’s back (note that the palm is close to the abdomen).Act on the forearm and palm, with moderate strength, and push forward, so that the hip skin muscles quickly move forward with the palm, from top to bottom, to the waist.

Push it about 10 times, and then let the prone person tilt his head to the other side, and push it about 10 times as before.

Then, the operator fists with his right hand, rubs his back with his wrists, the strength is moderate, he punches several times from top to bottom, and can stop.

Modern medicine has confirmed that there are a large number of “strong fighting power” immune cells under the back of the human skin. By pushing back, these immune cells can be activated to achieve the purpose of clearing the meridians, smoothing qi and blood, reconciling viscera and relieving cold and pain.

Spine pinch: One side is lying on the bed, exposing the entire back.

On the other side, two fingers on both sides of the spine, using the index finger and thumb of both hands to start the tail bone, gently pinch the skin, and then slowly pinch the skin forward until it reaches the highest vertebrae under the neck, counted as 1Times, pinching 4-6 times from bottom to top, counted as 1 time.

On the second or third pass, the skin must be lifted upwards every 3 pinches. If properly raised, you can hear a slight sound at the second to fifth lumbar spine.

Finally, use your hands and thumbs on the Shenshu acupoints on both sides of the waist (4.5 cm apart between the second and third lumbar spinous processes) for a while, once a night.

Long-term adherence can strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve appetite, ruddy complexion, and cause the development of diabetic malnutrition.

Tactile arm: The arm socket contains abundant blood vessels, nerves, and lymph nodes. If someone touches it with their hands, the touched person will laugh. It is called “sleeve movement” by experts. It is more feasible for couples to do this exercise.

When one party is not paying attention, touch the arm socket to make a laugh, or touch the arm socket frequently and gently to keep the mouth open.

There are at least two points to its mystery. One is to stimulate the nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes here, which can accelerate the circulation of nerves and fluids, thereby driving other organs throughout the body to obtain more oxygen and nutrients.

The second is to laugh with your arms.

Laughing can drive all organs of the body to exercise, the secretion of healthy hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine, improve the body’s resistance, and prevent the occurrence of many diseases, especially the brain, heart, and lungs.

Abdominal abdomen: This one can be operated by two people, and also self-care.

Lie on your bed before bedtime, rub your hands warm, your hands around the umbilical abdomen, and rub the abdomen around the umbilical clockwise dozens of times, paying attention to moderate strength.

Then use the navel as the center, and then rub the belly dozens of times in a counterclockwise direction.

Modern medicine has confirmed that adherence to stomach-abdomen can promote the circulation of blood and lymph fluid, improve the rehabilitation function, be beneficial to the peristalsis of the intestines and the secretion of digestive juices, and be conducive to the digestion of the stomach.

In addition, the abdomen can stimulate peripheral nerves, promote body metabolism, can prevent and reduce the formation of abdominal abnormalities, accumulation, and is a recipe for weight loss.

Try to make your wife your little lover

Try to make your wife your little lover

In the eyes of some married men, his wife is his own “fixed asset”, and then he no longer wants his wife to dress up as beautiful as she did in the past, to go out and communicate widely, to become a public landscape, and even to put a lot of restrictions on his wife, at the same timeIn order to save the family’s economic expenses, I was afraid of my wife ‘s consumption in my eyes. As a result, my wife just no longer had an attractive appearance in the eyes of outsiders, and she lost the charm of the past in her eyes and became a so-called “yellow face.””Wife”, the love between them is no longer, your passion disappears like ebb.

  In fact, today we are living in an open society, with newer ideas and increasingly prosperous. We should also keep our attitude towards our wife in sync. Do n’t let your wife become a child and a housewife who is responsible for housework. We do n’t prevent her from becoming “bad”.As your lover, she always gives you attractive charm and keeps your love alive. Here are a few tricks.

  Revisiting the “Jianghu”, recalling the passion of first love. Many married men think that his wife must take care of his family and be diligent in housework. If he often goes out for communication, he will be considered not a good woman.

But have you ever thought about the family, the monotonous life of the two-point and one-line unit of the unit will also obliterate her interest and beauty, no longer have passion for life and love, so she is negligent in dressing up and her image is greatly reduced.

  At this time, you may think of those women who are flying like flowers and butterflies in the outside world, and reminisce about their various styles. Maybe you haven’t really acted on them, but it is undeniable that the magnetic field effect emitted by them is because they are fresh.Mermaid.

  So do you get a little inspiration?

May wish to give her some necessary freedom to make her “bad” a little, inspire her charm in the big rivers and lakes, and then bring Liangli home.

Maybe slowly you will find that at some point, when she returns from the outside, she will reset her charming face like her first love, let you swim in the sea of love again.

Giving too much space for free activities is to get her out of the traditional housewife role, and it is a wonderful way to recall the charm of youth.

  Encourage consumption. Too many wives make beautiful clothes with fashion. After marriage, many wives have become economical and even cut out. They no longer buy beautiful clothes. Even a slightly more expensive lipstick is reluctant to buy. As a result, they are ashamed.of.

But modern life is much better than ever, after all, it needs stylish embellishments.

Imagine that when your wife’s birthday, you spend money on a bouquet of roses or something more expensive, but she puts down her face and rejects you wastefully. This is a terrible sight and hurts the relationship between the two.

  For a frugal wife, you do n’t prevent her from changing her mind and becoming a little “loser”. Although she points to a smaller number of passbooks at home, she returns to his wife ‘s beauty and taste, which makes herShe buys more beautiful clothes and exudes charming perfume, but she always gives you a brand-new scenery, which will make you enamored like a lover; let her go to the gym or play bowling, then you can enjoy it for a long timeHer charming body; or taking her to a bar, traveling, etc. to make her more fun . Proper consumption means that while your wife is following the fashion, it will become a timeless landscape in your eyes.
  Actively show love and share the joy of sex. We often see in newspapers and periodicals that too many happy families have divorced, but the reason is because of sexual discord. Husbands blame their wives for not knowing the fun, like wooden people, so theyHe looked for flowers outside and asked Liu, and even regarded the slut as his confidante.

  In fact, this can’t be blamed on the woman. In their consciousness, actively showing love is a kind of “swinging” behavior. Many women sometimes want to take the initiative to return, but they are afraid to be regarded as cheap by their husbands. Therefore, it is necessary to be a husband.Correct the wife’s mentality, encourage her to take the initiative, and let her be a “Ms. Bullfight”.

This will inspire the wife’s underlying passions, let her play her own style better, and greatly increase your passion, so as to maximize the sharing of the beauty and joy of sex, this pair of strengthen the relationship between husband and wife and replaceThe involvement of third parties has great potential.

  Really, make your wife “bad” and make her your lover forever. This is a very good idea, and you don’t want to prevent trying.