[Baby Rice Ball Practice]_Baby Rice Ball Common Practice_Baby Rice Ball Practice Daquan_How to Make Baby Rice Ball

[Baby Rice Ball Practice]_Baby Rice Ball Common Practice_Baby Rice Ball Practice Daquan_How to Make Baby Rice Ball

Cooking seems to be complicated. In fact, as long as you learn it, everything will become very simple, not to mention that many situations are very simple in itself. As long as you spend time and income to learn, you can quickly make yourself and your family taste the foodThe practice of some baby rice balls is simple and the taste is very good.

1. Soak Jiangmi the night before making rice balls.

Then, after soaking for a night, Jiang Mi and rice were steamed according to a 1: 1 effort.

When steaming rice, the water is slightly more than usual2. While steaming the rice, cut the mushrooms into small dices.

Then pan under cold water.

Turn the water on and off, wash the mushrooms 3 in cold water, and diced the carrots.

Place in a plate for use 4. Cut the meat into pieces, then use raw soy sauce and starch to marinate for 5 minutes.

(Because it is eaten by babies, put less raw soy sauce) 5. After the meat is marinated, put oil in the pan to heat (a small amount of oil), then stir-fry the minced meat and add the diced mushrooms and carrots.

Add the right amount of salt!

Stir it out of the pan, add a drop of sesame oil and mix well. 6. After the rice is cooked, put it on a plate and cool it down. (Must wear gloves.) Take an appropriate amount of rice and flatten the rice in your hand.Put in the rice and roll it with the vegetables wrapped.


Finally, use a roll of nori.

8. (Because I bought Boli seaweed, so the size is right, just wrap it.) Is the baby rice ball easy to learn?

When making it, pay attention to the seasoning, and add soy sauce in an appropriate amount to avoid the taste being too strong.

[Assorted Mixing Practices]_Assorted Mixed Practices _Assorted Mixed Practices _How to Make Mixed Mixed Vegetables

[Assorted Mixing Practices]_Assorted Mixed Practices _Assorted Mixed Practices _How to Make Mixed Mixed Vegetables

Those who are in good health are those who can “eat”.

This is to tell us to learn how to cook. The following editor will give you a brief introduction of assorted mixed vegetables. After reading, I hope everyone will try it.


Wash and peel the carrots and cut them into filaments.


12 Wash and peel the lettuce and cut into thin filaments.


21 Wash the Flammulina velutipes and tear the small pieces; boil the water in the pot and simmer the water for 5 seconds.


Carrot shreds water until broken.


Drain enoki mushrooms and shredded carrots and let cool.


1 Add minced garlic.


2 Flammulina velutipes, carrot shreds and lettuce shreds are added to the large container, and a spoonful of salt is added in turn.


Pour 1 scoop of balsamic vinegar.


1/2 spoon of sesame oil.


Spoonful of olive oil, stir well.

There are all kinds of Chinese cuisines that you can’t finish eating, and you can’t say enough. The special assorted mixed mix introduced by Xiaobian is very suitable for you to try at home.

Shanxi Fenjiu (600809) 2019 Interim Report Review: Bfen Fen’s heavy volume growth accounted for more than half of the province

Shanxi Fenjiu (600809) 2019 Interim Report Review: Bfen Fen’s heavy volume growth accounted for more than half of the province

Matters: The company released its 2019 Interim Report, and the company’s 2019H1 revenue was 63.

7.7 billion, an increase of 22.

3%; net profit attributable to mother 11.

90 trillion, with an increase of 26.


19Q2 income 23.

20 trillion, an increase of 26.

3%, net profit 3.

1.3 billion, an increase of 38.


H1 performance was in line with expectations.

The company’s H1 final account receipt was 14.

8.1 billion yuan, an increase of 23.

1%, the off-season dealers are actively paying.

19H1 Net cash flow from operating activities16.

9.1 billion yuan, -2601 million yuan in the same period last year.

Bofen quickly increased the volume, accounting for more than half of the province.

As the Group’s series of wines were gradually integrated into the company’s body, product classifications were adjusted for disclosure, and Fenjiu’s revenue in the first half of the year56.

34 trillion, with an expected increase of 25-30%, and the income of blended wine2.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 33.

0%, series wine 4.

800 million, which is expected to remain flat, of which Fen is actively adjusting.

In terms of Fen liquor, it has further promoted the strategy of grasping the middle of the two belts. The blue and white series has held up high prices, strengthened price control and gradual system management, and maintained steady growth under last year’s high growth rate. Bfen adjusted its thinking and accelerated the expansion of terminal channels.Combining the number of terminals with regional control, it is required that the terminal market rate is 80%, and the volume growth in the first half of the year is expected to be 40% -50%.

By region, the province’s income was 31 in the first half of the year.

49 trillion, with an increase of 9.

7%; income outside the province 31.

67 trillion, an increase of 48.

8%, accounting for the first in the province, surpassing and increasing by 7.


Combined with grassroots channel research, the growth rates in East China, Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi are ahead, and the surrounding Shanxi market is expected to maintain a rapid growth rate of 30-40% and a more stable growth.

The gross profit margin increased significantly, and the cost recovery improved.

Company 19H1 gross profit margin 71.

5%, an increase of 2 per year.

2pcts, the gross margin increase is mainly due to: 1) At the same time, low base.

In early 18th, the Group’s personalized brand was incorporated into the joint-stock company in the form of the Fen brand, and its products were mainly based on low-end and mid-range wines, which lowered the gross profit margin performance of the same period last year.

2) The overall product structure is still improved, and the series of wine brands are actively sorting out.

Since the beginning of this year, the company has actively reduced the number of wine brands and carried out vigorous rectification. The brand model has been transformed into self-employed and customized, and the gross profit level is expected to improve significantly.

In terms of expenses, the sales expense ratio was 21 in 19H1.6%, the same increase of 3.


Advertising costs increased by 38.

3%, market development expenses increased by 188.

9%. In the first half of the year, the company increased the scale of the province’s external market expansion, the expected cost of the basic market and the expansion of the terminal increased. The goal of expanding the terminal was basically completed. After the nationwide layout was deepened, the cost increase was necessary.

19H1 excise tax pricing13.

5%, down by 2.

0, mainly because the company’s series of wines were actively adjusted, and the specific collection ratio of consumption tax production was reduced somewhat.

Company 19H1 net profit 19.

8%, 0 per year.

3pct, profitability remains stable.

Reform continued to deepen, focusing on new strategic positioning.

This year is the year of deepening the reform of the company and the year when the results of the reform come to fruition.

At the market level, the company reorganized the “1 + 3 + 3 + 13” market strategy, created according to market characteristics, and cultivated intensively. The domestic market maintained healthy development, and the market outside the province focused on breakthroughs.

At the product level, the company adheres to the development strategy of “grasping the middle of the two belts”, and implements a vertical management system for the entire series of product sales in the national market, focusing on the control of blue and white and Bfen series products. Based on this, it integrates the “one excellent and three strong” alcohol brands.A new mode of operation, accelerating the coordinated development of Fen liquor with bamboo leaf green liquor, Xinghuacun liquor, and Fen brand liquors, vigorously developing Fen brand slimming, strengthening marketing and brand strength, and actively controlling the scale of connected transactions.

In addition, the in-depth cooperation between the company and China Resources is being actively promoted. In terms of channels, they will actively cooperate with each other through existing products. We look forward to entering the substantive landing stage. With effective marketing coordination, channel empowerment will help promote the nationalization process outside the province.

Investment suggestion: The company enters the third year of national reform, H1 performance is in line with expectations, reform is still progressing, dual evaluation of national reform and fair incentives, and channel marketing cooperation with China Resources are gradually landing.While focusing on quality and consolidating the surrounding advantageous markets, we will increase investment in incremental markets such as East China. It is expected that the gradual performance will still achieve healthy growth.

We maintain our EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 2.



08 yuan, corresponding PE is 33/27/23 times, raise the target price to 78.

3 yuan, corresponding to 30 times PE next year, maintaining the “strong push” level.

Risk Warning: Nationalization process is less than expected; competition is intensified; demand is less than expected.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech (002074): Leading lithium battery company is expected to make further efforts

Guoxuan Hi-Tech (002074): Leading lithium battery company is expected to make further efforts

Lithium iron phosphate is based on ternary.

The company’s main business is divided into two major sectors: power lithium batteries and power transmission and distribution equipment.

Among them, Hefei Guoxuan’s main military power lithium battery business, Dongyuan Electric’s main military power transmission and distribution business.

In 2018, the company’s power battery business accounted for 89% of its revenue, and its installed capacity steadily ranked among the top three domestic power battery companies, behind Ningde Times and BYD.

The company’s lithium iron phosphate battery has continuously made breakthroughs in energy density. The energy density of single battery cells has increased to 190Wh / kg, and the energy density of supporting passenger car systems has exceeded 140Wh / kg., Soft-packed ternary battery with more than 1,500 cycles.

New energy vehicle sales are under pressure in the short term, and the long-term growth trend remains unchanged.

New energy vehicle sales in January-October 2019 were 94.

70,000 vehicles, an increase of 10 in ten years.


Affected by the serious retreat of domestic supplements, sales of new energy vehicles declined in July-October, and short-term sales were under pressure.

The company’s Q3 2019 revenue was 51.

5 trillion, a growth rate of 25 in ten years.

75%, benefiting from the outbreak of orders in the field of energy storage and the cost-effective advantages of supplementing lithium iron phosphate after the decline, the company’s revenue is expected to return to high growth.

With the development of new energy by traditional car companies, the development of new energy vehicle technology, the reduction of vehicle costs and the improvement of charging facilities, we are confident that in the near future, new energy vehicles will be able to gain market consumers with better performance.Favor.

Adequate capacity planning, approval of convertible bonds eases funding pressure.

The company’s current production capacity is 16GWh and the planned capacity is 35GWh. The company’s application for public issuance of convertible corporate bonds was reviewed and approved by the Securities and Futures Commission on October 18, 2019. The issue size of this convertible bond does not exceed RMB 18.

500 million will greatly ease the need for funds.

The company deeply binds Huawei and fully benefits from the construction of 5G base stations.

The company and Huawei have signed a “lithium power supplier procurement cooperation agreement”, and the two parties will carry out strategic cooperation in the field of lithium power.

Huawei is expected to account for 50% of the three major operators’ orders for 5G base stations. In the next 5 years, Huawei will need 50GWh of energy storage battery demand. Based on Huawei’s annual demand of 10GWh and Guoxuan accounting for 20%, Guoxuan will have 2GWh of annual energy storageThe demand for orders will fully benefit the dividends brought by the construction of 5G base stations.

Layout upstream materials to enhance the right to speak in the industrial chain.

The company lays out positive and negative electrode materials and participates in the wet decomposition of investment. It can ensure the 杭州桑拿 quantity and quality requirements of raw material supply, and at the same time help the company to strengthen its ability to negotiate with upstream, strengthen the right to speak in the industrial chain, and control costs.the goal of.

The first coverage was given an “overweight rating”.

The company’s total operating income for 19/20/21 is expected to be 68.



500 million yuan, net profit attributable to mother is 6.



64 megabytes, corresponding to eps 0.



67 yuan.

Give the company 20-22 times PE for 20 years, corresponding to a target price of 13-14.

3 yuan. The company has been deeply cultivating the power battery industry for many years. The installed capacity of power batteries ranks among the top three in the industry. The explosion of demand in the energy storage 北京桑拿 field in the future will bring new profit growth points for the company.

risk warning.

The risk of receivable balances.

Risk of new energy vehicle sales falling short of expectations.Risks of changes in industry technology routes.

Increasing competition in the power battery industry has resulted in the company’s profitability exceeding expectations.

N questions about moisturizing spray


N questions about moisturizing spray

In the cold winter, the most troublesome problem for MM is the dryness of the skin, so it is a serious problem to do a good job of moisturizing the face.

Now, take a look at the daily moisturizing spray questions and product recommendations, maybe these can meet your needs.

  Q1. Will I use makeup spray after makeup?

  A1, no makeup.

The purpose of using moisturizing spray after makeup is to set makeup and increase skin moisturization.

However, when extracting the moisturizing spray, the small and dense type of water droplets should be supplemented. If the large droplets are sprayed, it will be counterproductive and cause makeup removal.

  Q2, will it be effective if I use a moisturizing spray after I have applied it?

Will it clog pores?

  A2, in addition to hydrating and moisturizing the skin anytime, anywhere, it can also adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, soothe skin pressure, resist allergies, and increase the skin’s natural protective function, so it will not cause pores.

  Q3. Do I need to dry the spray just after spraying?

  A3, it depends on what type of spray you are spraying.

If it is a normal moisturizing spray, you don’t need to rub it. Tap it to help it absorb.

If you use a hot spring water spray, you need to use a paper towel to dry it after about 20 seconds, otherwise it will take away the moisture of the dead body and make the skin drier.

Because hot spring water is generally hypotonic, it cannot be completely absorbed by the skin, and the residual water on the skin will accelerate the skin’s water loss.

  Q4, in the order of moisturizing spray, toner and lotion after cleansing in the morning and evening?

  A4, after cleansing in the morning and at night, the normal skin care procedure should be: toner, then lotion, if the winter is particularly dry, you can apply a layer of moisturizer after the lotion.

According to the moisture spray is not a morning and evening skin care procedure, generally we use the moisture spray during the day, for example, staying in the office air-conditioning room for a long time, feeling the skin is very dry, spray the spray to alleviate your lack of water.

Practice to resist the attack of Liu Yan

Practice to resist the attack of Liu Yan

The invasion of the six sensations (wind, cold, summer, wetness, dryness, fire) into the human body is an important cause of human illness.

People practise qigong or other people’s qi, and they can expel the six evil spirits from the body.

For example: people who are suffering from the cold will feel coolness from the waist, legs, or shoulders like a small wind during the practice;Hot air will be emitted from the head or upper body, and people with dampness will spontaneously emit sweat or diarrhea to expel moisture during the practice of qigong.

Some of these diseases can be discharged through the qigong process without medicine, which makes the body’s meridians unblocked and gradually restores health.

  The function of qi training increases the righteousness of the human body.

Many people who had a cold and had a shoulder and back pain as soon as they got cold got qi full by practicing qigong, rarely caught a cold, and did not commit shoulder or back pain.

  From this we can see that practicing Qigong can resist or eliminate the attack of the six wicked evil qi.

Little secrets of life to prevent acne and acne_1

Life secrets to prevent acne and acne


Clean your skin properly: Wash your face with warm water, but not more than 3 times a day.

Eliminating excessive oil secretion from the skin is the most important step to eliminate acne facial blister. Complete cleaning work can remove the dirty things attached to the shell, old keratin, avoid hair follicles and reduce the generation of acne facial blister.


hzh {display: none; }  2.Regular exfoliation: Regularly removing the horny waste accumulated on the pores can strengthen the promotion of cell metabolism, avoid the accumulation of old waste keratin, entangle the hair follicle mouth, and cause bacterial growth to produce facial blisters.


Use suitable skin care products: Using skin care products containing oil control, exfoliating, antibacterial and other ingredients can also help the skin to prevent acne and facial blemishes.


Large and normal sleep: staying up late and stress can easily lead to the disorder of the physiological clock, leading to hormonal imbalance, affecting endocrine, and indirectly causing the formation of acne facial blisters.


Avoid excessive exposure to the sun: Excessive exposure to the sun will irritate facial blister, and the accumulation of melanin on the skin will also deepen the color of the acne scars and delay the recovery time.


Reduce fried, spicy, and nut foods: This type of food can easily cause the growth of facial blisters. Therefore, to reduce the problem of acne or facial blisters, you must first change your eating habits.Metabolism, promoting cell detoxification.

What foods are good for sleep

What foods are good for sleep

Whether you can sleep well at night is very important.

In the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, there was a saying that “an upset stomach causes restlessness.” Clinical nutritionists also pointed out that one of the causes of sleep disorders was eating some “unsuitable” food during dinner.

So, what is good for sleep at night, and certain foods make you sleepless at night?

  First, caffeine: Many people know that caffeine-containing foods can stimulate the nervous system and also have a certain diuretic effect, which is a common cause of insomnia.

  Second, spicy food: In fact, in addition to this, eating spicy food for dinner is also an important reason affecting sleep.

Peppers, garlic, and onions can cause burning and indigestion in the stomach, and robes can affect sleep.

  Third, greasy food: After eating greasy food, it will increase the workload of the intestines, stomach, liver, gall, and plasma, stimulate the nerve center, keep it in working condition, and cause insomnia.

  Fourth, foods with satiety: some foods will produce decomposition gas during digestion, which will cause abdominal distension and hinder normal sleep, such as beans, Chinese cabbage, onions, corn, bananas, etc.

  V. Alcohol: Drinking before bedtime has been considered by many people to promote sleep, but recent research has proven that although it can fall asleep easily and quickly, it keeps the sleep state in the light sleep period and it is difficult to enter the deep sleep period.
Therefore, the drinker even sleeps for a long time and will still feel tired after waking up.

  Some foods have hypnotic effects, and regular consumption can improve sleep.

  Milk has two hypnotic substances.

One is L-tryptophan, which is a raw material that can promote the synthesis of sleep serotonin. Due to the effect of L-tryptophan, often only a glass of milk can be used to make peptides with regulating effects. There are several “opioid peptides”. These substancesIt can be combined with the opioid peptide receptors of the central or peripheral nerves to produce euphoria and help to fall asleep.

  Millet is rich in tryptophan.

Tryptophan can promote brain cells to secrete a serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you sleepy, which temporarily inhibits brain activity, making it easy for people to fall asleep.

  Sunflower seeds contain nutrients such as linoleic acid, various amino acids and vitamins, which can regulate the normal metabolism of human brain cells and improve the function of the nerve center.

  Honey has Buzhong Yiqi, An Wu Zang, and the essence of 100 medicines, and it has obvious effect on correcting insomnia.

  Walnuts can be used to treat symptoms such as neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia, and dreaminess.

Jujube contains protein, sugar, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and iron nutrients.

With spleen and soothing effect.