[Change eating habits to lose weight]_ eating habits _ weight loss _ how to do

[Change eating habits to lose weight]_ eating habits _ weight loss _ how to do

Many people are losing weight, but they ca n’t lose weight. This depends on their daily diet habits. If you adjust your diet, you can lose weight. You must add fiber and control the volume of food. Pay attention to it.nutrition.

1. Everyone’s eating habits are different, but one thing is very important. No matter if you are a late night control or a starch control, just fine-tune your eating habits to get closer to you.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, understand your own diet, and consciously adjust your eating habits and food, you can achieve unexpected weight loss results!

2. If you are supper to control supper to supplement the fiber, many modern people are due to work, resulting in the habit of developing midnight snacks. If you ca n’t adjust your lifestyle in a short period of time, you should change the supperEat as a regular meal. Avoid instant noodles, lochi, salted chicken, and more vegetables and fruits.

For those who want to adjust their diet, they can eat four meals a day first, reduce the amount of supper, and gradually quit supper. Each meal must be eaten at normal time as much as possible, of course, you must avoid fried food.

Midnight choices reduce the amount, you can drink a glass of avocado milk, banana milk and other fresh fruit juice, or cook kelp sprout soup, add more vegetables and cook together to supplement fiber.

Do not sit down immediately after eating late night, otherwise it is easy to raise a circle of fat in the abdomen, you can step slowly in place, or stand on the computer to digest the food slightly, and go to bed two hours later.

[Can crab and honey be eaten together]_Crab_ 同 食

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Hongfa (600885): Proposed acquisition of Haila Automotive Relay Assets overseas business will drive the company to the next level

Hongfa (600885): Proposed acquisition of Haila Automotive Relay Assets overseas business will drive the company to the next level

The company announced that Hongfa Automobile Electronics, the controlling sun company, plans to purchase 100% equity of “Hela Automotive Electronics” from Hella Holdings, and intends to purchase all its relay business-related inventory and production equipment assets from Hella Electric.

The target asset income of HELLA Automotive Electronics and HELLA Electric mainly comes from European and American markets, and its main customers include Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Daimler, etc.

The acquisition of HELLA can quickly open up overseas channels and help the company to further penetrate the European passenger car supply chain.

In recent years, the company has established overseas companies through the acquisition of goods, mergers and acquisitions, initiated the construction of overseas projects, and accelerated the integration of overseas customers’ manufacturing and supply chain layout.

At the same time, the company’s high-voltage DC relays and low-voltage electrical appliances have achieved breakthrough success through overseas markets, and overseas business may promote the company to a new level in the next year.

Optimistic about the company’s long-term competitiveness, maintain a strong recommendation level, and raise the target price to 33-36 yuan.

  Proposed acquisition of overseas automotive relay assets.

The holding company Hongfa Automotive Electronics intends to purchase 100% equity of “Hella Automotive Electronics” from Hella Holdings, and it intends to purchase from Haila Electric all the assets such as inventory and production equipment involved in its relay business.

The total amount of the acquisition was 92.4 million yuan, of which, Haila Automotive Electronics 55.15 million yuan and relay business assets were 37.25 million yuan.

Further increase overseas spending and strengthen the resistance of overseas business.

The total target assets of Hella Automotive Electronics and Hella Electric are approximately US $ 300 million in automotive relay revenue, mainly from the European and American markets. Major customers include Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Daimler, etc.

About 70% of the company’s automotive relay business revenue is in the domestic market. The acquisition of Haila can quickly open up overseas channels and help the company to further penetrate the European passenger car supply chain.

The company is actively planning overseas for high-voltage DC relays, low-voltage electrical, automotive relays, power relays and other major business sectors. Through receipts and acquisitions, overseas companies are established and overseas project construction 上海夜网论坛 is started. The company ‘s overseas manufacturing, supply chain is stronger, and it responds to trade frictionIs more resistant and global competition is clearer.

The success of overseas operations will drive the company to the next level in the coming year.

The company’s automotive electronics business is in North America and the European market has a certain amount of influence from mainstream customers. After integrating Hella Automotive Electronics, its overall competitiveness will be stronger.

As a high-voltage DC relay product for the energy circuit switch of electric vehicles, the company has successfully become the main supplier of new models for Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Porsche and other overseas benchmark customers and began to supply.It is determined that mass production will start in October, and the first batch of products have been sent to the United States, and may become the main supplier of Model3 domestic factories.

The volume of overseas electric vehicles in the coming year will bring considerable business growth.

In addition, the company’s global market share of power relays has reached 53%, and the overseas market has maintained a growth of more than 20%, especially in North America and Europe.

The low-voltage electrical sector has hatched from the North American market and has grown into an important business sector.

Investment suggestion: Maintain a highly recommended level and adjust the target price to 33-36 yuan.

Risk warning: the economy continues to experience weak demand, production capacity is less than expected, and exchange rate changes are affected.

Boss Electric (002508): Dongfeng Kitchen Electric Faucet Zhenghuan Takes Second Spring

Boss Electric (002508): Dongfeng Kitchen Electric Faucet Zhenghuan Takes Second Spring
The increase of engineering channels is considerable, and the trend of operating recovery is affected by factors such as land cycle changes. Since 2018, the overall operation of the kitchen appliance industry has been under pressure, and the owner’s appliance can only stand on its own. The growth rate of performance has been significantly lower than the previous period; but we judge the currentAt that time, the company’s fundamentals are undergoing positive changes. From the perspective of different channels, although the offline retail channel is still relatively flat, the e-commerce channel continues to grow steadily, and the emerging channel of engineering is particularly worthwhile.Under the background of the explosive growth of hardcover rooms in the early stage, the kitchen appliances configuration replacement background was gradually welcomed. In the first half of 20西安耍耍网19, the revenue of the boss electrical engineering channel increased by more than 80%, and it is expected that the high growth trend will continue in the future, and the marginal increase is extremely considerable; furtherConsidering that the completion logic of real estate is expected to boost terminal demand and low-channel inventory, the company’s short-term operation is expected to show a “V” -type rebound trend, and the subsequent performance growth rate is expected to pick up quarter by quarter. Keep abreast of channel changes and have ample long-term growth momentum. On the basis of being the first to enter the KA channel, Boss Electric has grown based on the establishment of specialty stores and e-commerce channels, and has passed through the two cycles of the industry’s downward cycles in 2012 and 2015. The company captures channel dividends.Capability is evident.The current trend of refined decoration is determined, which also means that the channel structure of the kitchen appliance industry will usher in new changes. Considering that Boss Appliances, as a high-end kitchen appliance leader, has a clear competitive advantage in the engineering end, the company is expected to fully benefit from this round.Engineering channel bonus.In addition, through the gradual release of kitchen appliance update demand in the first- and second-tier markets and accelerated penetration of new categories, and the company continues to tap new demand in the third- and fourth-tier markets based on strategies such as multi-brands. Under the background of continued expansion of the high-end kitchen appliance sector, the company has strong long-term growth momentum. Brands support product premiums, and profitability is still guaranteed. Under the guarantee of brand power, the company has bargaining power for downstream C-end consumers, and based on e-commerce channels to reallocate some channel profits, the company’s overall profitability performance is outstanding.Taking into account the strong decoration of kitchen appliances and other attributes, the demand price elasticity is reduced, and the current brand echelon is clearly separated, and the industry has a large-scale price war probability error, and the small terminal price reduction can be fully digested in the channel, showing the company’s ToC business profitabilitydetermine.Under the background of the rise of engineering channels, although the adjustment of the bargaining power of B-end customers may cause pressure on the company’s gross profit margin to change, but considering that the cost ratio of engineering channels is also significantly lower, its net profit margin is obviously unfavorable under the overall impact. Overall, the company ‘s profitCapability is still very secure. Kitchen appliances leading Zhenghuan the second spring, given the “Buy” rating, the proportion of refined decoration increased, the kitchen appliance industry channel structure is undergoing a new round of transformation; through engineering channels continued to grow in volume, the boss appliances as a high-end industry leader, short-termBenefiting from the increase in new channels, the restructuring of the inflection point of operations, and the mid-to-long term based on comprehensive competitive advantages such as brand power, the market share has steadily increased and the trend is determined.Taking into account the initial pick-up in the growth rate of real estate completion, the retail end of the kitchen appliance industry is trying to stabilize and pick up. Under the overall influence, the company’s follow-up operation improvement flexibility and sustainability are expected to exceed market expectations, and long-term development is also highly guaranteed;We expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 2019 and 2020, respectively.70 and 1.90 yuan, corresponding to the current sustainable 17 respectively.14 and 15.37 times, giving the company a “Buy” rating. Risk reminders: 1. The development of the engineering channel is less than expected; 2. The channel sinking progress is less than expected; 3. The industry is experiencing a large-scale price war.

Introduce 6 kinds of baby food supplements and making methods

Introduce 6 kinds of baby food supplements and making methods

First, you can use a juicer to drink juice, preferably the one that is squeezed manually.

You can also cut apple carrots into small pieces and boil them in a small pot.

  (1) Vegetable water or fruit juice: Wash and chop fresh vegetables or fruits, boil the water first, then put the chopped vegetables or fruits into the pot, cover and cookAfter 5 minutes, cool a little, filter out the water and serve.

  (2) Tomato juice and orange juice: Wash the tomatoes with tomato juice, blanch them with boiling water, wrap the tomatoes with sterile gauze, and squeeze the juice with sterilized spoon.

For the orange juice, wash the skin of the orange, cut it into two halves, rotate each half on the sterilized squeezer for several minutes, wait for the juice to flow into the tank, and filter it with sterilized gauze.

  Second, egg yolks: Wash the eggs, cook them in a cold water pot, cook them a bit older, remove the shells, peel off the protein, press the egg yolks into a mud, and use boiling water to make a paste.

  3. Vegetable puree and fruit puree: Vegetable puree is washed and chopped green leaves of spinach or spinach, add a small amount of salt, steam it in a steamer, remove and mash it, remove vegetable tendons, and stir into a puree with a spoon.

Carrot puree is made in the same way as vegetable puree. Fruit puree is washed apples or bananas. Apples are cut in half. Peel one side of the banana and scrape it with a spoon to feed it.

  Fourth, rotten porridge: about 30 grams of rice, soak for 1 hour after washing, add water 3?
4 bowls, put in low heat and cook for 1?

After 5 hours, cook into a paste and serve.

  V. Steamed egg custard: Stir the eggs evenly, add an appropriate amount of water, add a small amount of salt, and steam them in the pot for eating.

  6. Ravioli powder: Ravioli powder, one spoonful, one spoonful of sugar, mix thoroughly with cold water up and down, and then use boiling water to mix and mix to form a paste.

Six tips to teach you how to get along with colleagues

Six tips to teach you how to get along with colleagues

How to deal with the relative relationship, here are some tips: 1. The first step to get along with colleagues is equality.

Whether you are a veteran of the vocational high school or a newcomer to the industry, you should definitely abandon unequal relationships. Being arrogant or inferior is a taboo among colleagues.

  2. Harmonious colleague relationships are not limited to your work. May wish to associate your colleagues and colleagues in your work, friends in life, don’t have a face in the office, so that people feel that you are pretentious and disdainfulYu lives with everyone.

  3. Facing common work, especially when encountering issues such as promotion and salary increase, the relationship between colleagues will become particularly fragile.

At this point, you should put aside your thoughts and concentrate on your work, using no means or skills, but never giving up the opportunity to compete fairly with your colleagues.

  4. When you are struggling to maintain a relationship with your boss and colleagues, you do not know that your boss or colleagues may also be suffering from anxiety.

When you get along, you must learn to treat others with sincerity. When you encounter a problem, you must first think of the other person from the standpoint of others. In this way, you can often extinguish the dispute in the cradle.

  5, there will be gentlemen in the world, there will always be villains, so what we mean by sincerity does not mean that we have nothing to do with nothing.

Especially for colleagues you do n’t know very well, it ‘s best to have reservations and do n’t tell each other about all your private life.

  6. Finally, I would like to remind you that the highest state of co-workers is to always treat others as good people, but always remember that everyone cannot be a good person.

What should I pay attention to when cerebral hemorrhage

What should I pay attention to when cerebral hemorrhage

Older people are prone to cerebrovascular disease at an older age. In addition, the elderly have poor physical function. If you don’t pay much attention to your life, you may often have life threats due to diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage.

So what should I pay attention to when I have cerebral hemorrhage?

In response to this situation, we will summarize the precautions of patients with common cerebral hemorrhage, and hope to help the elderly.

What should be paid attention to in cerebral hemorrhage? 1 to prevent cerebral hemorrhage.

It is important to prevent high blood pressure, stable emotions, frequent bowel movements, diet, and regular life.

2, functional exercise.

After the patient with cerebral hemorrhage is awake, the limbs of the sputum should start to move, and the sooner the effect is better.

Those who are aphasia should do speech exercises as early as possible.

Acupuncture has an ideal guiding effect.

3, cerebral hemorrhage will cause extensive and severe cerebral infarction caused by cerebral thrombosis in a large area, and then cause a poor prognosis in stroke patients.

4, those who did not have severe cerebral edema, early neurological improvement.

If the limbs still have a certain ability to exercise at will, the possibility of recovery is high and the prognosis is better.

5, 60 cases of flaccid paralysis without random exercise, recovery may not be large.

6, the patient with cerebral hemorrhage will feel poor recovery.

7. The mortality rate of the first-time patients over 70 years old is close to 50%, leaving many different degrees of sequelae.

Precautions for prevention of cerebral hemorrhage Prevention of cerebral hemorrhage should pay attention to the following problems: 1. Stabilize blood pressure: early detection and timely treatment of hypertension.

Once the elderly are diagnosed with hypertension, they should adhere to medication and review them regularly.

2, flirting: keep optimism, avoid big joy or anger.

To achieve peace of mind, indifferent to fame and fortune, contentment is always happy.

When people’s emotions are safe, they will not cause blood pressure to rise, thus reducing the incidence of cerebral hemorrhage.

3, choose diet: In the diet, the elderly should be low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar, eat less animal brain, internal organs, eat more vegetables, fruits, soy products, with the right amount of lean meat, fish, eggs and so on.

4, smoking cessation alcohol: due to smoking, vasoconstriction caused by drinking, rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, accelerate arteriosclerosis, therefore, patients with coronary heart disease, hypertension and arteriosclerosis should quit smoking.

5, free of old tired: the elderly should try to avoid physical and mental labor.

Overworked work can induce cerebral hemorrhage.

6, anti-constipation: forced defecation is very easy to break the fragile small blood vessels and cause cerebral hemorrhage.

The elderly can prevent constipation, and can eat more foods that supplement cellulose, such as celery, leeks, and fruits.

You can also do proper exercise and self-massage of the abdomen before getting up in the morning.

Tips: cerebral hemorrhage often has some aura, such as headache without headache, dizziness, syncope, vomiting and so on.

If these conditions are found, the elderly should seek medical advice promptly.

How to care for dry skin

How to care for dry skin

Four ways to care for dry skin, do it now and let you have supple skin.

  Method of care 1 Skin often feels tight and hard in the cold season?

First, apply a hot towel to your face to promote skin blood circulation. It is not advisable to use excess boiling water.

After cleansing the skin, apply some lotion to moisturize.

Manual massage is recommended.

  Care method 2 The skin is very dry in an air-conditioned environment?

Hydrating should be done in time. You can bring a moisturizing spray or apply a moisturizing lotion. For oily skin, use as little oily lotion as possible.

  Care Method 3 How to apply makeup on dry skin to maintain perfect makeup?

Use a sprayer to replenish the water → apply the foundation with a sponge evenly and thinly again → apply a rehydrating spray at the end, and use a moisturizing lotion around the eyes.

  Four methods of care at night is the best time to care for the skin.

After washing your face, you should regularly remove dead skin, so that the skin can better attract nutrients.

The selection of products should not use irritating products.

Skin massage can also be carried out to promote the skin’s metabolism and let you have a more rosy skin.