Swimming in the summer, come to the water, jogging, thin belly, stovepipe, two-pronged

Swimming in the summer, come to the water, jogging, thin belly, stovepipe, two-pronged

The so-called jogging in the water is to choose the water depth 1.

A pool of 5 meters to 2 meters, with a floating belt around the waist, so that you can keep your body standing vertically in the water, so you don’t have to worry about leaning forward, so you can concentrate on exercising.

During exercise, the feet are not on the ground, the head and head are exposed to the water surface: the hands and feet mimic the running motion: the arm is bent at 90 degrees, the shoulder is the axis, and the front and back are swung. The point is that the finger does not protrude from the water surface; the height parallel to the head is exposed, thenStep down again.

In this way, no matter which direction you move, you will encounter water constraints, so that the muscles of the whole body will get balanced exercise.

If you want to increase the amount of exercise, you can also speed up the movement of your hands and feet, and consume more aunts with the help of water stress.

After this exercise, the heart and muscles are exercised, and then a feeling of comfort after massage is experienced.

  The action of jogging in the water is not complicated, as long as the amount of exercise is adjusted by adjusting the exercise frequency.

In addition, the jogging in the army water should be gradual.

Adjust your strength with your own feelings during exercise.

After jogging for 5 minutes, the heart rate exceeds 110 to 130 beats per minute, and it is advisable to alternate between rest and exercise.

  Jogging in the water can reduce the impact of traditional training methods on joints and avoid sports injuries.

Sports experts say that jogging in the water can distribute the body load evenly, which has obvious advantages over land running.

On land, every mile runs, each foot has to hit the ground for about 1,000 times. The feet, knees and buttocks are oscillated, which can easily lead to muscle sprains or ligament strains. In water, the lower limbs oscillate to zero.The above accidents will not occur.

  Jogging in water is more efficient than land training.

Since water has a higher density and heat transfer than air, people consume more energy in the water than on land.

Tests have shown that the change that occurs in a 12 second stay in water for 4 minutes is equivalent to the change that occurs on land for one hour at the same temperature.

In addition, the resistance of water is 12 times that of air, and it takes 45 minutes to run in the water, which is equivalent to running on land for two hours.

At the same time, exercise under intensity, more energy is consumed in the water than on land. The supply of these energy is supplemented by the consumption of sugar and a small amount in the body. By this method, the excess amount in the body can be gradually reduced.
Therefore, jogging in the water is especially suitable for obese people.

Medical experts also suggest that people’s abdomen and legs can be well exercised by the length of the water. Women who want to lose weight jogging in the water can remove excess aunts and make their legs slender.

  Jogging in the water also contributes to the recovery of sports injuries.

Some athletes have to stop training after being injured.

And if you resume training in the way of jogging in the water, you can avoid re-injury and stop exercising.

Intuition can make you lose weight

Intuition can make you lose weight

The mystery of this weight loss method lies in people’s psychology.

Professor Hawkes manages this method as an “intuition” diet.

The “intuition” diet is based on two very simple rules: First, people don’t have to think about losing weight all the time. They can follow the rules of weight loss and don’t have to blame themselves.

He said that self-blame will only make the situation worse.

Our body begins to have some kind of behavior, and then we will face some kind of result.

If you eat something that is “excessive”, you will have to gain weight.

This is entirely because you can’t be self-sustaining.

Second, there must be something in the food that you really want to eat, but you can’t eat.

  Professor Hawkes is particularly prominent. One of the “intuition” weight loss laws is absolutely in violation of the rules, that is, you can only eat when you feel obese.

He pointed out sharply that people often forget this in modern society.

People in today’s society often can’t control their mouths, eat them when they are sorrowful, and eat when others are sorrowful.

But in the past, when they decided to lose weight, they instead tempered their diet, and soon they became obese.

As the saying goes, hunger does not eat.

The superiority of the “intuition” diet is due to the fact that it only allows you to eat when you are hungry, so no matter what food is in front of you, you always feel that what you eat is what you like.

  Professor Hawkes’s weight once reached more than 100 kilograms.

In the years of the Air Force, he has also changed his way to lose weight, but the results have been minimal.

Its weight has dropped from time to time, and it has soared rapidly.

During the weight loss period, Hawkes’ body weight naturally improved, and then he felt tremendous pressure from himself.

Therefore, the professor decided to invent a new way to lose weight, which is what is called “intuition” diet.

After using the new law, even if he occasionally ate what food he had previously banned, he would no longer blame himself for his weakness, because he was really hungry at this time, and he ate what he wanted to eat.

  Professor Hawkes’s colleagues believe that this unusual diet is worth emulating, and some obese people will soon see benefits after use.

If one of them is within 11 months, the weight will be reduced by 16 kg.

These five types of food are the weapon for men to maintain health.

These five types of food are the weapon for men to maintain health.

The medicine is not as good as the food supplement, the medicine is supplemented for a while, and the food is supplemented with one. The male health can eat the following foods 1, soy products, peanuts and other flavored arginine foods.

Arginine is an essential component of sperm formation, which promotes the release of nitric oxide in the body and enhances male sexual desire by relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow.

There are also arginine-rich foods such as walnuts and peas.

Need to be reminded that soy isoflavones in soy products are phytoestrogens, not feminine, and can also reduce bone loss in men.

2, garlic, leeks and other allium vegetables.

Garlic, onion, leeks and so on are called “men’s dishes”. They not only have strong bactericidal ability, but also help the absorption of vitamin B1, promote the metabolism of sugar and relieve fatigue.

Studies have found that men who eat multiple onions are at least half the risk of prostate cancer.

Men should eat at least 3 allium vegetables a week.

3, broccoli, white radish and other cruciferous vegetables.

The consumption of organic sulphides in various types of vegetables has always been a healthy example of vegetables.

According to the latest report from the United Kingdom, cruciferous vegetables help prevent the spread of prostate cancer, and it is best to eat raw or cook a little.

It should be noted that it is necessary to chew well when eating such vegetables, which is beneficial to the better release of health care ingredients.

4, sardines, salmon and other foods that can be omega 3 fatty acids.

Men suffering from metabolism are most likely to induce confusion, leading to more chances of high blood pressure, high blood fat, stroke and other chronic diseases.

Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly beneficial to the cardiovascular system by preventing blood clots and lowering triglycerides.

Previous omega-3 fatty acids include saury, sardines, salmon, tuna, etc. These fish can be eaten instead of eating twice a week.

5, tomatoes, watermelons and other foods that can make lycopene.

Lycopene removes free radicals from the prostate and protects prostate tissue.

In addition, studies have shown that lycopene has a significant effect on the prevention of cancers such as prostate cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer.

Need to be reminded that lycopene is a fat-soluble nutrient, so tomatoes are best cooked, and it is best to use a full-fat yogurt when eating watermelon.

Effective weight loss ten kinds of stovepipe food

Effective weight loss ten kinds of stovepipe food

What is the most effective way to stovepipe?

In order to have a pair of slender legs, many women try a variety of weight loss methods: exercise, diet, drink slimming tea, and even liposuction.

Ignore the beautiful leg food that is available at your fingertips.

Below, Xiaobian has carefully selected 10 kinds of stovepipe foods, each of which contains nutrients that give your legs a charming look.


hzh {display: none; }  1、海苔   维生素A、维生素B1、维生素B2海苔里都有,还有矿物质和纤维素,对调节体液的平衡裨益良多,可以帮助排走身体内之废物及积聚The moisture, so that the effect of thin legs, want to slim the jade legs can not let it pass.

  2, Apple apple is the most popular slimming fruit, because it has rich pectin, can help the gastrointestinal motility and remove toxins from the body, the best is to reduce absorption, plus the apple’s potassium is much, can preventEdema in the legs.

Of course, Apple’s calories are not high, so there is an apple diet that specializes in apples.

  Apple’s unique malic acid can speed up metabolism, reduce the aunt’s lower body, and it contains more calcium than other fruits, which can reduce the saltiness of the annoying lower body edema.

  3, linseed oil contained in sesame and sesame seeds can remove the plasma attached to the blood vessels, so that metabolism is better, and it is easier to lose weight and stovepipe.

  In addition, sesame is rich in vitamin E, which can prevent the damage of the skin caused by peroxidation and oxidation, and eliminate or neutralize the accumulation of free radicals of free radicals in the cells, which can make the skin white and moist, and make your legs more delicate and smooth.

  4, bananas, many fruits and weight loss meals are indispensable to bananas, because bananas are rich in fiber, vitamin A, potassium and pectin, so it can effectively intestines and help defecation.

  Banana also has the effect of removing water. It is not only the best slimming fruit, but also the beauty of the skin that restarts the skin. Although the heat is high, the amount of banana is very low, and it is rich in potassium, full and low fat.It can reduce the accumulation of adults in the lower body and is the ideal food for weight loss.

  5, red bean red bean is also called red bean, the stone acid component can increase the peristalsis of the large intestine, promote urination and reduce constipation, thus clearing the lower body.

  Red bean diet is suitable for weight loss in all ages. It is an absolutely safe and uncontroversial method of weight loss. It is worth trying.

  6, eggs for egg weight loss, I believe many people are familiar.

Vitamin B2 in the egg helps to remove impurities. In addition, it contains niacin and vitamin B1 to remove excess meat from the lower body.

  Eggs are rich in nutrients and are a rare high-nutrition diet food for people who want to lose weight and stovepipe.

  7, grapefruit everyone knows that the West calorie is very low, eat more will not fat, it is also rich in potassium, which helps reduce the accumulation of feces and water in the lower body.

  Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, etc. It is a fruit with a sugar content of ten years, and the diet menu for the dieters is few.

  8, peanuts, you must think that you want to be beautiful legs, you have to stay away from peanuts and other fatty foods, in fact, peanuts are rich in vitamin B2 and niacin, which can bring excellent protein, long meat is not long fat, and secondly can also eliminateLower body.

  Xiao Bian warmly reminds you that you can’t eat too much at a time, eat in moderation.

  9, kiwi kiwi can be said to be a “fruit gold mine”, nutritious, with a variety of health effects.

  In addition to the rich vitamin C, kiwifruit is also rich in fiber, which can increase the speed of decomposing aunt and avoiding the accumulation of too many aunts in the legs.

  10, tomatoes eat fresh tomatoes can diuretic and remove leg fatigue, reduce edema, long-term complications of women, you can eat more tomatoes to ensure the strength of the legs.

It is recommended that tomato seasoning be eaten raw, seasoned salad, juice or directly eaten. After cooking, the tomato will lose a lot of nutrients.

Best exercise during kicking

Best exercise during kicking

From the perspective of kinematics, the technical action of kicking the shuttlecock requires the cooperation of the four limbs, which is a whole body exercise.

It mainly performs the following exercises such as disc, squat, inflection point, squatting, falling, etc. By lifting the legs, jumping, flexing, turning and other exercises, the feet, legs, waist, neck, eyes and other parts of the body are exercised, among which the mostThe significant difference is that its movements can cause the joints of the body to be laterally displaced, which drives the most dull parts of the body, thus greatly improving the flexibility and body volume of each joint.

The shuttlecock requires technical movements to be accurate, so that the scorpion can not fly in the air, and each movement needs to be completed in an instant. This will make the brain highly concentrated and specific, thus eliminating distracting thoughts and making the practitioner feel uncomfortable and energetic.unlimited.

  The kicking scorpion has special help for diabetics. Diabetes patients have high blood sugar and lack of exercise, and the lower limbs will gradually shrink. The kicking scorpion is mainly based on the leg and foot movements, which drives the blood circulation of the whole body.Play a very important role.

In addition, kicking scorpion will also have a good relief effect on chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, shoulder neck disease and sciatica.

  The shuttlecock has a certain entertainment and artistry.

The most intimate is the “walking”, everyone is surrounded, you have a kick, a small scorpion flying up and down in the crowd, not only can strengthen the body, but also enhance the feelings between friends.

What is the nutritional value of konjac?

What is the nutritional value of konjac?

Core Tip: Konjac, with the body, hoe, paralysis, sneaky.

Konjac contains a lot of Laoshan mannoside, vitamins, plant fiber and a certain amount of mucus protein. It has a unique health care effect and medical effect. It is known as “magic food” and has “do not want to be fat, eat konjac; to be thin, eat konjacTo be good in the stomach, or to eat the konjac statement.

  The niacin contained in the konjac, vitamin C, E, etc. can reduce konjac, and can also be covered, hoe, paralyzed, sneaky.

Konjac contains a lot of Laoshan mannoside, vitamins, plant fiber and a certain amount of mucus protein. It has a unique health care effect and medical effect. It is known as “magic food” and has “do not want to be fat, eat konjac; to be thin, eat konjacTo be good in the stomach, or to eat the konjac statement.

  The niacin contained in the konjac, vitamin C, E, etc. can reduce the accumulation of plasma in the body, prevent arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases.

  Eating konjac can improve the body’s immunity. The contained mandarin glycosides, selenium and zinc interfere with protein metabolism. The excellent fiber can stimulate the body to produce a substance that kills free radicals and can prevent cancer.

  Konjac contains chromium, which can delay the absorption of glucose, effectively reduce postprandial blood sugar, thereby reducing the burden of diabetes, making the glucose metabolism of diabetic patients a benign cycle, and will not be as rapid as a hypoglycemic drug.Blood sugar phenomenon.

  In addition, konjac also has calcium supplementation, balanced salt, stomach, whole intestine, detoxification and so on.

  Applicable to all people in the population, especially for diabetics and over-the-counter.

  Applicable amount is about 80 grams per meal.

  Healthy traffic lights are poisonous and must be boiled for more than 3 hours before they can be eaten, and the amount of food should not be too much.