Screening of alpine tea and flat tea

Screening of alpine tea and flat tea

Almost all the tea people know that the mountains are good.

The ratio of alpine tea to flat tea, the former has a particularly high aroma and a strong taste.


Why do alpine teas come out from time to time, and the annual tribute teas, traditional teas, and contemporary famous teas are mostly from the mountains.

Why do you have good tea in the mountains?

In the Ming Dynasty, Chen Yu’s ancient poems: “Fog buds absorb the fragrant dragon fat”, saying that the quality of the alpine tea is so good because it absorbs the “long fat” in the cloud.

Therefore, many famous teas in the spring are named after the name of the mountain and the cloud.

For example, Laoshan Yunwu Tea in Jiangxi, Huading Yunwu Tea in Zhejiang, Xiongdong Yunwu Tea in Hubei, Peak Cloud Milk Tea in Anhui, Huaguoshan Yunwu Tea in Jiangsu, and Nanyue Yunwu Tea in Hunan.

In fact, the reason why the mountain is good for tea is the superior ecological environment of the tea tree.

According to research, the origin of tea trees in the rainy overlapping virgin forests in the southwest has undergone long-term historical evolution, gradually forming a habit of warmth, wetness and shade.

The mystery of good tea in the mountains lies in the superior ecological conditions there, which just meets the needs of tea for growth.

This is mainly manifested in the following three aspects: (1) tea trees grow in the foggy environment of the mountains, and first, because the light is affected by the fog beads, the red-yellow light of the seven kinds of visible light of red orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple is strengthened, thereby making the tea treeThe amino acids, chlorophyll and water content in the buds increased significantly. Second, due to the lush alpine forests, the tea trees received short light times, low intensity and diffused light, which was beneficial to nitrogenous compounds in tea, such as chlorophyll, total nitrogen and amino acids.The increase in content; the third is due to the lush forests in the mountains, the sea of clouds, the humidity of the air and soil, so that the condensation of sugar compounds formed by photosynthesis of tea leaves is difficult, and the cellulose is not easy to form.Keep it fresh and not easy to get old.

In this case, it is very advantageous for the color, aroma, taste and tenderness of the tea, especially for the improvement of the quality of the green tea.

  (2) The mountains are arid and lush, with many litter and leaves, and a thick covering is formed on the ground. This not only has loose soil pores, good structure, but also rich soil organic matter. The various nutrients required for tea trees are complete.The new shoots picked from the tea trees of this soil are particularly rich in active ingredients, and the processed tea leaves are of course rich in flavor.

  (3) The temperature of the mountains is beneficial to improving the quality of the tea.

Generally speaking, for every 100 meters above sea level, the temperature is roughly reduced by zero.

5 silane.

The temperature determines the activity of the enzyme in the tea tree.

Modern scientific analysis shows that the content of tea polyphenols and catechins in the new shoots of tea trees is highly elevated, and the temperature is reduced and reduced, so that the concentrated taste of tea is eliminated; and the content of amino acids and aromatic substances in tea leavesHowever, it gradually increases the height and temperature and increases, thus providing a material basis for the refreshing taste of tea.

The aromatic substances in tea will undergo complex chemical changes during processing, resulting in the fragrance of certain flowers. For example, phenylethyl alcohol can form rose scent, jasmine can form jasmine, and scented alcohol can form magnolia, phenylpropanol.Can form water fairy incense and so on.

The reason why many alpine teas have some special aromas is here.

  It can be seen from the above that the good tea in the mountains is the result of the combined effects of the climate and soil of the mountains.

If the craftsmanship is exquisite in production, it will add icing on the cake.

Of course, as long as the climate is mild, the rainfall is abundant, the clouds are condensed, the temperature peaks, and the soil is fertile, the soil is good, even if it is not a mountain, but a place with only alpine ecological environment, it will also produce high-quality tea.

  But everything has a certain limit.

The so-called high-altitude tea is not a mountain replacement, but the better the tea.

A survey of major mountain tea producing areas shows that most of these tea mountains are concentrated between 200-600 meters above sea level.

Above 800 meters above sea level, due to the low temperature, the growth of tea trees is often blocked, and it is vulnerable to white star disease. The tea made from the new shoots of this tea tree is drunk and tastes bad.


Comparison of Alpine Tea and Flat Tea The index of alpine tea and flat tea is different because of the ecological environment, and the shape of tea is different, and the quality of tea is different.

The biggest feature in this respect is the following difference: Alpine tea is new and fat, with bright green color, many hairs, long internodes and good tenderness.

The tea leaves thus processed usually have a special floral fragrance, and have high aroma, strong taste, and resistance to brewing, and the strips are plump, tightly knotted, and white is revealed.

The new shoots of the flat tea are short, the leaves are hard and thin, the leaves are flat, and the leaves are yellowish green and less light.

The tea made from it has a slightly lower aroma, a lighter taste, a thiner strip and a lighter body.

Among the many quality factors mentioned above, the most significant difference is the aroma and taste.

A tea that ordinary tea people say “has the characteristics of alpine tea” means that the tea has a high fragrance and a strong taste.

Using mung beans can prevent tumors

Using mung beans can prevent tumors

A certain sentence of Chinese medicine, “100 sources of constipation.”

If the stool is blocked, the large intestine is blocked and the lungs are blocked. If the lungs are blocked, the body is prone to bruising.

The lungs are gold, and the water is golden.

Water is squeezed upwards by pressure. If kidney qi is insufficient, water cannot come up.

The lungs are water officials. If the water does not grow up, the lungs will be easy to heat; the lungs will be easy to stagnate, and it will be easy to grow tumors.

In addition, excessive anxiety, constipation, love to eat fried food, preserved food or barbecue, etc., eventually turn the tumor into cancer.

TCM expert Wang Yangfu believes that this is the cause of cancer.

More than a thousand years ago, the chronic and famous “medicine king” Sun Simiao had treated a classic patient with lung cancer.

The treatment plan is to take 3 catties of mung bean per day with licorice, supper is mainly eggplant, and eat some white radish before going to bed.

In addition, with the pricking therapy, where is the blood?

That is the first and second toes of the left and right feet.

Blood was bleed once a day for the first ten days, and every two days for the next twenty days.

The second month was changed to bloodletting every three days.

Three months later, the patient recovered, and Sun Sizhen concluded afterwards;

Why can mung beans cure tumors?

“Kaibao Materia Medica” stated that “cooking, swelling and qi, pressure heat detoxification.

“Diet Materia Medica” Yunqi “replenishes vitality, reconciles the five internal organs, calms the mind, walks the twelve meridians, removes wind, moisturizes the skin, and should be eaten regularly.

Mung bean has a good detoxification effect. Drinking mung bean soup in summer is better than all drinks.

Nature lives, grows, collects, and hides, and so does the human body.

For example, in the spring, when the body’s yang is resuscitated, we must adapt to the law to allow the yang to germinate and grow smoothly.

Therefore, to be healthy, grains and grains are common; the body often detoxifies and drinks more mung bean porridge; it does not grow tumors and stay away from cancer.

How to care for dry skin

How to care for dry skin

Four ways to care for dry skin, do it now and let you have supple skin.

  Method of care 1 Skin often feels tight and hard in the cold season?

First, apply a hot towel to your face to promote skin blood circulation. It is not advisable to use excess boiling water.

After cleansing the skin, apply some lotion to moisturize.

Manual massage is recommended.

  Care method 2 The skin is very dry in an air-conditioned environment?

Hydrating should be done in time. You can bring a moisturizing spray or apply a moisturizing lotion. For oily skin, use as little oily lotion as possible.

  Care Method 3 How to apply makeup on dry skin to maintain perfect makeup?

Use a sprayer to replenish the water → apply the foundation with a sponge evenly and thinly again → apply a rehydrating spray at the end, and use a moisturizing lotion around the eyes.

  Four methods of care at night is the best time to care for the skin.

After washing your face, you should regularly remove dead skin, so that the skin can better attract nutrients.

The selection of products should not use irritating products.

Skin massage can also be carried out to promote the skin’s metabolism and let you have a more rosy skin.

Choose acne method according to growth site


Choose acne method according to growth site

I found an acne on my forehead in the morning. I didn’t think about it, just rubbed it with an acne product.

After finally getting rid of this acne, it was found that two more emerged from the chin.

In fact, the place where acne grows is different, the reason for its formation is different, and the natural acne treatment methods are also different.


hzh {display: none; }  1.Causes of forehead acne: high pressure, bad temper, causing heart fire and blood circulation problems.

  Improve: Go to bed early and get up early, drink plenty of water.


Causes of acne between the eyebrows: chest tightness, arrhythmia, and palpitations.

  Improvement: Don’t do too much exercise, avoid smoke, alcohol, and spicy food.


Causes of acne on the nose: stomach fire is too strong, and the digestive system is abnormal.

  Improvement: Eat less cold food.


Causes of nasal acne: related to the reproductive system.

  Improvement: Don’t over-indulge or abstinence, and get more fresh air outdoors.


The cause of acne on the right cheek: pulmonary dysfunction.

  Improvement: Pay attention to maintaining the respiratory tract, try to avoid mango, taro, seafood and other susceptible foods.


The cause of acne on the left cheek: liver function is not smooth and there is fever.

  Improvement: Keep your work and rest normal, keep your mood happy, and blow cold air. Don’t leave your body in a sultry environment.


Causes of acne around the lips: Constipation can cause toxin buildup in the body, or use toothpaste with excessive fluoride.

  Improve: Eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits and adjust your eating habits.


Cause of acne on the chin: endocrine disorders.

  Improvement: Eat less cold food.


Small acne near the temples shows that your diet contains too many processed foods, causing the gallbladder to rupture. You need to quickly clean your body from the location. The forehead is mostly caused by lack of sleep and fire inflammation, so you need to add more water.It accelerates metabolism, allows pores to eliminate oil, and avoids staying up late and lacking sleep.

  Most of the temples are under pressure, and the liver and gallbladder are hot, which induces acne. At this time, it is necessary to relieve the stress and relax.

  Most of the adolescent acne on the cheeks is on the cheeks. It is caused by poor gastrointestinal tract. It is easy to have constipation or wet stools.Defecation function.

  If acne grows around the chin like a cheek beard or even corrects, it is related to the Yangming Stomach Meridian, which is mostly a hot and humid type of the stomach. Eat less spicy. If it grows in the human body, it may be urine and reproductionSystem problems must be treated.

  The skin is mostly related to renmai. Like acne in the middle of the human body, we must pay attention to urinary and reproductive system problems and seek medical treatment.

Parent-child magic changes

Parent-child magic changes

Today the old man prepared at home: roll a conical paper roll and put it on the thumb, this is the “little old man”.

If he was painted with a goatee, he would be even more playful!

When this “little old man” caught the eye of the child, the magic game began.

   Play like this: 1, “The old man is at home today”-“Little old man” on the thumb.

   2. “Tomorrow the old man will not be at home”-a hand called “old man” will make a circle under the contralateral limb socket, and the “old man” will disappear (in fact, in the palm of his hand!)

3) “The day after tomorrow the old man is back.

-This hand made another round under the contralateral limb socket, and the “old man” returned to his thumb.

   God guessing preparation: a deck of Bourke cards, first divide it into A and B according to the red and black colors, and then get it in front of your audience to show your “God guessing” ability!

   Play like this: 1, “Do you believe it?

I don’t need to look at the cards you choose, I can guess.

Now you draw a card from this card (Group A) and see what you remember.

Then put it in this bun (Group B) and insert it anywhere.

“2,” Now, let’s shuffle the cards.

“You wash the B 沓 card twice in front of the child, and then ask the child to wash the B 沓 card twice, and then give it to your hands.

   3. “Let me think,” you open the B 沓 card (the back of the card is facing the child), “Is this this?

“You can easily find the special card chosen by your child-A 沓, the color is different!

   4. “How about, would you like to try again?

“Absolutely tried!

Banana self-determination preparation: Select a banana, use a sterilized steel needle before the show, and pierce the banana pinch at the part where the banana is divided into 3 sections. Shake the steel pin left and right to simplify the slice of the banana pinch.There are marks on the skin, so you don’t need to do it yourself when performing. Just peel the banana peel and the banana cricket will be broken into 3 segments.

   Play like this: “I have a banana here, with skins. I want to invite three of you to eat.

“Give the three toothpicks to the child and ask him to help everyone.

“Slow down. Today we can’t use a knife to divide bananas.

“2,” It’s not easy to divide, I’ll help you divide.

“Please raise the banana by your child’s hand. You waved twice on the banana and shouted,” Break!

“3,” Now, who will peel the banana?

“People (preferably adults) are asked to peel the banana. Everyone will find that the banana has been ordered to be broken into three segments. Please enjoy it.

   Rubber band move preparation: This is a pure magic trick.

The props can be sourced locally, rubber bands, and head ropes, as long as a small elastic loop.

But need to practice a few times beforehand.

   Play like this: 1. You can borrow a rubber band or head rope from the audience, or you can prepare one in advance.

   2. Put it on the little finger and ring finger of the left hand, and pull the rubber band back and forth to prove that the rubber band is intact and elastic.

   3. Say to the audience: “In order to let everyone remember that the rubber band is indeed set on the little finger and ring finger, I locked it here.

He said with five fingers in his fist. “Look, it’s sealed on all sides, it can’t run.”

“-At this time, the left hand must have the back of the hand facing the audience, the right hand pulls the rubber band into the arms, and when fisting with the left hand, take the opportunity to insert all four fingers into the rubber band, which is the key to the success of this magic!

   4. The right hand grabs something from the air that no one can see and throws it at the left fist and says, “Sprinkle some magic powder, change!

“5, spread out five fingers,” Hey, rubber bands have moved! ”

“In fact, the elastic resistance of the rubber band will naturally jump to the index and middle fingers.

Peanut oil brings healthy life to middle-aged and elderly people

Peanut oil brings healthy life to middle-aged and elderly people

American nutrition experts have found that peanuts and peanut oil contain a biologically active natural polyphenolic substance, resveratrol.

Its content is 908 times the grape content, reaching 27.

7 micrograms / gram.

It is a natural chemopreventive agent for tumor diseases and a chemopreventive agent for reducing particle aggregation, preventing and treating atherosclerotic heart and cerebrovascular diseases.

It has antioxidant and blood-lowering properties that help lower blood levels in people and improve cardiovascular health.

It is a potential anti-aging natural compound that can effectively extend the lifespan of fruit flies and yeast.

Resveratrol is listed as one of the “100 most popular and effective anti-aging substances” in the Anti-Aging Code, edited and published by American scholar Al Mind in 1998.

  Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton summed up peanut products through the latest clinical trials. Peanut oil can play an effective role in lowering blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

  In the trial of Dr. penny Kris-Etherton, they conducted clinical trials on peanuts and their products at the University’s Center for Metabolic Research.

The results prove that peanuts, peanut oil and peanut butter can play an important role in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The study used a randomized, double-blind, 5-stage crossover design to observe the effects of five different expectations on blood lipids and lipoproteins.

  The five types of income are: the first is the average expenditure of the current US residents, that is, the high mortality rate, high saturated fatty acid content; the second type contains low impurities, low saturated fatty acid expenditure; the third is olive oil precipitation, that is,被证明的一种健康膳食;第四种是花生油膳食;第五种是‘花生+花生酱’膳食。The experimental results show that the mixture with the first high-concentration additive, olive oil, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts and peanut butter significantly reduces total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol in the blood, and has no effect on beneficial cholesterol.

The second low-fat metabolism, although it also reduced total plasma and harmful plasma, significantly increased the amount of blood lipids, and beneficial plasma also decreased.

The comprehensive evaluation of this trial concluded that the probability of eating olive oil instead of cardiovascular disease was reduced by 25%, and peanut oil and peanut products were reduced by 21%.

This result shows that peanut oil content, peanut + peanut butter is estimated to have an effective effect in preventing cardiovascular disease, like olive oil.

  In California, nutrition experts conducted a seven-day study of 27,000 volunteers, and the researchers looked at the effects of 65 foods on coronary heart disease.

Among all the foods studied, nuts were thought to have a significant effect on reducing the onset of diabetes, and the researchers found that 32% of the nuts consumed were peanuts.

The results of the experiment showed that eating nuts more than 5 times a week can reduce their risk of heart disease by more than 50%, and can reduce their risk by 27% by 1-4 times a week.

The Harvard Center for Public Health Research conducted a study of 850,000 women aged 34-59 on eating habits and health for nearly 20 years. The results showed that people who regularly eat peanuts and nuts had a low prevalence.

The proportion of women who consumed peanut oil and nuts more than 5 times a week and women who seldom or hardly eat nut peanuts reduced the incidence by about 1/3.

  Professor Peter Howe, Director of the Society of Microbiology and Biomedical Sciences, University of Adelaide, USA, through the study of Christian health

How is the body odor caused by body odor?

How is the body odor caused by body odor?

1. The patient’s psychological tension, secretion of sweat glands in the nose, axilla, groin and other parts, accelerated decomposition of staphylococcus, easily lead to aggravated odor, so the patient maintains a good mentality, maintains emotional stability, and can reduce unpleasant odors.

  2, pay attention to detoxification in the body can also reduce the bad smell of underarm odor.

Kelp, mung beans, mushrooms, papaya, apples and tea can all help detox.

Vegetables contain many kinds of cellulose and many kinds of water, which are very helpful for bacteria in the body.

Drinking more water will allow more metabolites to be excreted from the urethra, which can also reduce the discharge of bacteria through the sweat glands.

  3, bathing more frequently, changing clothes frequently is a little trick to remove underarm odor.

Thoroughly wash the underarm with soap, wipe it off, and insert antiperspirant immediately under the arm to remove the underarm odor.

  4. Avoid eating a lot of meat or high-fat and greasy foods. These foods are prone to produce protein and fat decomposition products, and when they are bacteria, they produce unpleasant smell.

Like garlic, onions have an unpleasant smell, and patients should eat less.

  People eat foods with oil content, some of the oil will go with the blood, and the oil glands connected with sweat glands will replace the body.

If the body has too much oil, it will cause bacteria to break down and form body odor. Therefore, eat less greasy food.

  Red meat is pork, beef and mutton, and contains protein.

But bacteria like proteins best, giving them nourishment because of infection.

Therefore, people with a body odor should reduce the amount of food they eat, and eat more white meat, that is, poultry and fish. It is best to take two meals a day, and 3-4 meats per meal is enough.

Honey water has learned how to drink honey water to be healthy?

Honey water has learned how to drink honey water to be healthy?


To drink honey, I have to remember that I once mentioned that the saying is “toward the salt water, the evening honey soup.”

The meaning of this sentence is that drinking honey at night is better, of course you can also drink at noon, but now there are many opinions suggesting that you do not drink honey in the morning.

Tip: If you want to drink honey water during the day, it is recommended to be 1 before meals.

It is suitable after 5 hours or 2 hours after a meal.


The temperature of the honey should be grasped so as not to damage the nutritional value of honey water. Honey should not be brewed with boiling water that has just been boiled, but should be replaced by warm water with a temperature of no more than 40 degrees. If it is summer, replace it with cold water.The taste is better.

Tips: Considering the best absorption of honey nutrition, it is recommended that honey should not be replaced by water and eat directly, so that nutrition is not destroyed.


Drinking honey should be quantitative. Although drinking honey can nourish nutrition, since honey can be sugar rather than more good, the honey consumed every day should be quantified.

Adults usually consume no more than 50 grams of honey per day (about 3 tablespoons), while minors halve.

Tips: Children under one year old are not recommended to drink honey.


There are many kinds of honey to distinguish honey. According to the different bees, the eucalyptus honey, the acacia honey, the nectar and other varieties are classified.

Usually the elderly are suitable for drinking acacia honey, jujube nectar; women are suitable for drinking eucalyptus honey, longan honey, and nectar is suitable for both men and women.


Honey should pay attention to the taboo honey can not be eaten with tofu and leeks, because honey itself has a laxative effect, while tofu can be planted with vegetable protein and organic acid, while leeks can be implanted with plant cellulose.

Therefore, if honey is eaten with tofu and leeks, it will cause diarrhea.

Honey drink recommended 1, honey throat tea to take green tea 10 grams and honey 2 tablespoons, first brewed green tea with boiling water, when the green tea water temperature is less than 40 degrees, pour the honey into the mix, take, can throat, relieve throatpain.

2, honey lotion with a spoon in the home, take 1 scoop of honey and vinegar, replace the warm water under 40 degrees, mix and mix, place 2-3 times a day.

It can make rough skin become tender and moist.

[Remember]Honey and warm water can be used to moisten the lungs and relieve cough, detoxification and beauty, which is good for constipation.

However, if you use boiled water, it is easy to get angry, constipation!

Press 揉 陵 陵泉 to help the legs to swollen

Press 揉 陵 陵泉 to help the legs to swollen

Everyone is born Chinese medicine, every life is full of medicines; acupuncture points can be very interesting, health can be very cheap – called “Chinese medicine”, many people will have some inherent concepts, like white-haired old people,The expression is serious and deep, but Li Zhi is not like this. She is fashionable, sunny and full of energy.

Her unique diagnosis and treatment method also makes people feel that Chinese medicine is not so mysterious. It is around us. Many small details in life use the knowledge of Chinese medicine acupoints. The meridian points are the “small medicine box”.

  Yangchi-When you are on the phone, you also have wristbands in Chinese medicine. Many acupuncture points are opposite each other and match each other.

Yangchi and Daling are such a pair of points, all on the wrist, protecting the wrist joints one after the other.

  The joint is the most active part of the body and the most prone to wear, especially the wrist.

You can massage these two points when you call: use a stethoscope to hold the microphone, stand up, and stimulate the acupuncture points of the other hand with one hand, which avoids the disadvantages of sedentary and protects the wrist.

  Acupuncture points: Yangchi and Daling are on the back and inner side of the wrist, which is the midpoint of the wristback.

  Too white – tired to help the feet to solve a lot of elderly people will find foot pain after walking for a while, take off their shoes and pinch their feet when they go home.

In fact, this time stimulates the white hole in front of the foot, the effect will be better.

  The best way to stimulate this hole is not to massage with your hands, not to take off your shoes and socks, to stand your feet, and to step on the heel of the other foot.

This is because, besides the better strength of the feet, it is the principle of balancing the body.

The body grows very symmetrical, the left and right feet, the left and right hands are two-two opposite, just like the two sides of the balance.

During massage, consciously use the body’s alternative to massage the other side, which can better adjust the balance of the body.

  Acupuncture points: Place one foot on the other leg and you will see an elliptical arc in the center of the foot. This is the arch.

The starting point of this arc is the location of the Taibai point.

  Yinling Spring – help the swelling of the legs. Many middle-aged and old people will find their calves swollen after doing a housework.

This is the swelling caused by the long legs in the same position, the blood can not go straight.

At this time, you should use the “small leg swelling point” – Yinling Spring.

  Stimulate 3 at this acupoint every day?
5 minutes, let the blood flow smoothly.

In addition, try not to maintain the same posture for a long time, which is conducive to the blood circulation of the whole body and avoid the stiffness of the body.

  The acupuncture point is a little bit: the radial direction is upward, and it will touch an aligned bone. Under the bone and under the position, it will touch a concave place. Here is the location of Yinlingquan.

  In the middle of the committee – relieve lumbar back pain in the elderly, lumbar disc herniation, waist and leg pain, numbness, including back fasciitis, etc., can be pressed according to the points.

The wet hot water of the bladder is gathered here, and the turbidity can be distinguished by pressing this point.

In addition, patients with frozen shoulder can also try to use the right finger from the back to try to the tip of the left finger, and then vice versa.

By doing this, the action similar to sputum is very effective in relieving pain.

  The acupuncture point is a little pass: the patient should adopt the acupoint posture of the prone position. The middle point of the sacral point is located at the midpoint of the transverse striate, the middle of the biceps tendon and the semitendinosus tendon, that is, the center of the inner side.

  The curved bone-eliminating prostatitis has the greatest correlation between the curved bone cavity and the bladder urinary system.

However, any diseases related to it, such as Tongli urinating, conditioning menstruation, etc., can find Qugu points, which is an important point for the treatment of underlying diseases.

  Massage the bones every day for 50 to 100 times, which can relieve the pressure of the prostate and solve the problem of urinary urination and other urination.

  Acupuncture points: In the small abdomen, pushing the navel from top to bottom, you will touch an arched bone. This bone is the pubic bone. The position at the midpoint of this arched edge is the curved bone.

  Neiguan – Improve heart function Heartache, heart palpitations, chest pain is a common disease in middle-aged and elderly people.

There is such a point, often massage can become a role in protecting the heart – Neiguan point, can calm the nerves, qi and pain, can also treat motion sickness, seasickness, etc., the pregnancy response to nausea and vomiting in the first 3 months of pregnancywell.

  Align the wrist up and down or use the coin side wheel to scroll and press 揉 for half an hour every day.

  Acupuncture points: The Neiguan acupoints are very easy to find. There are two horizontal fingers on the wrist transverse stripes. We use a little bit of strength. There are two big ribs. Between the two big ribs is the Neiguan point.Feeling of swelling.

4 medicated soups for infertile men

4 medicated soups for infertile men

In today’s society, more and more men suffer from male infertility. There are many reasons for male infertility, especially men’s habit of drinking and smoking, which causes a lot of damage to their bodies.Learn more about infertile medicinal recipes.


Meat Tremella Soup: 1 tincture, 15 grams of white fungus, salt and ginger.

Make the slaughter and cut into pieces; tremella with water, stew with the meat and ginger, season with salt when cooked.

Eating meat, white fungus and soup, 1 dose daily, 5?
7 days.

Nourishing Yin and lowering fire.

For infertility caused by semen liquefaction.


Deer whip Morinda soup: 1 pair of deer whip, Morinda officinalis, Epimedium 15 g each.

Cook the above 3 flavors until the deer whip is cooked and chopped.

Eat deer whip and drink soup, 1 dose daily for several days.

Tonifying kidney qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

For infertility caused by poor sperm motility.

Infertile dieters hope to help such people.


Dog ridge dog broth: Dog ridge, golden cherry, 15 grams of wolfberry, 200 grams of lean dog meat.

Wash the dog meat and cut into pieces. Add the dog ridges, golden cherry, and wolfberry to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer for 40 minutes.

Eat meat and drink soup.

Nourishing kidney and impotence.

Can assist infertility treatment, regular clothes are effective.


Sheep loin soup: 1 pair of sheep loin, 12 grams of Cistanche, 10 grams each of medlar, wolfberry, 8 grams of Morinda officinalis.

Wash and diced the mutton lobster, add it to the pot with Cistanche, Chinese wolfberry, Morinda officinalis, and simmer for an additional 60 minutes until the loin is cooked.

Eat meat and drink soup.

1 time daily.

Impotence and kidney.

Can assist infertility.