Love Harbour – Classic Home Decor

Love Harbour – Classic Home Decor

The large living room design of the living room is dominated by wine culture, the reference point font of the mutual square geometry is the concept, the reference point color kitchen, the reference point wall pink modeling video wall reference point film and television background modeling video wall reference point film backgroundModeling and color video wall reference point room overall shape and furniture matching reference video wall and ceiling connection, curtain texture overall glass texture is very classic sofa background note kitchen corner reference overall layout reference point corner overall layout video wall reference point film backgroundModeling and color video wall reference point film and television background modeling and color video wall reference point film and television background modeling and color video wall reference point film and television background modeling and color reference point modeling and color matching reference point modeling reference point modeling and color matching video wall reference point film and televisionBackground modeling and color video wall reference point film and television background modeling and color video wall reference point modeling and color matching reference point overall reference point modeling and color matching reference layout layout layout children room layout and color bedroom This is my favorite lightPurple room, style is not casual房Room for a little girl’s bedroom wall overall layout red classic film, handsome dark red walls and each style restaurant entrance large living room with a large living room with dark red walls

U.S. Home Fitness Method

U.S. Home Fitness Method

At present, a set of home fitness methods is widely popular in the United States. Because this set of fitness exercises does not require equipment, is easy to replace and effective, it has been praised by many sports experts.

This exercise method includes 4 simple basic movements, and it has been listed as a compulsory sports item in 8800 middle and primary schools.

  First, curl up.

Hold your chest vertically with your legs bent, your heels pointing 30-50 cm behind you, your feet flat, your toes hooked to the bottom of your furniture, your upper body lying flat back; your torso and head lean forward, and try to touch your toesHooked furniture.

Try to repeat without interruption for 1 minute.

This action can strengthen the abdominal muscles, avoid pain in the lower end of the spine and maintain a good posture.

  Second, sit flat and stretch forward.

Take off your shoes and socks, sit on the floor, straighten your legs forward, and fold them. The heels are 13 cm apart. Your feet are against the wall, your hands are extended forward, and you try to touch the top.

Please note that you must not bend, do not use too much force, and relax your muscles for 5 seconds.

This set of exercises will strengthen the spine, hips and legs.

Helps avoid back and leg injuries.

  Three or three minutes.

Put a small bench or a newspaper on the floor with a height of about 30 cm. First place the right foot on the bench, step on the left foot, and then switch the position of both feet with the left foot bench and the right foot on the floor alternately.Do it 24 times per minute.

This method can exercise the heart’s response to persistent activities and reduce the risk of heart damage.

  Fourth, push-ups.

This action is different for men and women. Women and children under 10 years of age have their knees on the ground, their calves tilted, their heads to knees kept straight, their palms flat, their fingers forward, and they support the ground above the shoulders, with the palms as wide as the shoulders.

Then touch the ground with dark volts, and then use additional brackets to stretch the arms straight; men and children over 10 years old: the movements are basically the same, except that both knees should leave the ground, the entire torso is in a straight line, and the toes touch the ground.

This action can exercise the strength and endurance of the muscles of the upper limbs, shoulders and chest, which is conducive to maintaining a good posture and avoiding chest and hump.

Can’t let the elderly live very tired

Can’t let the elderly live very tired

The elderly have worked hard all their lives. After retirement, they should unload the burden of work, and finally they can easily live their lives and enjoy their old age.

However, some old people are always unable to relax, and they say that they are very tired.

What is going on here?

A lot of it is because the elderly can’t let go, learning to let go is a long-term, it can be a very difficult process.

  (1) The elderly should relax in life. Some old people still can’t afford to retire after retirement. They both take care of all the household chores at home, and help their children to look after their grandchildren. They are so busy all day long that they are tired of their bodies.
Therefore, after the retirement of the elderly, it is still necessary to take “Hugh” as the mainstay and arrange their own lives scientifically and reasonably.

Older people must learn to relax, do things by weight, no matter what they do, they must do what they can, and don’t be powerless.

  After retiring, the elderly can do what they want to do and fulfill their dreams that they have not completed in their youth.

Older people can cultivate their leisure and leisure according to their hobbies and personality traits, raise flowers and raise fish, play chess, dance and sing. These activities help the elderly to exercise, and can also cultivate sentiment and make the elderlyBeing in a state of relaxation and freedom, feeling happy and happy.

  (2) The elderly should also relax in the spirit. “Everyone has a difficult experience, everyone has their own troubles.” The elderly are more vulnerable and more nervous.

Some people do not meet, or often quarrel, or relatively silent all day, or trouble in the same bed, leading to family tensions; some people always do not end their hearts for their children, everything must be done to help future generations,I am still thinking about what to do tomorrow, I am thinking about my grandson’s problems for my son, busy every day, heavy burdens, physical and mental exhaustion, often have great consequences for the elderly, psychologicallyA shadow appears.

Therefore, the elderly should learn to give themselves a solution, often give themselves a loose heart, do not go with their own, or the heart is difficult, the crime is uncomfortable.

Nutritional foods that should be supplemented in summer

Nutritional foods that should be supplemented in summer

In summer, high temperature and high sweating, consumption increases body fluids, and consumes various nutrients, it is easy to feel physically weak and thirsty.

This is a manifestation of exhausting yin and yin, which will affect the function of the spleen and stomach, causing loss of appetite and decreased digestive function. Therefore, doctors recommend eating four types of food in summer.

  ”Sour” food: Sweating in summer is most likely to lose fluid, so eat some acidic foods, such as tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, ume, grapes, hawthorn, pineapple, mango, kiwi and the like. Their sourness can reduce sweat.Antidiarrheal and dampness can prevent excessive sweating and exhausting qi and yin, and it can also quench the thirst, strengthen the stomach and eliminate food.

If vinegar is added in some cases, acetic acid sterilization can prevent venous diseases.

  ”Bitter” food: As the saying goes, hot food “bitter” is better than tonic.

The bitter food contains a large number of amino acids, vitamins, alkaloids, classes, trace elements, etc. It has a variety of medical and health functions such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and heatstroke, refreshing, and eliminating fatigue.

Common “bitter” foods include bitter gourd, dandelion, beer, tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, etc. However, it should be noted that bitter foods should not be consumed in excess at one time, and excessive bitterness may cause nausea, vomiting, and stomach discomfort.

  Foods rich in “potassium”: Because people sweat and sweat in hot weather, a large amount of sweating can take away a large amount of potassium elements, leading to excessive loss of potassium in the body, causing hypokalemia, which can cause human fatigue, dizziness, appetiteSymptoms such as poor health and depression.

The most effective way to prevent potassium deficiency in hot weather is to eat more potassium-containing foods, such as strawberries, peaches, spinach, potatoes, green onions, celery, edamame and so on.

The potassium content in tea is particularly large, accounting for about 1.

About 5%, drinking more tea on hot days can not only reduce heat, but also supplement potassium.

  Smooth food: The hot weather in summer often causes people to be physically and mentally exhausted and tired, and they can’t sleep well. At this time, in addition to relaxing, stretching and doing good mental and psychological adjustment, it is especially important to choose some smooth and delicious food.

For example, radish, beer, rose, coriander, fennel, hawthorn, orange, etc.

Wang Erji corrects constipation and uses drugs carefully

Wang Erji corrects constipation and uses drugs carefully

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Wang Erji is a native of Huang County, Shandong Province.

Mr. Zeng Shi from the famous old Chinese medicine doctors Zhang Weixin and Mr. Du Xianwen, long-term struggle in the grassroots clinical line, is now sitting in Xingtang Hall, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Not only good at treating constipation with Chinese medicine, but also good at treating common diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, intestinal obstruction and gallstones.

Based on decades of clinical experience, he has developed pure Chinese medicine preparations such as “pre-circulation”, “Tongbian San” and “Pu Shi San”, and its remarkable effect has been well received by patients.

Colorectal cancer dysfunction is the main pathogenesis of constipation. The causes of senile constipation are common in old and weak, visceral function is reduced, qi and blood deficiency, colorectal cancer is weak.

Patients with long-term constipation will only lead to low quality of life and may also cause anorectal diseases (such as gastrointestinal bleeding, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, etc.).

For patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, lumbar disc herniation, due to difficulty in defecation, excessive defecation time, exertion of defecation, increased abdominal pressure, sudden increase in myocardial oxygen consumption, etc., may also cause sudden harassment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Wang Erji, who was diagnosed in Xingyutang, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, studied under the influence of Mr. Zhang Weixin and Mr. Du Xianwen from the old Chinese medicine practitioners.

Wang Erji believes that the disease can not blindly use the nitrate, yellow and other diarrhea drugs.

Otherwise, it may aggravate qi and blood deficiency, increase constipation or induce other diseases.

It is even more difficult to rely on enema defecation, so as to avoid the weakening of internal stress and increase constipation, further causing iatrogenic and habitual constipation.

“Jing Yue Quan Shu · Secrets” 曰: “Where is the old man, the virtual person . more sick is dry.”

Cover this non-blood loss, that is, the consumption of fluid.

All such people must be inspected in detail, not to use Glauber’s salt, rhubarb, croton. Although today’s temporary conviction, but the illusion is so exhausted, the end of tomorrow will be even worse, the moreNo medicine available.

“Wang Erji follows the ancient doctors’ instructions and carefully uses the drugs in the treatment.

(Editor’s note: This kind of Chinese medicine is mainly bitter cold, mainly suitable for constipation of the syndrome of real heat accumulation, such as rhubarb, thenardite, senna, aloe, etc., if it is not a heat syndrome, constipation is not available.

The treatment of constipation should find the root cause of the disease, the overall concept of syndrome differentiation and syndrome differentiation is the basic feature of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is also the standard for guiding Wang Erji’s clinical practice.

Wang Erji believes that the weakness or imbalance of the lungs, kidneys, spleen and liver can cause constipation. Finding the real pathogenesis of constipation in patients is the key to the treatment of constipation.

Lung: The lungs and the large intestine are in the relationship between the lungs and the lungs, and the normal appearance of the lungs is reduced, making the large intestines suffocating.

If the lungs are lost, the function of the large intestine will be weakened and the stool will be secret.

The decline of the lungs is closely related to the gut of the large intestine. The lungs are the source of water, and the upper jaws are closed, but the lungs are cleared and the intestinal fistulas are blocked.

Therefore, in order to keep the stool smooth, sometimes to treat lung diseases, it can break through the effect of “Wei Wei Zhao”.

Kidney: Insufficient kidney yang will appear “cold secret”, kidney yin deficiency and fluid may also have constipation.

Therefore, warming the kidney and strengthening the spleen can ease bowel movements.

“Theories of all kinds of diseases” cloud: “The kidneys are affected by evil, but the virtual can not make urination, it is small and convenient, the body fluid is boring, the intestines are dry and dry, so the stool is difficult.

“When constipation is rooted in the kidney, it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the kidney.

Spleen: The spleen and stomach are affected, the movement is abnormal, and it will bloat. The specific direct performance is constipation.

Regulating the spleen and stomach makes the spleen and stomach rise and fall freely, and the spleen and stomach are powerful, and the acquired nature is solid, and the disease is nowhere to be found.

Therefore, starting from the spleen is also one of the important ways for Chinese medicine to treat constipation.

In the Qing Dynasty, Ye Tianshi pointed out in his “Clinical Guide Medical Case”: “The spleen should be promoted to be healthy, and the stomach should be lowered.”

“The temper is rising, and the water valley is finely restored.”

The stomach is down, and the stomach and the turbidity are reduced, and the water valley is transformed.

The spleen rose to the stomach and the normalization was normal.

The air machine is smooth, and the five internal organs are peaceful and the six gongs are smooth.

Liver: The liver is relieved.

The ventilator of the human body is closely related to the liver.

The whole body is in the air and maintains the normal life activities of the human body.The circulation of blood and blood, the turbidity and the filth, and the discharge of the dregs, all rely on the movement of the organs to move in and out.

In particular, he pointed out: “The gas is stagnant and not good.”

“If the depression is irritated, or if the long-term emotional discomfort is uncomfortable, it will affect the evacuation function of the liver, and the airflow of the whole body will be poor.

The air is in the air, the turbidity is on the top, and the belly is full.

At the same time, the liver stagnation for a long time will hurt the body fluid, causing dehydration, dry stool, difficulty in discharge and constipation.

To protect the temporary health constipation in four aspects, it is already common and frequently-occurring today, especially in the elderly population.

Although there are many reasons for constipation, as long as effective early prevention is carried out, constipation can still be kept away from yourself.

Wang Erji believes that keeping the intestines is the key to preventing constipation and needs to do the following four points in life.

Controlled drinking diet-controlled drinking is focused on controlling drinking, drinking too much, easy to gather wet oysters, heat and cause disease.

Dieting focuses on eating cold and cold foods. The cold and cold foods are too much to eat, which can damage the spleen and stomach yang, leading to stagnation of yin and cold, leading to poor obesity function, spicy and sweet taste should also be eaten less, and vice versa.After consumption of fluid, the stool is dry and constipation is formed.

Regulate the emotional qi and blood and the smoothness of the meridians are affected by the emotional ambition.

“Lingshu·The God” has a record of “worrying people, occlusion without gas”.

Sorrow and over-consideration lead to stagnation of heart and temper, can not be declared, dysfunctional, transported and lost, the dregs stop inside, can not go down, gas stagnation for a long time, but also heat the fire, exacerbate constipation.

Modern epidemiology also points out that constipation and patients are closely related to depression, doubts and comprehensive psychological pain. Psychosocial factors play a large role in the occurrence of functional constipation. Maintaining emotional comfort is preventive constipation.Important strategy.

Warm and warm is suitable for the “Su Wen · Pain Theory” cloud: “Cold is the gas.

“External sensation of cold evil can lead to yin and cold, stagnation of the stomach, loss of one, the sputum can not become cold secret; if the fever, the stomach is hot, the gas consumption is weak, the stool is dehydrated, can cause dry stool, difficulty in defecation.

Therefore, when the body is cold, it is necessary to add clothes in time. When it is hot, it is necessary to reduce the clothes in time, so that the body is in a state of warmth and warmth.

Careful use of Western medicine, the doping of some western medicines will lead to constipation.

Drug opioids (such as morphine) for the central nervous system or enteric nervous system, anticonvulsants (such as chlordiazepine), tricyclic antidepressants (such as amitriptyline), anti-shock palsy (such as hydrochloric acid)Amantadine), sympathomimetic drugs (such as ephedrine), antipsychotics (such as chlorpromazine), calcium chloride channel blockers (such as verapamil hydrochloride), anticholinergic agents for smooth muscleAngular drugs (such as atropine); antihistamines (such as diphenhydramine); drugs that alter the contents of intermediates such as cholestyramine, chemotherapy drugs such as vincristine; antidiarrheal agents such as antacids, calcium supplementsAgents, iron supplements, etc. can cause constipation.

Therefore, prevention of constipation and attention to drug-induced constipation are also an important alternative that cannot be ignored.

Try to make your wife your little lover

Try to make your wife your little lover

In the eyes of some married men, his wife is his own “fixed asset”, and then he no longer wants his wife to dress up as beautiful as she did in the past, to go out and communicate widely, to become a public landscape, and even to put a lot of restrictions on his wife, at the same timeIn order to save the family’s economic expenses, I was afraid of my wife ‘s consumption in my eyes. As a result, my wife just no longer had an attractive appearance in the eyes of outsiders, and she lost the charm of the past in her eyes and became a so-called “yellow face.””Wife”, the love between them is no longer, your passion disappears like ebb.

  In fact, today we are living in an open society, with newer ideas and increasingly prosperous. We should also keep our attitude towards our wife in sync. Do n’t let your wife become a child and a housewife who is responsible for housework. We do n’t prevent her from becoming “bad”.As your lover, she always gives you attractive charm and keeps your love alive. Here are a few tricks.

  Revisiting the “Jianghu”, recalling the passion of first love. Many married men think that his wife must take care of his family and be diligent in housework. If he often goes out for communication, he will be considered not a good woman.

But have you ever thought about the family, the monotonous life of the two-point and one-line unit of the unit will also obliterate her interest and beauty, no longer have passion for life and love, so she is negligent in dressing up and her image is greatly reduced.

  At this time, you may think of those women who are flying like flowers and butterflies in the outside world, and reminisce about their various styles. Maybe you haven’t really acted on them, but it is undeniable that the magnetic field effect emitted by them is because they are fresh.Mermaid.

  So do you get a little inspiration?

May wish to give her some necessary freedom to make her “bad” a little, inspire her charm in the big rivers and lakes, and then bring Liangli home.

Maybe slowly you will find that at some point, when she returns from the outside, she will reset her charming face like her first love, let you swim in the sea of love again.

Giving too much space for free activities is to get her out of the traditional housewife role, and it is a wonderful way to recall the charm of youth.

  Encourage consumption. Too many wives make beautiful clothes with fashion. After marriage, many wives have become economical and even cut out. They no longer buy beautiful clothes. Even a slightly more expensive lipstick is reluctant to buy. As a result, they are ashamed.of.

But modern life is much better than ever, after all, it needs stylish embellishments.

Imagine that when your wife’s birthday, you spend money on a bouquet of roses or something more expensive, but she puts down her face and rejects you wastefully. This is a terrible sight and hurts the relationship between the two.

  For a frugal wife, you do n’t prevent her from changing her mind and becoming a little “loser”. Although she points to a smaller number of passbooks at home, she returns to his wife ‘s beauty and taste, which makes herShe buys more beautiful clothes and exudes charming perfume, but she always gives you a brand-new scenery, which will make you enamored like a lover; let her go to the gym or play bowling, then you can enjoy it for a long timeHer charming body; or taking her to a bar, traveling, etc. to make her more fun . Proper consumption means that while your wife is following the fashion, it will become a timeless landscape in your eyes.
  Actively show love and share the joy of sex. We often see in newspapers and periodicals that too many happy families have divorced, but the reason is because of sexual discord. Husbands blame their wives for not knowing the fun, like wooden people, so theyHe looked for flowers outside and asked Liu, and even regarded the slut as his confidante.

  In fact, this can’t be blamed on the woman. In their consciousness, actively showing love is a kind of “swinging” behavior. Many women sometimes want to take the initiative to return, but they are afraid to be regarded as cheap by their husbands. Therefore, it is necessary to be a husband.Correct the wife’s mentality, encourage her to take the initiative, and let her be a “Ms. Bullfight”.

This will inspire the wife’s underlying passions, let her play her own style better, and greatly increase your passion, so as to maximize the sharing of the beauty and joy of sex, this pair of strengthen the relationship between husband and wife and replaceThe involvement of third parties has great potential.

  Really, make your wife “bad” and make her your lover forever. This is a very good idea, and you don’t want to prevent trying.

Eliminate travel fatigue cheats

Eliminate travel fatigue cheats

Align the fracture sitting posture, hold the head with both hands, and clamp the jaws in two elbows. Press down slightly to make the yaw before the alignment, then try to lean back and do 8 times, each time for 1 to 2 seconds.

The shoulders are tilted and seated, the fingers are crossed upwards, the palms are facing up, and then the vibration is 10 times after being forced to slow.

The chest and back are gradually sitting, the arms are bent flat before the elbows, and the chest is lowered. Then the arms are parallel to the side and parallel to the side, and the head is raised and the chest is made 10 times.

In the sitting position of the body side fracture, one hand is inserted into the waist, the other arm is straightened, the upper body is slightly flexed, the arm is forced to the side vertically 5 times, and then the other side is made, and each time is 1 to 2 seconds.

Sitting in a waist and abdomen fracture, holding the head with both hands, the body is flexed, then the upper body is reclined, the elbow joint is abducted, trying to straighten the body for 3 to 2 seconds, and 5 times at a slow speed.

The legs are in a contracted sitting position, and the legs are bent into the chest, and then the legs are straightened at the same time, and the toes are extended forward for 10 times, each time being 1 to 2 seconds.

  In addition, walking fast is also a recipe for eliminating fatigue.

The correct way is to take a quick walk, and it will last for 15 to 20 minutes, in order to balance the muscles of the body, help the brain to move, and achieve the purpose of eliminating fatigue.

  Traveling to prevent the foot from getting out of the city, the occurrence of foot bubbles is more common, it will affect the smooth travel, and improper handling will cause infection.

To prevent the occurrence of foot bubbles, you must pay attention to: shoes and socks should be suitable, shoes should not be too big or too small, it is best to wear used rubber shoes or cloth shoes, lesbians do not wear high-heeled hard-soled shoes, insole should be flat, socks are not damaged, noWrinkles, sand in the shoes should be removed in time, to keep shoes and socks dry.

Walking tour should be gradual, first and then far, the footsteps should be even, the landing should be stable, not fast and slow.

Before going to sleep, use hot water to scalp the feet to promote local blood circulation and apply hand massage to the foot.

  If foot foam occurs, first use hot water to heat the feet for 5 to 10 minutes, then partially disinfect the foot with iodine or alcohol, and then use a sterile needle to puncture the foot so that the liquid in the bubble is replaced.

Also avoid cutting the blisters to prevent infection.

The 4 most likely mistakes you made in Palestine

The 4 most likely mistakes you made in Palestine

In the long-term life, you may have heard a lot of thin-belly methods. These methods, whether effective or ineffective, may be ingrained in your brain, so when you want to lose weight, you are likely to make the following 4A mistake must be seen, for your own health and thin belly.


hzh {display: none; }  错误1:健腹=收腰   现实:瘦了腰部,胖了腹部。   Many people have replaced the abdominal exercise with a small amount of exercise in the waist of the double room, thinking that an action can both thin waist and beautiful belly, but it is often thin waist and fat belly.

  This is because it is much easier to reduce the proportion of aunts stacked on the waist than the muscles of a small group of people. It is only necessary to cooperate with the diet to reduce the intake of high-calorie foods, and at the same time insist on the corresponding training, it will be able to make “small manWaist” sees the sky again.
The waist is thin, and it is more “outstanding” when it is not getting the abdominals for training.

Don’t expect that a certain kind of exercise can accomplish both the abdomen and the double task of waisting. There is no shortcut on the road to losing weight.

  Suggestion: Practice step by step, don’t believe in the “two in one” approach.

  Mistake 2: Abdominal exercise every day to get a firm abdominal muscle reality: always encounter the extra meat counterattack.

  The process of forming the muscles of the abdominal muscles and other parts of the body is exactly the same, and displacement is required to shape them.

Because the cell morphology of muscle tissue has been changed after the training of large exercise volume, it has not been fully formed, and it usually takes 48 hours to complete the task of muscle reconstruction.

Abdominal exercise every day can promote tiny burning, but does not give the abdominal muscles a time to stay. Once the exercise is relaxed, the excess meat will immediately launch a “counterattack”, and everything will be abandoned.

  Correct practice frequency: 3 times a week.

  Mistake 3: Sit-ups are the best way to exercise your abdominal muscles: the shoulders are sore and the belly is still.

  We have been dedicating ourselves to sit-ups for a compact and tight abdomen “magic weapon”, but we have not been among the “most effective abdominal fitness methods” in the US authoritative fitness institutions.

The reason is very simple. When we sit up, our movements are often not in place. Usually the hips and shoulders are enough, but the abdomen is not really exercised.

  After a thorough evaluation of the effects of the 13 abdominal fitness methods, the experts found the most effective first three methods: the fitness machine (bicycle fitness equipment) training; the boat chair (30 degrees with the ground)Corner benches, which can be placed on top, lift legs up and hold for a few seconds, strengthen abdominal muscles) training; fitness ball training.

  Sit-ups improved version: The fitness instructor believes that if you want to get a sit-up to play a better effect, you can try to make the following changes – only 10 sit-ups per minute, 5 when the upper body is at a 45-degree angle to the groundIn seconds, this effect is much better than doing 60 times in 1 minute!

  Mistake 4: High-density exercise will surely receive double the effect of reality: panting, action out.

  By repeating one action for 100 times, can you get twice the effect of doing 50 times?

Fitness is not a simple accumulation of quantity, but should be worthy of qualitative changes.

For example, in the training of the “Captain Chair” equipment, many people will continue to do dozens of them until they are sweating and panting and have to stop.

The senior fitness instructor believes that the key to the training of the abdominal muscles is that the movements should be in place, and that appropriate pauses are required. It is best to use 15 movements as a group, each time doing 2?
3 groups will be fine.

  Ways to enhance the effect: There are more changes in the exercise, such as a small sandbag tied to the leg, the effect will be different.

Squid lotus root tofu soup

Squid lotus root tofu soup

Ingredients: 1 squid (about 350 grams – 500 grams), lotus root 500 grams, 100 grams of tofu, 5 slices of ginger.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the lotus roots, peel off the knot, cut into sections.


The squid is washed clean and the tofu is cut into 10 pieces.


Heat 30ML in the pot and heat the squid slowly until it is slightly yellow on both sides.


5 pieces of yellow squid, lotus root and ginger, add into the corrugated pot together, add 2000 ml of water (about 8 bowls of water), and change to a simmer for about 2 hours after the fire is boiled.


Add the bean curd to the fire and boil for 5 minutes. Transfer the appropriate amount of salt and turn the chopped green onion.

This amount attracts 3-4 people to use.

  Efficacy: spleen and kidney.

  First, different regions adapt to the northeast region: the northeast region is located in the northernmost part of the area, which belongs to the region with the highest latitude. This region has a short summer time and relatively relative winter time, which can reduce the lotus root to 400 grams.

  Northwest China: The climate is dry, windy and sandy, and the sunshine is redundant, which can increase the carp to 600 grams.

  Central region: The climate is mild and the sun is too much, reducing the salmon to 400 grams.

  Southeastern region: The climate is humid and the rainfall is abundant, which can increase the carp to 600 grams and the lotus root to 400 grams.

  Southwest: It is rainy, the climate is hot and humid, and you can eat spicy, sour and spicy flavors, which can increase the squid to 600 grams.

  Second, different physiques due to body selection, qi deficiency, qi deficiency, muscle weakness, physical weakness, shortness of breath, lazy words, easy to sweat, not cold and heat.

The squid in this formula was increased to 600 grams.

  Blood deficiency constitution: People with blood deficiency are pale, dry skin, insomnia and dreams, dry stools, and unfavorable urination.

The lotus root in this side is reduced to 400 grams.

  Yin deficiency constitution: people with yin deficiency are thin and afraid of heat, hands and feet are hot, temperament is irritating, insomnia and dreams.

The squid in this side is reduced to 400 grams.

  Yang deficiency constitution: the population of yang deficiency is not thirsty, the shape is cold and warm, the limbs are not warm, and the hair is easy to fall.

The squid in this side increased to 600 grams.

  Third, different ages tonic young people: adolescents are in the stage of growth and development, gas is strong, adequate fluid, eclipse twice.

  Middle-aged: The squid is increased to 600 grams and the lotus root is reduced to 400 grams.

  Older people: The body’s metabolism and excretion function are reduced, and the amount can be reduced by half.

  This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Fast weight loss: eat walnuts

Fast weight loss: eat walnuts

Lead: Walnut has always been a good food that people have passed on from mouth to mouth. In addition to being nutritious, it can supplement various elements needed by the human body, and it can prevent cancer, regulate people’s metabolism, etc. Eating walnuts can even help to lose weight.Brain, beauty, prevent skin aging, improve endocrine function, so regular consumption is very beneficial to the human body. While losing weight, it also supplements the body with various ingredients. Here are two recommended for you.Walnut-based weight loss recipe: fast weight loss: eat walnut pepper salt and crispy peach kernel raw materials: walnut kernel 170g, hawthorn powder 50g, egg 1, pepper salt, salad oil, the right amount.

Production: 1, walnuts boiled with boiling water, peeled hawthorn powder, eggs whipped evenly into a paste.

2, in the net pot, put the salad oil to 50% heat, mix the walnut kernels with the hawthorn paste, fry in the oil pan to the crispy, turn the pan into the pan, and remove the salt and pepper salt.

The effect of this recipe: Ziyin Yiqi, kidney and kidney, lipid-lowering laxative.

Peach kernel rabbit raw materials: peach kernel 100g, rabbit meat 200g, dried pepper section 3g, peppercorns 1g, water bean powder, Sichuan salt, MSG, salad oil, the right amount.

Production: 1, rabbit meat washed, change the knife into Ding, mix with Sichuan salt, water soy flour; peach kernel with boiling water to boil, peeled; water soy flour, Sichuan salt, MSG into a juice.

2, put the color oil in the net pot, the peach kernels are fried to crispy, pick up, the rabbit meat is diced, and the remaining oil is removed. The dried pepper section is put together, the peppercorns are mixed and fried, and the juice is mixed into the juice.Peach the peach kernel and push it evenly.

The efficacy of this recipe: cooling blood and detoxification, tonifying kidney and qi, lowering fat and warming the lungs.