Improper coloring of tiles is harmful to health

Improper coloring of tiles is harmful to health

Tiles are 10 times higher than the surface reflections. According to the survey, most homes and office buildings prefer to use brighter tiles for decoration, because the bright tiles not only make the room look rich and bright, but also can be replaced to some extent.Insufficient lighting.

The Secretary General of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association said that in general, the light reflection coefficient of white powder wall is 69%-80%, and the mirror glass is 82%-88%, while the walls of the room and some tiles on the ground (mainly polished tiles)After decoration with a part of antique bricks, the light reflection coefficient is as high as 90%, which greatly exceeds the physiological adaptation range that the human body can withstand, which will cause light pollution and damage people’s health.

  According to Secretary General Qi Bin, the light pollution depending on the environment can be roughly divided into the following categories: first, internal environmental pollution, such as reflective exterior walls of buildings; second, indoor environmental pollution, light pollution caused by indoor tiles belongs to this category.The third is local environmental pollution, such as book paper.

Among them, polished bricks and antique bricks use related technology to increase the brightness of the brick surface, resulting in a higher reflection coefficient of light, even 10 times higher than the reflection coefficient of the matte decoration.


On average, after watching TV for several hours in a row, people’s vision will temporarily drop by 30%.

In the long-term living environment with smooth walls and floors, the light reflection re-reflects to produce stimulation, which exceeds the coordination of the eyes, makes the eyes fatigue, and even leads to reduced visual function.

  Light pollution will cause damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, inhibiting the function of photoreceptor cells of the retina.

The study found that people who work and live in a white bright and polluted environment will have a sharp decline in vision, and the incidence of cataracts will be as high as 45%. At the same time, it is easy to cause dizziness, upset, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, and physical weakness.And similar symptoms of neurasthenia.

  The survey shows that long-term exposure to various light pollution in the surrounding environment is also one of the leading leaders in the current youth myopia rate.

  Choosing tiles to make your eyes comfortable. President Bin said that since August 1, 2005, the state has implemented mandatory signs (3C marks) for three types of decorative products, including porcelain tiles, which mainly detect whether they are up to standard.

Since some ultra-white tiles use an additive that acts as a “white” in the production process, and this additive contains radioactive substances, it may cause pollution pollution and light pollution.

  In the regulations, the porcelain tiles that are certified are executed GB-T400.

1 standard, water absorption rate is less than or equal to 0.

The products of 5 are mainly polished tiles and antique bricks, and glazed tiles and some wall tiles are not included in this range.

  Finally, Secretary-General Zhai Bin suggested that the best visual environment should be in full coordination with the human eye in terms of color, light frequency, brightness, shape of objects, and movement.

Therefore, when decorating the home, it is best to choose matt bricks; the study room and children’s room should use the floor instead of the floor tiles; if polished tiles are used, usually try to open small lights at home, but also avoid direct light or affect the eyes through reflection;And the metallic tiles are over-reflective and not suitable for large areas in the living room.