Three simple ways to help you clear acne


Three simple ways to help you clear acne

Some women have already passed through adolescence, and they are not very oily, but they have abnormal acne.

Your estrogen always floats up and down and never gives the body an indicator of adaptation.

  If your acne is blackheads, it is most likely related to your excessive outdoor travel; whiteheads are related to the large-scale consumption of sweets and high-metastatic foods when you are worried; headless acne is usually the result of high nerve tension.

  An emergency plan 1, the most urgent and effective is hot and cold therapy, that is, wash your face with hot water first, and then wash it with cold water again.

  2. You can also steam your face with steam. Steam can dredge pores and inhibit sebum secretion.

  3. Cucumber can also be used as a mask to make the skin converge and make the skin smooth and not greasy.

  4. Take an aromatherapy one hour before bedtime, take a hot bath, and then use a calming, decompression body lotion to relieve tension, sleep well, and stress adult acne naturally disappear.

  Second auxiliary food kelp-rich in minerals, regular consumption can regulate the pH of the blood and prevent the skin from secreting excessive oil.

  Bitter Gourd-Contains Vitamin B and Vitamin C. It has a significant effect on lowering heat and removing heat, and can treat acne and freckles caused by liver and fire.

  Three basic countermeasures 1, exercise can effectively relax the spirit to adjust the regularity of cell metabolism and sebum secretion.

  2, pay attention to the diet structure should also be reasonable, try to eat less spicy, fried and high-conversion food.

  3. Drink more green tea. The tannins in green tea are indispensable.

You can also boil green tea with boiling water, wash your face after cooling, and wash it again and again. Take a pat on the place with acne, and let them drink a cup of green tea.

What to do if the skin is emotional?


What to do if the skin is emotional?

Autumn is here. I wonder if you have realized that the temperature has dropped in the morning and evening. The temperature is also cooler, and you have to wear a thin coat when you go out.
In the late summer and early fall, many people’s skin starts to feel restless and get angry?

Not only is it dry and itchy, but it also has a tingling sensation when it encounters water or cold air, and sometimes a small rash appears somehow. What should I do?

  In fact, the skin sensitivity during seasonal changes is not the same as the usual maintenance of sensitive muscles, so you cannot use the same set of maintenance methods to treat it. You still need to look at the cause of skin sensitivity, so that you can really improve the skin discomfort.

  Why does the skin change every season?

  Now when the season changes, the skin will appear to be ill, especially when the climate changes from hot to cold. It is easier to correct the phenomenon. I am the standard season sensitive muscle type, and the normal skin condition is OK, but as soon as the season changes, the skin willConditions such as dryness, peeling, itchiness, and dull complexion appear, but it is clear that I have not changed my maintenance habits, but skin problems still occur, mainly because of changes in the external environment temperature and humidity.

  The change of external environmental temperature and humidity is the key to good or bad skin condition. As long as the temperature drop is too large, changes in relative humidity in the environment will cause skin moisture loss and dryness, especially the volume of the stratum corneum will be greatly reduced and destroyed.The skin’s own hydration will reduce its water retention capacity, and the skin’s adaptability will become worse. As a result, in addition to the decrease in immunity, the absorption of skin care products will also weaken.

  Last year, the La Roche-Posay brand did a survey and found that one in two people in Taiwan had sensitive skin leaks, and the main reason was caused by changes in temperature and humidity in the environment. In fact, the sensitive muscles were notRefers to a skin disease. If your skin’s tolerance decreases and its protective ability declines, it will have an overreaction to irritants that can be tolerated by the general skin, or the skin is more susceptible to damage from foreign aggressors. When these overreactions are directlyWhen it reacts on the skin surface, it can cause the epidermal nerve endings to excite, and produce tingling, tightness, itching, inflammation in the surface layer of the skin, and sometimes sensitive phenomena such as uncomfortable burning sensations, which are considered sensitive muscles.

  Therefore, it is inevitable that the climate is dry or close, the temperature is high or low, and the skin thickness amount of moisturization can maintain the best state in a stable environment.

  It is suitable for maintaining the high temperature of summer in the late summer and early autumn, so that the secretion of sebaceous glands is strong, causing a large amount of fat to leak out, and it is easy to sweat and oil, so many people mistakenly think that the skin is in a condition of oily and watery, so desperately inhibitOil control oil, although it makes the skin dry, but in fact, the skin’s water also quietly disappears. As soon as the cold autumn, you will find that the skin is dry and flat, dull and dull, and the skin’s metabolism becomesSlowly, the sebum secretion and the epidermal moisturizing system are also unbalanced, so the most suitable maintenance method at this time is to replenish water first, then repair, and finally add a protective cover.

  Hydrating, high-performance moisturizing lotion is definitely a fast way to hydrate, but do n’t forget to effectively retain these moisturizing ingredients in the skin after hydrating, so that the skin can always be maintained in a watery environment and enhance the follow-up care products.Absorptive capacity.

  Repairing the skin is mainly due to the discomfort caused by changes in temperature and humidity, so you can use the ingredients with repair or soothing anti-sensitivity to repair the damaged cells first, solve the symptoms of skin sensitivity, and restore the healthy state of the cells.

  Protection enhances skin resistance. Choose products with anti-oxidant and anti-free radical effects to prevent skin cells from being damaged. Of course, daily sun protection must be done to avoid skin sensitivity or tanning.

  In addition, I want to remind everyone that if your sensitivity is serious, you must try to simplify the original maintenance procedures, and maintain gentle maintenance techniques to avoid pulling or wiping, so that the skin will not cause secondary irritation.To reduce the number of exfoliants.

  It can also be used with beauty aids to increase the skin’s resistance, such as skin protein, grape seed, Q10, comprehensive vitamins, etc., using a two-pronged approach of internal and external use is more conducive to strengthening the skin’s immune system and reducing skin weakness.
  My season-changing skincare product is a moisturizing lotion + an essence product with repair effect + a moisturizing moisturizing product. Choose a good bottle of high-performance lotion. In addition to deep moisturizing power, it also adds active ingredients, Such as anti-aging repair peptides or plant extracts, effectively improve the subsequent maintenance effect, very suitable for changing seasons or when the skin is weak.

Every 2-3 days, I also use high-performance lotion to wet the skin, and the skin will become more supple.

  Choose another bottle of serum that can promote cell metabolism and healthy keratinocytes, help to tightly connect the keratinocyte space, and reorganize the growth process of keratinocytes in the epidermal layer. The skin can be compact and smooth.

Part of the moisturizing cream is mainly high moisturizing, or it can revitalize cells. It is better to firm up the skin. It can also be used with a simple lift massage to make the skin firmer.

  I can’t go to bed every day because of my work style, but I will try to keep my physiological clock at a fixed time. For example, I go to bed around 2 o’clock every day and get up around 8 o’clock.

Short children may be caused by illness

Short children may be caused by illness

Dwarfing of a child may be due to illness. Dwarfing is defined as height below the same age, same gender, third percentile of the same race, or two standard deviations.

Hospital pediatric experts say there is another formula that applies to 2?
Calculate average height for children 12 years of age: age × 7 + 75 (cm).

If the child’s height is found to be lower than the average height of 5?
10 cm, it is short.

If during the growth of the child, the child’s height is found to be significantly lower than the height of his peers, parents should pay attention, because the child may not be tall may be caused by a certain disease.

In addition to genetics, nutritional status, family environment and other factors, there are many acquired factors that cause short stature, such as growth hormone deficiency (GHD), idiopathic dwarf (ISS), precocious puberty, congenital ovarian dysplasia syndrome,Hypothyroidism (CH).

GHD is one of the common causes of dwarfism in children.

Growth hormone is a peptide hormone that is synthesized, stored and secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain, which can promote human development and reproduction and promote the healthy growth of children.

GHD is caused by a variety of reasons, such as the lack of secretion of growth hormone-releasing hormones from the thalamus, complications of the pituitary gland, infections of the central nervous system, and social and psychological factors, which lead to lack of growth hormone and eventually cause children to be short.

Nowadays, due to the continuous progress of society, there are more and more ways and methods for children to contact the society. In addition, the impact of environmental pollution on children’s physical health, such as eating hormone food by mistake, will cause children to premature.

Precocious puberty is a common developmental abnormality in the pediatric endocrine system. It refers to girls with abnormal sexual development of secondary sexual characteristics before the age of 8 and boys before the age of 9.

Experts say that because these children grow and develop earlier than children of the same age, the bone age is too large, and the epiphysis will be closed in advance, so it will affect the child’s life height.

There are still many causes of childhood dwarf, but no matter how many causes, they can be treated by scientific methods.

Experts remind you not to confuse doctors, not to take some health products blindly or use heightening equipment, which may be counterproductive.


Three mentalities easily cause children to be out of group


Three mentalities easily cause children to be out of group

Xiao Bin (pseudonym) ‘s voice on the phone was distressed and anxious.

  She said that she was not beautiful, and her classmates always laughed at her ugly, did not like to play with her, and even talked to her. Most of them were ridiculing that she did not look good, and some words hurt her pride.

Xiaobin felt that he had very little part in the class and no good friends. He didn’t want to find a friend who could talk to his heart.

  Resolving the typical: “Black Peony” was admitted to the First Affiliated High School of China Normal University and heard Xiao Bin’s remarks. Teacher Han Xiuzhen told her the following true story: “Black Peony” is the “nickname” that Xin Xin’s parents gave her because of Xin XinIt’s dark and doesn’t look very good.

  However, in the class, Xinxin never inferior herself because she doesn’t look good. She has good grades and outstanding literature and art. She is a good friend with many classmates. In the end, she was admitted to the First Affiliated Middle School of China Normal University.

  Expert Tips: Children should be inferior. Parents should praise Teacher Han for analysis. Xiaobin is not confident enough and cannot see her own advantages. When facing classmates, she is always worried that others will make fun of her weaknesses, so she is afraid to get along with others.

  In fact, she should find more advantages from herself, look at her own strengths, and do not use her weaknesses and other people’s advantages to explain.

Even if it is a weakness, you must turn it into a strong one, just like a “black peony.”

  Mr. Han reminded parents that if children are afraid to associate with others because of their inferiority, they should guide children to actively treat their own shortcomings, objectively and comprehensively understand themselves, give full play to their strengths, and communicate with others with confidence and initiative.

  Parents usually praise their children’s weaknesses and exaggerate their advantages from multiple angles.

But for the child’s deficiencies and defects, let him learn to face.

  Proud of Dong Dong, a suspect called “vulgar” yesterday, a mother confided to Teacher Han Xiuzhen that her son Dong Dong (pseudonym) was unwilling to deal with classmates and parents.

  On weekends, Dong Dong went to the street to buy a book. Mom and Dad said to accompany him. Dong Dong left a sentence “No need” and turned away, leaving his parents face to face.

  In the class, Dong Dong was reluctant to talk to her classmates, and only cared about herself.

Dong Dong said that he and his classmates did not have a common language, because the classmates played games online and closed their mouths, and they liked to draw.

In Dong Dong’s eyes, classmates are so vulgar.

  Case Counseling: Finding a Common Hobby with Others Teacher Han told Dongdong’s mother that children do not want their parents to accompany them. Parents can find opportunities to ask why.

The child likes to draw. When the parent talks with him, he will talk about certain related topics, raise the child’s interest, let him have something to say, and slowly develop his habits and ability to communicate with others.

  Children do not like to communicate with classmates. If it is because of different preferences, parents should enlighten their children. Even if they have different interests, they can still become common hobbies in other aspects or help each other in learning.

Expert Tips: Children are proud and participate in group activities. Many children feel that they are better than others and despise others. They often think of themselves as self-righteous, and do not want to associate with other children.

Pride children are mainly because of their good grades and take this as their advantage. They don’t think it is a feeling of pride.

  When children intentionally or unintentionally say “XX learning is awful” at home, parents must pay attention to the child’s tendency to pride.

At this time, you should tell your child that there is a sky outside, and that there are people outside, and you should look at the strengths of others and learn from each other’s strengths.

  Most arrogant children can’t stand frustration and are often fragile when facing unsolvable problems.

Parents should allow them to participate in group activities more, and have a pearl-tolerant heart for people and affairs, and should not care about it.

  The progress of his performance was envious of Xiaoping (a pseudonym) who passed the third place in the class this time, but no classmate congratulated him on his progress. On the contrary, he heard a lot of rumors.

  Some students said that Xiaoping must have seen the test paper secretly when he went to the office, so he did well. Some students said that it must be Xiaoping’s parents gifted the teacher, and the teacher revealed the test questions to him.

  Xiaoping was very unhappy. He studied hard and improved his grades, but his classmates saw him that way.

So he was quiet in class and didn’t want to talk to others.

  Expert Tips: Teach the children to accept the analysis of the “strong man” Teacher Han Xiuzhen. Jealousy is the most prominent problem that leads to discordant student relationships, and it is also the most harmful mentality.

It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the behavior of stealing classmates’ review materials is the most common; secondly, slander behind the classmates; thirdly, if the classmates have good grades, they suspect that others are not the true level; fourthly, they are unwillingLend materials to classmates.

  Facing the child’s jealousy, parents should teach their children to be tolerant, accepting classmates better than themselves, and learning better than themselves.

  In fact, parents should tell their children that if their classmates are doing better than themselves, they should not do small moves behind their backs to harm others. Instead, they should treat their classmates as their own participants and motivate themselves to study hard.

Winter health medicated diet

Winter health medicated diet

Near the Spring Festival is the best time for winter supplements.

The health medicated diet is guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and according to the sexual taste function of traditional Chinese medicine, it is matched with corresponding food to prepare a diet that is compatible with the internal organs, yin and yang, qi and blood, and cold and heat.Physical fitness, slow down aging, and prolong life.

  Health medicinal diet medicinal and food are obtained, and the compatibility is convenient, especially the medicinal diet is medicinal and gentle, and it can be supplemented without stagnation, and it is harmless to eat more.

For those who do not have time to take care of their body during normal workload, they can use the convenient medicated diet to regulate their body during the holiday season. Armor can work with sufficient energy for the coming year.

  Traditional Chinese medicine for bodybuilding and medicinal diet believes that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

Although some people are young and strong, they are busy all day long, lose their nutrition the day after tomorrow, exhausted internal injuries, overrun the body, hurt the lungs, spleen, and kidneys.Appetite is poor, sometimes asthma due to movement.

This convenience is good for business owners and successful people.

  3 jujube quantum congee ginseng 3 grams, astragalus 10 grams, 5 grams of Huang Jing, 5 jujube (coreless), 100 grams of rice.

Put the first 3 herbs in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, fry into the soup, remove the residue and remove the soup, put the previously washed rice and red dates, and put it in the casserole. If the soup is too little, add a small amount of water and cook to dilutePorridge, add brown sugar and mix well, you can take it for 15 days.

This side has the effect of replenishing Qi.

  The Chinese medicine for brain-building and nourishing medicinal herbs believes that the human spirit, consciousness, and thinking activities are due to the function of the “heart”, that is, the reaction of the brain to external objects. The Nei Jing also states:Get out.

“People who have been engaged in human mental labor for a long time will cause insufficient kidney essence and insufficiency of the marrow sea. They need to replenish the heart, kidney, and brain, and replace medicinal diets that strengthen people’s memory, intelligence, and thinking.

This convenience is good for teachers, researchers and mental workers.

  Cordyceps yam beef bone soup Cordyceps sinensis 1?
2 grams, 10 grams of yam, 10 grams of honey red lotus, 10 grams of cypress kernel, moderate amount of beef pulp.

In addition to Cordyceps sinensis, add the other 5 herbs to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 30 minutes.

Wash the Cordyceps sinensis, put it into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of water to the steamer and steam for 20 minutes, and take the same solution before adding it.

Served for more than 15 days.
This side has the effect of Jianzhijian brain strengthening heart.

  Eliminate tiredness medicated traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver is the main source of blood.

If you work too hard, exercise too much, and think too much, you can easily feel weak muscles, tiredness, and lack of energy. You can recover from the rest after a short break, and recover from the long-term difficulty.Acid can enter the liver and transform the glutinous muscles.

At the same time supplemented with spleen appetizer, the effect is very good.

This prescription is suitable for sub-healthy people and athletes.

  Fruit tomato honey jujube drink 10g, tomato 30g, honey, 6 jujube (decored).

Steam the lotus root, red dates, and grind them into mud; mash the tomatoes into juice, mix with honey, and then take.

Should be taken for a long time.

This formula can nourish yinrou liver and tendons, quickly eliminate fatigue, promote physical recovery, and relieve mental tension.

  TCM believes that if qi and blood are full, a person’s complexion will become rosy and lustrous. If they stay up late for a long time without good rules of life, they will look pale or yellow, and wrinkles or pigmentation will appear on the skin.

Some successful women are usually busy with work and have no time to maintain, resulting in blood deficiency dissatisfaction, liver and kidney deficiency or liver qi stagnation, and blood stasis and obstruction. Therefore, they should take the product of nourishing kidney and regulating liver, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and regulating qi and stasis.Enriches qi and blood, hydrates the skin, and refreshes the spirit.

This party is mainly suitable for ladies.

  Artemisia annua peach turtle soup 10 grams of artemisia annua, 10 grams of dried peach blossom, 10 grams of astragalus, 200 grams of turtle (hair removal, viscera, bone retention).

Add the first 3 flavors to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, decoction, and remove the residue. Then add the casserole with the turtle to cook. If the solution is too little, add an appropriate amount of water. After frying for about half an hour, the temperature is slightly lower.Just add honey and serve for more than 15 days.

This side has the functions of nourishing yin, nourishing, nourishing, nourishing and nourishing blood, which can make the lady look new.

Development Status of Drug Stores in East China


Development Status of Drug Stores in East China

At a pharmacy summit forum in September 2006, Shuma CEO Wang Chunlei, Hangzhou Wulin Deputy General Manager Wu Yangxian, General Manager of L’Oreal (China) Active Health Cosmetics Department Lu Xiaoming, Tongrentang Technology Xu Hui, etc.The experimental significance of the makeup store and the concept of drug makeup had a full and detailed exchange with the participating drug store executives.

The author recognizes from this forum that the practitioners and promoters of these domestic drugstore stores have achieved considerable gains. It is just that the road to drugstore in the retail and retail industry seems to be still in “darkness before dawn”.The dawn dawned.

  Observation In order to understand the actual development of drugstores, the author recently conducted a rough survey of selected locations in East China.

  Step 1: Hangzhou Wulin Drug Store ‘s cosmetics business has shrunk sharply. The Wulin Drug Store, No. 435 Wulin Road, Hangzhou, is located north of the well-known local women ‘s clothing street.between.

This location is regarded as the best location in Hangzhou’s business district, with a large number of target customers and dense crowds (there is also a mobile phone street and a shoe industry street nearby); the branch here is the largest of the Wulin chain drug stores, according to this report, With an average daily turnover of more than 6 million.

  The storefront is about 40 meters wide. The sliding glass door surface is full of advertisements and is very atmospheric. The products and brands of the advertisements include Cai Tongde, Tiepi Fengdou, Shouxing (Hangzhou famous trademark, ginseng supplements), Zhengguanzhuang,Gesbao, American ginseng (Daewoo wild ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, white bird’s nest), desert ginseng velvet flower, Cistanche deserticulata, Vichy, Omron, La Roche-Posay, etc., replace high-end goods.

In the Wulin store of more than 400 square meters, half of the area is reserved for Shanghai Cai Tongde, East China Medicine, Hongkong Longbao Ginseng and a local brand of Ginseng and other local brands, and another 1/5 of the area is reserved forcosmetic.

The author injected it. The brand cosmetics in the cosmetics area are only Avene, La Roche-Posay, and Vichy (about 95 specifications), and the rest of the non-brand products (including medical equipment, personal care products, etc.), the overall number is small.

The Bofu, Marubei, and elegant body products that were once able to be purchased from the headquarters of Wulin Chain are no longer here. The operating area of cosmetics, product specifications, and sales proportion are the same as the previous Wulin ‘s publicity in the media reports, showingA considerable shrinkage (I estimate that the proportion of its cosmetics sales now does not exceed 1/10).

  Less than half a year before the peak summit in September last year, why did the drugstore experiments in Hangzhou Wulin change so much?

According to people familiar with the matter, just across the street from this store, a large cosmetics consortium is under renovation and will soon open.

The reason why Wulin Pharmacy gradually weakened its cosmetics business is definitely related.

In order to avoid competition risks, the substitution of medicines and high-end fitness products has become the main business category of the store.

  Step 2: Shanghai Fahrenheit Pharmacy Nanfang Mall has made a big achievement in a small area. Take the light rail in Shanghai and get off at Lianhua Road Station, you can reach the Nanfang Mall at an accelerated speed (gradually renamed as Bailian Nanfang Shopping Center).

Fahrenheit Pharmacy is on the first floor of the mall.

  This Fahrenheit pharmacy has a small business area of less than 40 square meters and employs 15 people (including cosmetics promotion commissioners and consultants).

However, you must not underestimate it.

Fahrenheit South Mall is the store with the highest efficiency in the entire Fahrenheit system.

Although there are only 4 brands of cosmetics operating here, including Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Avene, etc., each brand has an average of nearly 100 product specifications. In addition, there are more than ten brands such as non-branded Qingjiao.10% of the total number of stores, but sales accounted for at least 60%.

This store has never publicized its positioning as a drug store, but the author believes that this Fahrenheit store, established in 1999, has formed a unique set of cosmetics management ideas due to its special store-in-store business format and time accumulation.And has achieved good results. The influence of its stable operation on the business circle and customer reputation are also worthy of further research in developing countries.

  Next to Fahrenheit South Mall, there is an omey (Europe and America) drug store competing with it.

This shop is the first franchise store that I officially identified as a pharmacy store and not part of the pharmacy system. It operates a wealth of series of plantesystem, uriage, and Gaolun Yafu (proactive) and other brands.

European and American drugstores have a business area of less than 20 square meters and only one salesperson.

It is understood that European and American drugstores have 20 branches in Shanghai, and the daily turnover of this store next to Fahrenheit South Mall is about 5,000 yuan. At present, it does not pose a major threat to cosmetics operations in Fahrenheit.

  Step 3: Shanghai Fahrenheit Pharmacy Jing’an Temple shop customers do not know how to make medicines. From the entire CIS system (including VI, BI, MI) to locate the drugstore, Hua’s Cosmeceuticals (232 Yuyuan Road, Jing’an Temple, Shanghai)HealthStyle).

From logo design, facade decoration (including color background, facade advertising), to space management in the store, lighting, category identification, floor cleaning, professional services, etc., the impression of Fahrenheit Cosmeceutical is professional and standard.

Taking category identification as an example, Fahrenheit drugstore’s choices are: anti-tumor drugs, cardio-cerebral vascular drugs, etc. in the prescription drug counter area; gastrointestinal drugs (2 rows) in the OTC shelf area, antipyretic and analgesic drugs (3Rows of noodles), respiratory medications (two rows of noodles), tonic drugs (two rows of noodles), and men’s medications, gynecological medications, Chinese medicine anti-inflammatory medications, dermatological medications; facial medicine medications are placed in glass cabinets;Chuanwei medicine is also placed in a vertical cabinet; others include family planning medicine, wound treatment, refined decoction pieces, health food, ginseng decoction pieces, mobility aids, home health equipment, etc.

In the “make-up area”, in addition to the counters of La Roche-Posay, Avene, Phoebe, Simple, Eucerin, Filuze, etc., other category logos also include skin care (Didou, eye pattern elimination, ice king series, etc.), Maternal and infant care (Johnson & Johnson baby series, Liushen series, etc.), beauty skin care, medical skin care, men’s skin care, etc.

  The operating area of Fahrenheit Pharmacy is about 150 square meters, with a total of more than 3,000 products.

The author roughly estimates that the cosmetic product specifications should be more than 1,000, which is in line with 40% of “international practice”.

It is understood that the store averages about 200 transactions per day, but most customers come for medicines, and not many people actually buy cosmetics.

After many discussions with salespersons, the author learned that the current business status of Fahrenheit Cosmeceuticals is not ideal, so the store’s previous positioning was professional drug sales. After the renovation at the end of last year, the doorway was changed to become a drugstore, Jing’an TempleCustomers in the area are not expected to adapt to the change. In addition, the nearby Leiyun Shangyaocheng also adopts large-scale cosmetics operations, grabbing Fahrenheit’s market share.

  Step 4: Shanghai No. 1 Medicine Store “just don’t say it,” quietly transformed Shanghai’s No. 1 Medicine Store on Nanjing East Road last year’s ranking.

500 million US dollars, the single throne in the country’s single store sales is probably no one can shake.

According to some public reports and several years of rumors, the two first pharmaceutical stores have quietly begun their business models and the profit model has changed. Their non-drug and drug ratios have reached the highest level in the country at 8: 2.

  The first-floor lobby of the First Medicine Store, in addition to Beijing Tongrentang’s specialty area of about 80 square meters, has a strong “medicine taste”, and most of them are ginseng and other high-end health products counters, the country’s famous Tonghan Chuntang, Shanghong Pharmaceutical,More than a dozen brands such as idols gathered here.

In addition, it is the world of cosmetics-French L’Oreal (Vichy, La Roche-Posay) covers an area of at least 100 square meters and has a double-sided counter; Avene also has a special counter that covers an area of about 20 square meters;There are many brands such as Yiquan, Ou Cuibi, Eucerin, Yingquan.

If you look closely, you know that this is actually a large-scale drug store with high specifications and high standards of “just say nothing”.   In the main business hall on the second floor of the store, there is also an optional drug makeup area.

The most conspicuous are the four cosmetic shelves with advertising surfaces, such as Zhangguang 101, Rosemiss (Australia) series and so on.

I roughly point out the types of these cosmetics and care products, about 400.

There are an estimated 6,000 OTC drugs in other open shelves.

On the periphery of the open shelf drug makeup area is the medical equipment counter area, China’s import and export cosmetics boutique counter and so on.

  To sum up, we can derive the following basic indicators-The location of the business district determines the success or failure of a drug store as a business format. At present, it is still in the exploratory stage.

For this uncertain and mature industry, what models can be copied and what needs to be further tested are still inconclusive.

  The location of a drug store will directly determine its success or failure.

Site selection has a lot to do with business districts.

In the established or even changing business district, cosmeceuticals should be formulated in accordance with the changes in consumer demand in the business districts, and the performance of the cosmeceutical stores can be supplemented.

  What is the scientific and reasonable ratio of unilaterally training target customers with unrealistic cosmetics and pharmaceuticals or other health products?

How to attract brand cosmetics into the store and jointly promote effective promotion with non-brand cosmetics?

The author believes that this is an urgent problem to be solved in the current drug cosmetics business.

The expression is more straightforward, which means that there are too few cosmetic products in drugstores, and brand cosmetics have used drugstores as their main battlefield (this is different from brand drugs).

In this case, in addition to attracting customers through the established drug advantages, can pharmacies find other ways to attract target customers to enter the store, change their strategies, and test the ability of pharmacy makeup operators tactically.

  The industry generally believes that drugstores should strengthen their professionalism (clinical efficacy of cosmetics, etc.) to highlight the operating advantages of drugstores.

In fact, some foreign cosmetics containing active pharmaceutical ingredients are listed as OTC products, but the current cosmetic management policy has been promoted by cosmetics. Consumers are also very vigilant about the effectiveness of cosmetics’ promotional drugs.The future of drugstores is critical.

If this problem is not solved, drug stores will be at a disadvantage in competition with beauty salons, specialty stores, supermarkets and shopping malls.

To put it another way, it is very difficult for a pharmacy to unilaterally cultivate the target consumer’s consumption concept of cosmeceutical products.

  In the face of higher segmentation (especially competitors in the same business district), it is wise to carry out differentiated competition with weaker tactical adjustments (such as Hangzhou Wulin Store).

However, from a strategic point of view, how to link the various tactical behaviors of the current pharmacy system operating cosmetics with the company’s long-term development strategy is worthy of all participants to discuss together.

  At present, many pharmacies are relying on leasing cosmetics counters or special areas to manage drug cosmetics. In view of this, the author believes that each pharmacy should make some adjustments according to its own situation.

To make a suggestion, if a pharmacy can work with a cosmetics supplier, the leasing fee of the cabinet area will be used as an operating resource of the company to divide the operation plan of the pharmacy and make up a new investment to optimize and improve the marketing costs and consumption of the supply chainSpecial surveys, such as consumer surveys and consumer training programs, are likely to steadily expand the product’s product regulations and sales ratio step by step.

What is the best way to relieve stress

What is the best way to relieve stress

Now, the stress of life and work will make you breathless and the pressure will multiply.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that long-term psychological stress is too great, which can cause great physical harm. When it is severe, it will cause illness.

So, how do we properly relieve stress and get the body healthy?

Take a look at the experts.


Positive mentality often affects mood, and one-sided negative attitude leads to negative mood.

Therefore, don’t always stare at yourself, the deficiencies of others or society, magnify the defects; think positively, learn to be tolerant, don’t always be picky, accuse, and only act without action.


Proper exercise sunlight, fresh air and exercise will increase the secretion of substances that make the body happy, and relax the mood, while reducing the effect of stress.


Sense of humor Learn to speak humorous words, watch humorous films, try to use humorous mentality to resolve conflicts and relieve stress.

Humor is the best way to keep fit.


Taking a deep breath to relieve stress can be said to be the most convenient method of health, suitable for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Basic method: Sit or stand in a relaxed position; inhale slowly through the nose, count 5 times, 1 breath per second, feel fresh air filling the abdominal cavity and chest, bulging belly, open chest; hold your breath, silent number 5Next, feel fresh air injected into the whole body; slowly exhale the old breath in the lungs from the nose or mouth, count 5 times silently; repeat it several times or minutes until you feel calm.


Ensuring adequate sleep and sleep can be full of energy, work and life can be full of vitality, and meet any challenges.

  To relieve stress, you need a good way to protect your mental health.

I often do some psychological counseling to myself and tell myself that there is nothing to withstand, and as long as you can let go, there is nothing remarkable.

Keeping your mood happy is very helpful for your health.

Why do women become more powerful when no one wants them?

Why do women become more powerful when no one wants them?

Girls in the new era have their own personality created by the times, and girls are constantly changing this era. They are beautiful.

It is also right that they embellish this era enough, and girls are so important, then it should be the time to have the sacred feminism.

  I did n’t have a room or a car but I would cook. When I first saw Sally, I felt her beauty and intelligence.

  After graduating from Sichuan University, she came to Shanghai alone.

At first, she was a sales lady, but two years later, she has become the youngest sales manager in that company.

After that, the marketing manager, intermediary manager, and until now as the project director of an investment consulting company, she has been forging ahead very fast.

  Of course, success in career does not mean that she does not understand life. Sally loves traveling, also plays golf, and even plays frisbee. She once had taught Latin dance and won awards.

In the face of such a rich and sensual woman, you will lament the gift of the Creator, which has made her beautiful and intelligent.

However, when I looked through the newspapers and magazines that had interviewed her and asked her a “women’s income and how much assets”
she used to say to a female entrepreneur or a young rich sister, Sally went up immediately, Again and again to deny, “No!

I don’t have a house or a car, but I can cook!

“That nervous look, as if a woman has a house and a car, but does not cook, would be a great sin.

  The stronger a woman is, the more no one wants it, Sally has a group of girlfriends about the same age and similar conditions.

When everyone got together, the most enthusiastic concern was the female lawyer who participated in the “8-minute date” in “Sex City”.

  At first, the female lawyer said to the date, “I am a lawyer”, “I am an important partner of the firm”, “I am .”, and as a result, no one was interested in her.

Later, she had to change her mouth and said, “I, I can do nothing, nothing.

“I didn’t expect the opposite man to immediately become enthusiastic and introduce herself to her.

  ”Is it true that the stronger a woman is, the more no one wants it?

Sally said she didn’t know, and I didn’t know as an editor.

But we all know that many ordinary women are happy to marry and have their own warm home and children, but we are still alone and wandering in this city.

  Borrowing a pair of silk screens made me believe that there are countless women who are as good as Sally in the bustling crowd every day. Under the bright and beautiful appearance, there are heart to heart.

For girls from a foreign country, surviving and “mixing up personal appearances” are especially more stressful. When loneliness comes, in addition to helplessness and confrontation, many expect to be co-pilot and can be overcome.

  Sally told me that every year in the Mid-Autumn Festival, a group of girlfriends encourage each other, “Come on!

Will definitely find a good man!

“But in the second year, he was still alone.

I remembered what another female guest told me, “I have a lot of male friends, but it’s really hard to admit that he is a boyfriend.

“At that time I thought she was demanding, but now I think of it, I’m afraid that I can’t help but linger.

  Love is always lost in the distance of time and space. Of course, a man who likes it will always appear at a certain moment. However, if he meets the right person at an inappropriate time, the result will still be perfect.

Sally’s “he” was the director of a famous French bank. At that time, the company sent him to Paris to work and be promoted. Love and career made him unable to make a choice.

  As if all naive girls willing to sacrifice for love, Sally said to him, “Go ahead, your career is more important.

“Then for three full years, I just kept receiving postcards and small gifts, but never had a chance to meet again.

Then, on a sunny afternoon, he finally called and said, “Let’s break up, I know you’re tired too.

“No quarrel, everyone accepted the reality calmly.

Who said, “If the two feelings are long, how are they going up and down?

“How much love is lost in the distance of time and space.

  In the red dust, we cut and missed. From 27 to 30 years old, Sally seems to have been in love with the air.

Paris sometimes does not always represent romance, but also breaks up and heartbreaks.

“In fact, in the past 3 years, I really missed many people, all of whom were in good condition, but I would rather have a vain love, is it really stupid?

Sally asked me wryly, but I didn’t know how to answer.Sally who can be a director is certainly not stupid, but sometimes, a wedding book still can’t stop the wings of change of heart, let alone a love that is not earth-shattering?

  When I think of some of my girlfriends, I always like to have two boyfriends at the same time. I think it’s safer, at least one way won’t work, and the other is here.

In this age of insecurity, even love needs to be backed up, keep promises, and really only a few girls can do it.

Although Sally is a good girl in charge, she is alone in the city and confused.

“I am responsible for my relationship, but who will be responsible for my future life?

Q: You have had outstanding sales performance. Would you like to know if it is related to your beauty?

  A: I don’t think I’m a beauty, it’s just an affinity.

It’s very important for sales. Affinity, integrity, are very important.

Customers will only recognize your service if they recognize you. It is useless to be beautiful. At that time, it is likely that a building will not be sold, but just receive numerous harassing calls.

  Q: Why do you have no room or car if you have been working in real estate?

  Also do you really cook?

  A: It is because I am doing real estate, but I miss the opportunity to buy, so I am very upset, and now I do n’t want to buy it.

Such as cars, I think boys are more suitable for driving.

I am very good at cooking. Whether it is Sichuan cuisine in my hometown or Chinese style, Western style is inclined, I can make a large table.

  Question: You are so good, do you also want to find a “strength” boyfriend?

A I do n’t know what a “power group” is. After income reaches a certain level, there is no big difference between earning 200,000 and 300,000 a year.

I am pursuing something more spiritual. I hope he loves life as much as I do, and that he knows life.

  306Sally’s ideal lover hopes that he is mature, mature, and able to support me when I am frustrated.

Anyone between the ages of 35-47 can be accepted even with a marriage history. The most important thing is fate.

  I don’t know why, the more excellent a woman is, the less she requires of material conditions, Sally’s requirements for her ideal lover are also more concerned with internal rather than external economic conditions.

But in such a crowded city, would she really meet the one who was open-minded and tolerant in her life?

Practice to resist the attack of Liu Yan

Practice to resist the attack of Liu Yan

The invasion of the six sensations (wind, cold, summer, wetness, dryness, fire) into the human body is an important cause of human illness.

People practise qigong or other people’s qi, and they can expel the six evil spirits from the body.

For example: people who are suffering from the cold will feel coolness from the waist, legs, or shoulders like a small wind during the practice;Hot air will be emitted from the head or upper body, and people with dampness will spontaneously emit sweat or diarrhea to expel moisture during the practice of qigong.

Some of these diseases can be discharged through the qigong process without medicine, which makes the body’s meridians unblocked and gradually restores health.

  The function of qi training increases the righteousness of the human body.

Many people who had a cold and had a shoulder and back pain as soon as they got cold got qi full by practicing qigong, rarely caught a cold, and did not commit shoulder or back pain.

  From this we can see that practicing Qigong can resist or eliminate the attack of the six wicked evil qi.

Can we distinguish between colleagues Wei

Can we distinguish between colleagues Wei

The boss hopes that the relationship between his employees is like a harp. Each employee is a vertical string. There will never be intersections. Some are just beautiful music played together.

He himself is the skilled piano player.

But communication between employees is really not that simple.

In private, their relationship with each other is more like a spider web, seemingly fragile but not able to stand the test. A gust of wind, a finger, and a gecko may break through the fragile web.

Moreover, there may be a “spider essence” in each web.

  The game theory of the office Cox’s 26-year-old interpersonal relationship game is really everywhere, so-called office politics is such a game.

Although I don’t want to spend a lot of time and brainpower on going to work every day or dealing with complicated interpersonal relationships, this kind of thing is often what you don’t like and face.

After I was once out of the company because I was too naive, I chose to take the initiative to go to a new company.

First of all, knowing the composition of the people in this company, the youngest employees are naturally the easiest to mingle with; then ask the old employees with an open mind, and let them treat you as a junior who needs to be carried.It is natural to behave well and be obedient.

There are also factional struggles in the office, and how to deal with them is also very important.

As a new employee, casual intervention is a taboo. Try to maintain an attitude that does not understand the situation and avoid these struggles. However, you cannot keep a cold relationship with both parties. Therefore, how to control this level requires random response.

Of course, the most important thing is how close you are to the superior leaders on both sides of the conflict. Let him know that you are aloof. In this case, no problems will occur and it will not be difficult to argue.

For one thing, there is no need to hate a colleague no matter how bad it is. The so-called defensive heart is indispensable, and the harmful heart must not be.

Once you want to frame someone, you will be involved in the conflict yourself, after all, work is your main purpose.

So this is important.

Many colleagues who usually get along with each other just because of this problem have gradually become people who get caught up in the game.

  It ‘s better to work together than to work in the same room. The relationship between my private business clerks and colleagues seems to me to be very simple. Our company is a young company. From the boss to the most ordinary employees, we are all young.It’s not over 35 years old.

  Young people have no plans, they also have many common languages. Working together, talking and laughing are always very happy.

Especially in our sales department, no one is over 30 years old. Although there are some comparisons and competition among colleagues, but if you manage each client individually, you can do well, and the efficiency of the department will rise; you ca n’t do wellAt that time, the salary budget will fall, and everyone will suffer.

  Therefore, the word “teamwork” is most obvious in the sales department where I work. It can be felt that with such a harmonious interpersonal relationship, everyone in the department wants to integrate into this “relationship circle.”I want to get support in my exchanges with colleagues and hope to be recognized by this “relationship circle”.

Anyway, I think that since working in a team, it is better to help each other than to work together in the same room.

  In addition to the harmonious relationship between colleagues in the office, the company and the department also often organize some activities, some people have dinner together, go to KTV to sing or something.

In these casual occasions, colleagues are more relaxed, and barriers to communication between each other are more eliminated. In those occasions, we can hear real repetitions, sincere praise, and of course, objective evaluations.

  Don’t separate work from friends. Patrick’s 25-year-old job can also make friends, but I don’t think work should be the whole of life. At work, I always want to make friends.

If it is meaningful to focus on work, such a friend is not a friend, but a colleague or a work partner.

However, if you have the sincerity of making friends, in fact, other content will inevitably be interspersed in your work, such as life, feelings, hobbies and so on.

Therefore, I don’t think we should think of the battlefield as soon as we mention the workplace. Even on the battlefield, there are alliances and friends who kill the enemy and have the same daring.

In fact, the most important thing is its own mentality and principles of life. It is actually a very happy thing to treat your colleagues suddenly and forgivingly.

A true friend doesn’t distinguish between subordinates and roles.

For me, a friend is the person you would like to ask his opinion on, no matter what, you would be eager to communicate with him and share their experiences.

Maybe my thoughts are naive, or maybe I am simpler.

  In my current job, I treat each colleague with “honesty”. You will not offend me, and I will never come to offend you.

Of course, for that kind of insidious villain, I will never be softhearted.

Because I despise those who rely on relationships to climb up and only give small reports behind the scenes.

Although I haven’t worked long, I already have many friends and of course enemies.

Public and private are clear, and treat each other with courtesy is my working principle.