Long give the mind a holiday

Long give the mind a holiday

I am a single mother over half a hundred years old. I have an 81-year-old mother and a high school daughter. I have to go to work, do housework, and face everything in my life.

But I don’t have a refractive index and my spirits are weak, and my body is not weak, because I will decompress my own overloaded mind and have a holiday.

  I remember before, because of the busy work all day, housework, human feelings, right and wrong, I often feel that my heart is full of grievances, grievances, and can not tell, nowhere to vent, the psychological impact of the big impact, insomnia, worry, irritability, and evenEmotional instability.

Later, I suffered from a variety of chronic diseases.

At that time, I couldn’t wait to become an eagle at once. Soaring the blue sky away from the world, to be honest, the heart of “being a monk” has been there.

Just when I was extremely depressed and confused, my daughter’s words touched me. She said, “You are happy for one day, and melancholy is one day. Why are you not happy every day?

“Since then, I began to look for a happy and happy “magic bullet”, first to turn over the books of the high beam, then pick up the pens that have been put on hold for many years, and use all of the time for reading and writing, but the good times are not long, and soon I sufferWith cervical spondylosis, I had to interrupt reading and writing.

Later, listening to my friends said that dancing is good for the cervical spine, I tried to learn to dance with a big sister.

Every time in the melodious music, what kind of people care about the world, what life stress is not working, etc., all thrown into the clouds, at that moment, only the beautiful music and cheerful dance steps in the heart, intoxicated, joy, floating feelingNot so happy.

Since this pleasure, troubles and sorrows have quickly been squeezed away, and the body has slowly recovered.

In the past few years, reading has enabled me to extract the essence. Dancing has made me happy and happy. Writing has made me fame and fortune. I have gained the comfort of my heart and harvested my physical health.

  In life, when we are exhausted, especially when we are depressed, we are eager to rest and relax, forget the troubles and unhappiness, and restore energy and strength, but people often feel that there is no time, no place, no properOpportunities can sometimes release themselves in an unscrupulous manner.

In fact, it is not a complicated and difficult thing to look forward to a kind of spiritual comfort and to give your own heart a holiday. If you try your best, anytime, anywhere, even if you have one quarter of an hour, one hour is a great enjoyment.This kind of enjoyment of psychological psychological dredge, to solve happy “knot”, balance pleasure, the mind will be decompressed.

  Friends, in order to be healthy, according to their own characteristics, learn to give their own soul a holiday.

What foods are good for sleep

What foods are good for sleep

Whether you can sleep well at night is very important.

In the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, there was a saying that “an upset stomach causes restlessness.” Clinical nutritionists also pointed out that one of the causes of sleep disorders was eating some “unsuitable” food during dinner.

So, what is good for sleep at night, and certain foods make you sleepless at night?

  First, caffeine: Many people know that caffeine-containing foods can stimulate the nervous system and also have a certain diuretic effect, which is a common cause of insomnia.

  Second, spicy food: In fact, in addition to this, eating spicy food for dinner is also an important reason affecting sleep.

Peppers, garlic, and onions can cause burning and indigestion in the stomach, and robes can affect sleep.

  Third, greasy food: After eating greasy food, it will increase the workload of the intestines, stomach, liver, gall, and plasma, stimulate the nerve center, keep it in working condition, and cause insomnia.

  Fourth, foods with satiety: some foods will produce decomposition gas during digestion, which will cause abdominal distension and hinder normal sleep, such as beans, Chinese cabbage, onions, corn, bananas, etc.

  V. Alcohol: Drinking before bedtime has been considered by many people to promote sleep, but recent research has proven that although it can fall asleep easily and quickly, it keeps the sleep state in the light sleep period and it is difficult to enter the deep sleep period.
Therefore, the drinker even sleeps for a long time and will still feel tired after waking up.

  Some foods have hypnotic effects, and regular consumption can improve sleep.

  Milk has two hypnotic substances.

One is L-tryptophan, which is a raw material that can promote the synthesis of sleep serotonin. Due to the effect of L-tryptophan, often only a glass of milk can be used to make peptides with regulating effects. There are several “opioid peptides”. These substancesIt can be combined with the opioid peptide receptors of the central or peripheral nerves to produce euphoria and help to fall asleep.

  Millet is rich in tryptophan.

Tryptophan can promote brain cells to secrete a serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you sleepy, which temporarily inhibits brain activity, making it easy for people to fall asleep.

  Sunflower seeds contain nutrients such as linoleic acid, various amino acids and vitamins, which can regulate the normal metabolism of human brain cells and improve the function of the nerve center.

  Honey has Buzhong Yiqi, An Wu Zang, and the essence of 100 medicines, and it has obvious effect on correcting insomnia.

  Walnuts can be used to treat symptoms such as neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia, and dreaminess.

Jujube contains protein, sugar, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and iron nutrients.

With spleen and soothing effect.

Thousand styles of salary

Thousand styles of salary

Soon it was the day of payroll at the end of the month.

Regardless of white-collar black-collar workers, large capital and small capital, money is loved.

A piece of paper was touched by countless people, not to mention throw it away, but also to buy a valuable bag for supply.

There is also a difference in money, that is, the state of people before receiving wages.

  Dog jumps on the wall: three days before payroll, he constantly sniffs out of the glass door of the finance department’s office. On the day of payroll, he walks anxiously between the office and the bathroom.

Thousands of thousands, etc., finally got the salary in the first order, without a glance, rushing home, utilities, rent, telephone charges, credit arrears at the door shop, one by one.

  Wagging pile of laughter: With a smile on his face, “Pay today, so fast!

“” It’s my turn to get paid, thank you, thank you!

“” Sign here, thank you, thank you!

“” No need to count, will you be wrong, thank you!

“The pay finance lady at the time was as divine as his boss in his eyes.

Seeing others checking their wages: “Why do you take money so seriously?

It is a fractional error between a few dollars at most, I never calculate it.

“Find the right time to turn around and walk into the bathroom, close the door, sit on the toilet, and quickly open the salary bag and count it again.

  Shy style: bow your head, shyly come in to receive your salary, sign your name, put your salary in your shoulder bag, and go out with a slight tilt on your head.

Sit in your seat and quickly flip out of the magazine to find the latest two cosmetic names.

After leaving work, I went to the store and separated the two love items directly into the bag. Under the praise and intimidation of the clerk, she walked out of the store with a bag of products.

After shopping in Women’s Street, I walked around the fruit market, carrying a bag on my body, a bag on both hands, a bag hanging around my neck, and two hair clips biting my teeth, and finally returned home.

I ate two fruits, put on a mask all over my body, and started counting money on the sofa.

Eat another fruit, recalculate, and still overlay the blur.

In the end, I decided to use QQ for more than half an hour at work, and let the damn boss compensate for the apples that have been eaten and the perfumes that have not been bought yet.

  Be alert to the analytical type: carefully look at the names on the payroll, sign one by one, and toss in the finance department for half an hour, receiving the salary in the urging of the crowd to stop.

Return calmly and calmly to your place, check the list, and verify one by one with the pay slip.

However, there is a law: when you think that wages will go wrong, they tend to go wrong.

There is no company in the world whose salary and financial department calculation results will be consistent with personal calculation results.

In the end, it will be sniffed out by alert employees without exception.

Then he rushed back to the Finance Department and asked angrily: “Recalculate.

a small movement that makes you thin all over the body

a small movement that makes you thin all over the body


“Cobra” Action Exercise: Exercise the shoulders, abdomen, legs and hips. The left leg is a single leg and shin, the knees are relaxed, and each hand holds a dumbbell.

The center of gravity of the body leans forward, the back is straight, the vertical is vertical to the ground, and the fist is facing the body.

The arms are open and the left leg is raised.

Hold this position for two seconds, reset the arm and left leg, repeat 5 times.

Change the right leg and repeat the movement 5 times.


One-legged “sickle” vertical exercise: exercise the shoulder and the left leg of the left leg, shorten the relaxation, and the right leg is slightly displaced backwards, thus bearing the weight of the body part, the fist heart inward.

Lift up to the shoulder height, then lower it and repeat the movement 5 times.

Change legs and repeat 5 times.


Biceps flexion and extension exercises: exercise the biceps, the legs and hips are separated from the waist and the hands are negatively reset to the body parts, and the fists are inward.

The body squats, bends the arm to the shoulder height, and turns the wrist to tilt the fist forward.

Keep your knees and repeat your flexing arms.

The complete action is repeated 10 times.


Brake triceps contraction exercise: exercise triceps and abdomen supine, hands weight, left leg knees, knees raised to the cheekbones, right leg straight, legs off the ground a few inches.

Lift the right arm, straighten, fist to the left; bend the left arm, fist to the ear, elbows up.

After the action is completed, change the other side of the arm and leg exercises.

The complete action is repeated 10 times.


Bent under the biceps exercise: exercise the biceps, hands and hips with weights, fists inward, feet apart and hip width.

Step back at the right leg, lift the heel, and squat down, keep this position unchanged.

Elbow, the arm is close to the big arm, and the elbow is kept on both sides of the body.

The arm is reset.

The overall movement was repeated 5 times.

Change legs and repeat 5 times.


Reverse push-up practice: exercise the triceps and the abdomen on the back, the knees are 90 degrees, and the upper bone is parallel to the ground.

The weight of both hands is straight and the fist is facing the feet.

Flex your elbows and turn your wrists so that the fists are opposite, and the fists are to the ears.

Two, legs are reset.

The complete action is repeated 10 times.


“Caterpillar” action exercises: exercise the triceps, shoulders, buttocks and hip bones lying down, hands on both sides of the body, holding dumbbells, fists to the ground.

Exhale, while lifting the head, arms and legs off the ground about 8 cm, the shoulders are clamped.

Helps stay in a normal state (don’t sag or rise).

  Restore all parts of the body to their original position.
The complete action is repeated 10 times.

Why do little babies have bad breath?

Why do little babies have bad breath?

Looking at the cute baby, everyone couldn’t help but hold up the little face and kiss him.

The baby laughed and had a small mouth . but frowned. Why did the small mouth emit such a bad smell?

Did you eat something unclean?

Is your baby sick?

  Causes of stinky odor The milky odor is not dry. Dairy food is the main food, or the baby who loves meat but not food, because the food is protein, so the ammonia gas, toluidine and amines produced by the injection channel increase. It is also particularly easy.Bad breath, this is what people often call “milk odor.”

However, this is not bad breath in the strict sense.

  Indigestion When your baby eats too many snacks, eats indiscriminately, overeating, or eats unclean food, it increases the digestive burden, hurts the spleen and stomach, and causes digestive disorders and digestive disorders and indigestion.Children will show symptoms of anorexia, bad breath, and constipation.

  Mouth ulcers Mouth ulcers are more common in the baby’s oral mucosa and the edges of the tongue. They are often white ulcers with redness around them. It will be very painful when they are touched, especially when eating acidic, salty, and spicy food.Babies with oral ulcers are more prone to halitosis and are often accompanied by blood salivation.

The cause of oral ulcer is complicated, not necessarily because of getting angry, and it may be related to the baby’s partial eclipse.

  Inflammatory caries or gingivitis occurs: gingivitis or food that is embedded in the cavities and interdental spaces is fermented and spoiled, resulting in odor or odor.

  Respiratory diseases: such as bronchitis, pneumonia, lung abscess, bronchiectasis, etc. will affect the function of the digestive system, leading to dysfunction and dyspepsia, or the disease itself may cause exhaled air to carry a rotting odor.

  Rhinopathic diseases: such as rhinitis, sinusitis, babies put foreign matter into the nasal cavity when they play, or sinusitis can cause oral odor; even some otitis babies will have bad breath.

  Does the habitual mother clean her baby’s mouth every day?

Without establishing a good habit of cleaning or brushing your teeth for your baby, the small mouth will of course emit an unclean smell.

When there is milk or accumulated food residues in the mouth, wash them in a timely manner, or ferment and spoil the food embedded in the interdental spaces and cavities. The indole, sulfhydryl and amines will emit a strange smell or odor.
  Saliva reduces water and saliva lubricates the mucous membranes in the mouth, removes microorganisms, and maintains the environment inside the mouth.

If the baby does not pay attention to replenishing water, the water and saliva in the mouth will decrease, the mouth will dry, the bacteria will break down and release the metabolites, and the small mouth will emit an odor.

  The fragrant plan drinks plenty of water to urge and train your baby to drink more cold water to keep the mouth moist and the environment clean and reduce the incidence of oral diseases.

In this way, children can “spit out fragrance” and stay away from disease.

It is best for the mother to ensure that the baby drinks at least 5 glasses of water a day.

  Utensils should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. If it is a breast milk replacement, mothers should pay more attention to the hygiene of the nipples, reduce the infection of pathogenic bacteria, and prevent the occurrence of diseases in the body and the oral cavity.

  Take a little medicine. When it is found that the baby has bad breath, the mother is best to take him to the hospital for an examination to rule out the possibility of the baby to correct indigestion, dental caries, nasal cavity, oral cavity, periodontitis and other diseases, and then carry out targeted treatment andDrug conditioning.

When the baby heals acutely, the bad breath will disappear on its own.

During treatment, be sure to use medication under the guidance of a doctor.

  Oral hygiene Brushing your teeth is the most effective way to keep your mouth clean, prevent oral diseases, and stay away from bad breath.

For infants under 1 year of age, after breastfeeding or every night, the mother should clean the baby’s mouth with gauze dipped in warm water, or rinse with warm water after breastfeeding; babies over 1 year of age may wish to drink warm water or use light water every night.Saline mouthwash, you can also try to brush your teeth with a toothbrush; babies over 2 years old can learn to brush their own teeth, but in order to ensure effective brushing, it must be done with the help of mothers.

At this stage, it is the mother’s first priority to cultivate his good habit of brushing his teeth sooner or later!

  Do not allow your baby to eat unclean food before going to bed, especially do not eat sweet and greasy things before going to bed.

Let your baby eat more fruits and vegetables, increase fiber, vitamins, can promote peristalsis in the body, reduce stool, which is also conducive to implantation and oral diseases, and prevent baby bad breath