Anxiety and tension are determined by genetic factors

Anxiety and tension are determined by genetic factors

In modern psychiatry, anxiety and overcoming are two distinct concepts.

However, there is ample evidence that they are two different manifestations of the same disorder.

Some experts say this appears to speed up the development of drugs to treat both diseases.

  Surveys have long shown that 60% -70% of hypertensive patients need to worry at the same time, while half of anxiety patients suffer from it at the same time.

  There is evidence that both diseases are genetically related.

Experts from the National Institute of Mental Health have found that patients with severe anxiety and depression have significantly reduced a neurotransmitter receptor (5-HT1A) associated with serotonin activation in their bodies.

Other studies have found that patients with anxiety and depression have overactive stress response systems.

Injury triggers stress hormone secretions and reduces the expression of 5-HT1A receptors by genes.

  David is director of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders Research at Boston University.

“These could be two sides of the same coin.

“,” They are the same genetically; they overlap in neurobiology.

Some people who are easily attacked by stressful stimuli will show concern, and more severely, they will become distorted.

In terms of growth and development, concerns precede confrontation.

Fears generally begin in late childhood and adolescence, and relief begins a few years later, around the age of 25.


Jacques found the common shortcomings of the two disorders: “The common basis of worry and prevention is the perception process of overestimating risk and underestimating an individual’s ability to deal with risk.

Kenneth, a motion geneticist.

Kendler offers a new approach to psychiatry.

He found that a small group of dangerous genetic factors can cause “internal disorders”, such as: worry and obesity, which makes patients extremely painful.

Other genetic factors make expression “specifically dysregulated,” such as substance abuse and non-social behavior, making it difficult for surrounding cells to grow.

The nutritional value of cabbage

The nutritional value of cabbage

Cabbage is also known as cabbage. There are many ways to substitute vegetables for cooking, and various nutrients can be used.

It is an indispensable subject at our table.

So, specifically how much nutritional value does cabbage have, and how to buy it?

Today, let ‘s teach you a few tricks.

  Cabbage’s nutritional value Cabbage has a high water content (about 90%) and a low content. However, the conversion of most cabbage silk salads is 5 times higher than that of pure cabbage. Because salads often contain oily seasonings, I want to control my dietPeople who want to lose weight are better to make salads with low-purity spices.

  Cabbage is very rich in potassium and folic acid, and folic acid has a good preventive effect on megaloblastic anemia and deformity. Therefore, pregnant women and patients with anemia can eat more cabbage.

  The nutritional value of cabbage is almost the same as that of Chinese cabbage, and the content of vitamin C is about twice as high.

In addition, cabbage is prone to folic acid, which is an advantage of cabbage vegetables.

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, β-carotene, etc., and the total vitamin content is 3 times more than that of tomato.

  Selective vitamin U.

Cabbage high-vitamin vitamin U has a good therapeutic effect on gastric ulcer and can accelerate wound healing. It is an effective food for patients with gastric ulcer.

  Next, let’s introduce the tips for buying cabbage.

  The way to buy cabbage is to look at the appearance first. Cabbage is smooth with no insect eyes and no scars.

  Basically, the cabbage with a bright green color is relatively fresh, and this cabbage has better nutrition.

  Looking at the root again, if it is light green or white, it means that the cabbage is very fresh. If you find that the root has started to shrink and produce moisture, it means that it has taken a long time. It is not recommended to buy.

  Finally, give it a try. Under normal circumstances, cabbage of the same size has a heavier weight, and when it is pinched correctly, if it feels that the cabbage cannot be pinched, it is very hard, indicating that this cabbage is very fresh.

  Don’t forget the above tips when choosing cabbage.

What is the high blood fat to eat, so that you can eat more than 12 kinds of home cooking.

What is the high blood fat to eat, so that you can eat more than 12 kinds of home cooking.

Nowadays, due to the good living conditions, the table is full of big fish and meat.

Therefore, there are more and more “three high” people.

So how do you lower blood fat?

What to eat blood fat?

Let’s take a look at it.

What to eat blood fat, Huanren Huanren can reduce blood lipids and blood sugar, promote metabolism, diuretic effect, effectively improve edema, and the amount of coix seed is relatively low, not too fat to eat.

Moreover, Coix seed is rich in crude fiber, which can improve constipation and remove toxins from the body.

2, squid squid is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce blood triglyceride levels, and can increase high-density lipoprotein plasma, enhance blood vessel elasticity.

Among freshwater fish, squid is a highly recommended lipid-lowering food.

3, garlic, garlic and other foods have always been the best food for cancer prevention, but in addition to this effect, garlic contains volatile savory, can remove the aunts accumulated in the blood vessels, has a significant role in lowering cholesterol.

4, cauliflower with low trace content, high fiber content, is very suitable for high blood lipids.

In addition, it also contains a variety of micronutrients, which have a strong effect on fighting cancer.

It should be noted that the vitamins rich in cauliflower are synthetic, so in order to avoid the loss of nutrients, the best cooking method is: avoid using a knife to change the hand to tear; avoid repeated stewing, but stir-fry, or steamed.

5, carrots and carrots are rich in a large amount of biological potassium, potassium into the blood, can emulsify the fat in the blood, while effectively dissolving the “anti-hardened plaque” deposited on the blood vessel wall, so that these body wastes are excreted.

Reduce blood fat, reduce blood viscosity, purify the blood, “clean” blood vessels, increase blood vessel elasticity, and improve the effect of microcirculation.

6, oats contain a very rich linoleic acid, accounting for 35% -52% of all unsaturated fatty acids; vitamin E content is also very rich, and oatmeal contains saponin.

They all have the effect of lowering plasma cholesterol levels.

7, pea beans are cheap, safe and effective lipid-lowering food, as long as you eat half a bowl of beans at noon every day, you can reduce the “bad cholesterol” concentration by 20% within 8 weeks.

Bean foods contain a variety of cholesterol-lowering active ingredients, the most important of which are soluble and insoluble fiber in beans.

8, mung bean sprouts mung bean itself is a good cholesterol-lowering food, and in its germination process, vitamin C can reach as much as six or seven times the original content of mung bean.

A large amount of vitamin C can promote cholesterol excretion and prevent its deposition on the inner wall of the artery.

Precipitated fiber of mung bean sprouts can help remove body waste, and can also be combined with plasma in food to convert it into bile acid replacement, thereby lowering cholesterol levels.

9, other kinds of vegetables with high trace fat content in edamame, but most of them are mainly unsaturated fatty acids, such as essential linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which can improve micro-metabolism and help reduce the body.Cholesterol triesters and plasma edamame contain compounds that scavenge fat on the walls of blood vessels, thereby lowering blood lipids and lowering blood cholesterol.

10, eggplant contains a variety of vitamins, especially purple egg contains a lot of vitamin P, can enhance cell adhesion and improve microvascular elasticity.

Medical research shows that eggplant can lower cholesterol, prevent vascular damage caused by hyperlipidemia, and can help treat complications such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

11, bitter gourd bitter gourd cool bitter taste, contains a lot of bitter gourd saponin, can stimulate the release of release, has a very obvious hypoglycemic effect, bitter gourd vitamin B1, vitamin C and a variety of minerals are rich in content, can regulate blood lipids,The role of improving the body’s immunity, and the “plant insulin” is also known.

12, celery Chinese medicine believes that celery is cool.

Celery is rich in vitamins and minerals. Celery contains a lot of crude fiber, which can enhance the melting and creeping. It has a good laxative effect and can help eliminate the excess aunt.

Existing studies abroad have confirmed that people who regularly eat celery have a significant decrease in plasma levels and can significantly lower blood pressure.

Antihypertensive can also depend on eating and drinking-soup

Antihypertensive can also depend on eating and drinking-soup

Chinese people always come with a bowl of soup to eat. It is also a good enjoyment to eat a full bowl and drink a bowl of soup. So is it better to drink a nutritious soup that can condition the body?

The answer is yes. The following antihypertensive soups have good effects. I hope everyone can cascade.

  红枣芹菜根汤  [原料]红枣、芹菜根各50克。  [Method]Peel the red dates, add 500 ml of celery root, and fry to 300 ml.

Eat dates and drink soup 1-2 times.

  [Efficacy]It is suitable for hypertension, elevated serum hypertension and coronary heart disease.

  枣菊汤  [原料]红枣50克,菊花30克。  [Methods]Jujube and chrysanthemums are fried twice in water, 300 ml of water each time, fried for 20 minutes, mixed twice, and juice is taken.

When tea.

  [Efficacy]Suitable for high blood pressure and high serum hypertension.

  香蕉玉米须汤  [原料]玉米须、西瓜皮各30克,香蕉3只。  [Method]Add 500ml of water to the corn peel, fry the watermelon peel for half an hour, remove the dregs and leave the juice. Then peel the bananas and put them in pieces, and continue to fry until the bananas are cooked.

Eat bananas in 2 portions and drink soup.

  [Efficacy]Suitable for essential hypertension.

  蘑菇汤  [原料]磨菇300克。  [Method]Add 1500 ml of water to the mushrooms and simmer for 2 hours on low heat.

Take 2-3 times.

  [Efficacy]It is suitable for hypertension, hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

  海带决明饮  [原料]海带100克,决明子50克。  [Methods]Wash the kelp and cut into small pieces. Wash the cassia seeds. Use 400 ml of water and cook for half an hour.

Eat kelp in 1-2 times and drink soup.

  [Efficacy]It is suitable for high blood pressure, dizziness, tinnitus, red head, irritability, and bitter mouth.

  海带菠菜汤  [原料]海带50克,菠菜200克,精盐、味精、麻油各适量。  [Methods]Wash and shred seaweed, add 300 ml of water, cook for 15 minutes, and then put the spinach washed and cut into sections. Cook for 10 minutes, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil.

Eat dishes while hot and drink soup 1-2 times.

  [Efficacy]It is suitable for hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

  紫菜决明饮  [原料]紫菜50克,决明子20克。  [Practice]Wash and chop the seaweed, wash and drain the cassia seeds, and fry them twice, each time with 500 ml of water, fry for half an hour, remove the residue and take the juice.

Take 2-3 times.
  [Efficacy]It is suitable for high blood pressure, dizziness and bloating, and is easily excited.

Introduce 6 kinds of baby food supplements and making methods

Introduce 6 kinds of baby food supplements and making methods

First, you can use a juicer to drink juice, preferably the one that is squeezed manually.

You can also cut apple carrots into small pieces and boil them in a small pot.

  (1) Vegetable water or fruit juice: Wash and chop fresh vegetables or fruits, boil the water first, then put the chopped vegetables or fruits into the pot, cover and cookAfter 5 minutes, cool a little, filter out the water and serve.

  (2) Tomato juice and orange juice: Wash the tomatoes with tomato juice, blanch them with boiling water, wrap the tomatoes with sterile gauze, and squeeze the juice with sterilized spoon.

For the orange juice, wash the skin of the orange, cut it into two halves, rotate each half on the sterilized squeezer for several minutes, wait for the juice to flow into the tank, and filter it with sterilized gauze.

  Second, egg yolks: Wash the eggs, cook them in a cold water pot, cook them a bit older, remove the shells, peel off the protein, press the egg yolks into a mud, and use boiling water to make a paste.

  3. Vegetable puree and fruit puree: Vegetable puree is washed and chopped green leaves of spinach or spinach, add a small amount of salt, steam it in a steamer, remove and mash it, remove vegetable tendons, and stir into a puree with a spoon.

Carrot puree is made in the same way as vegetable puree. Fruit puree is washed apples or bananas. Apples are cut in half. Peel one side of the banana and scrape it with a spoon to feed it.

  Fourth, rotten porridge: about 30 grams of rice, soak for 1 hour after washing, add water 3?
4 bowls, put in low heat and cook for 1?

After 5 hours, cook into a paste and serve.

  V. Steamed egg custard: Stir the eggs evenly, add an appropriate amount of water, add a small amount of salt, and steam them in the pot for eating.

  6. Ravioli powder: Ravioli powder, one spoonful, one spoonful of sugar, mix thoroughly with cold water up and down, and then use boiling water to mix and mix to form a paste.

Pay attention to 10 details

Pay attention to 10 details

As the old saying goes, “one point of cultivation, one point of harvest” is also applicable to skin care and beauty.

There are no ugly women, only lazy women.

Seizing ten beauty details, women who are not born with beauty can also transform into beauty.


Sun protection is the essence of skin care. Many girls spare no effort in makeup and maintenance. Their enthusiasm for pursuing beauty and the effort they put on often make me a beauty editor. But when I exchange skin care experiences with them,I found that many girls still have breakthroughs in maintenance, which is sun protection!

The evil of beauty is ultraviolet light!

As beautiful as you and me, since you usually work so hard to maintain it, don’t lose yourself in this small step of sun protection.

  Beauty Tips: Use sunscreen products as the last step of daytime maintenance. Using sunscreen-based sunscreen is the most convenient way. Remember to choose a product that has both SPF / PA index, which can really block UVB and UVA.


Give your skin more water If you can only choose two skin care products, I will definitely choose sunscreen and moisturizer without thinking.

Moisturizing the skin is a skin care work that I think must be performed in addition to sun protection.

Almost all skin moisture is deficient with the skin itself.

Therefore, replenishing the skin with sufficient moisture is the basic norm for maintaining healthy and plump skin.

  Beauty tips: When the seasons change, the skin is prone to dryness and discomfort. Therefore, to improve the moisturizing treatment, you can use a moisturizing mask at a proper time or add a moisturizing essence to basic maintenance.

Having enough water every day is also the best way to replenish water from the body.


Don’t go to bed with mascara!

  Although I have to remove my makeup before going to bed every night, it should be the standard of skin care that every girl knows, but I often read some foreign magazines ‘interviews with Hollywood actresses or supermodels and found that they are most often askedAs far as personal care is concerned, ten out of ten mentions “removing mascara before going to bed”.

Sisters, makeup removal is really very basic, and important beauty samples, no matter how tired you work overtime, how late you are, you must not be lazy!

Also, it is not necessary to kiss the pillow without removing mascara, or to remove the makeup on the entire face before going to bed.

  Beauty Tips: If you are really too lazy to spend time, or are really tired, you ca n’t remove the makeup of your eyes, lips and face step by step.Face makeup wipe-type makeup remover is also a good choice!


I regularly listen to many girls for skin health checks. When asked about the nature of their skin, they always respond like this: “Yes.
I do n’t know, yeah, maybe it ‘s combination skin!

“Or,” I should be sensitive skin! ”

】 In fact, you should thoroughly understand the condition of your skin before observing your skin, and observe skin changes at any time.

  Beauty Tips: Many cosmetics counters provide sophisticated skin detectors. You can learn more about your skin condition by detecting these skins.





  A girl is not a high-end beauty. The criteria for judging are not just the skin quality, or whether the makeup skills are so simple.

The criteria we observe include: Are there any turtle shell flowers on the heels of sandals?

Are the nails on the hands and feet clean and tidy?

Do you expose indecent body hair when wearing a tank top?

Many girls who dress well in time, but wear clothes in these small places, can take into account even small details comprehensively, can be regarded as true “high-end beauty”!

  Beauty Tips: Heel maintenance requires patience, at least once a week: steps of foot bath → exfoliation → lotion maintenance. When you go to bed every night, wipe your feet with moisturizing lotion and put on cotton socks to sleep.

With hand and foot manicure, you can carry a bottle of fingernail oil with you and massage around your nails when you have time.

  6.The most important reason for being the best makeup artist of modern girls is to make yourself better and happier.

Make-up is the same thing. Dressing beautifully every day is the easiest way to create a happy mood and the only way to increase confidence.

When you see a girl with perfect eyebrow shape and natural complexion, in addition to admiring and admiring, don’t forget the beauty presented in front of you, in fact, it has also been cultivated!

With more practice, every girl can become a master of makeup!

  Beauty Tips: If you are a kindergarten student in a makeup class, ask a friend in a higher class who has a habit of makeup.


Quit the bad problem of oil absorption. I do n’t know why. Some girls like oil absorption very much.

  Skin oil is a natural regulation mechanism. Of course, moderate oil absorption is a way to maintain a fresh and clean appearance. However, excessive oil absorption will be counterproductive and make skin oil more oily.

  Beauty Tips: If your skin oiling problem is very serious, you should consider adding oil control products in basic maintenance, and too dry skin will also cause excessive secretion of oil, so the moisturizing should also be strengthened.

In addition, there is a place called Lady’s room, where you can dig your nostrils, make-up, tooth extraction, etc. Any ugly expression is OK, now many women’s rooms are beautifully furnished, with large mirrors, soft sofas, So to get oil, lipstick, makeup, please come here!


Stop squeezing acne, acne. I want potholes of rosacea, pigmented black acne scars, which should be a long-lasting pain in the hearts of many girls!

These consequences of squeezing acne or acne can leave a long mark on our skin.

However, most of the time, we still can’t help itching against acne and acne.

  Beauty Tip: The best way to deal with acne and acne is to live in peace with it.

In addition to the basic cleaning work, you must use a deep cleansing mask or some products to help acne and anti-inflammatory. Do not act as a dermatologist to excessively remove acne or squeeze acne.

These improper squeezing actions that damage the skin and the marks left on the body will definitely last you longer than the red and acne deposits!


Don’t be a horrible woman with excessive makeup. How insistent are you on makeup?

Every time you put on makeup, you must use lipstick, and your eyeliner is everything?

  Moderate makeup makes women beautiful, inappropriate or excessive make-up, but turns women into horrible women!

Remember, the true meaning of makeup is to set off your beauty, not to create a fake mask for you!

  Beauty secrets: The so-called moderate make-up, I think it should include making the skin look shiny and natural, the eyebrows are refreshing and not messy, the eyes are bright and vivid, and the lips and toes are beautiful!

So you have everything in your makeup bag: base makeup products, eyebrow pencil (or eyebrow trimmer), mascara, lipstick and blusher, let you create a beautiful face.


Do n’t let perfume become olfactory pollution. The biggest principle of using perfume is “according to the occasion”. In places with small spaces such as offices and conference rooms, it is appropriate to use perfume lightly. After all, you are not going to a party. Imagine if you are aroundThe fragrance that you don’t like is drifting all the time. It may drive you crazy all day!

In addition, the perfume used when attending the dinner party should not be heavy, because everyone comes to taste the wine and food, not to smell your perfume.

  Beauty tips: In addition to choosing different shades of perfume according to the occasion, pay attention to the way of spraying perfume.

Provide a way to make the perfume more or less. When you are fully dressed, spray the perfume into the air, and then expose yourself to the perfume mist to have a natural and charming perfume coat.

Women may practice women’s qigong

Women may practice women’s qigong

Core Tip: Women’s Qigong is a set of exercises based on the contemporary women’s physiological characteristics, living environment, growth and development at various stages, the causes of various diseases and how to cause the mechanism.

  Women’s Qigong has the effects of channeling the meridians, which can effectively prevent gynecological diseases.

Female friends may wish to practice women’s qigong.

  Women may practice practicing female qigong. Female qigong can be divided into two methods: static and dynamic. The dynamics can be divided into five sets: qigong for children, qigong for young women, qigong for young women, qigong for middle-aged women, and qigong for elderly women.
This method of movement, combination of static and power, long-term practice, can not only prevent and treat diseases, but also receive the effects of health, increased wisdom, eugenics and beautification of the family’s social life, and it can also be used for women’s bodybuilding and beautyInitially works well.

  Women’s exercises have a lot in common with men’s exercises, but because of the physical characteristics of men and women, different living environments and mental states, the exercises they practice are also different.

Without the characteristics of lesbians, it is impossible to get the due effect.

For example, most men ‘s exercises begin with refined qi, while women begin with blood qi. Men ‘s exercises begin with Xia Dantian, while women ‘s exercises begin with a sacrifice in the middle of the breasts.

  Women’s internal organs and limbs are basically the same as those of men and women. Many diseases and implantation methods suffered by women have many things in common with men.

Therefore, the basic techniques of Chinese women’s qigong are also applicable to men. If they can practice for a long time, they can also have a good effect on men’s human health and prevent diseases.

However, Chinese women ‘s qigong has its own personality. Each action and ideation of this method is based on the unique reproductive functions of lesbians, the unique living environment and the unique way of thinking and the onset of diseasesof.

For example, lesbian reproductive system health care, monthly menstrual health care, pregnancy health care, postpartum health care, sexual life health care, and the resulting diseases, such as irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, breast hyperplasia, dysmenorrhea, Uterine prolapse, headache, dizziness, back and leg pain, foot root pain and so on have obvious effects.

If you practice this method for a long time, it will also have a good effect on some difficult consequences.

  Women’s qigong can also promote the production of other viscera qi, and has the effect of clearing the meridians, adjusting yin and yang, and relieving evil spirits. It has effects on women’s infertility, high and low blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, neurasthenia, chronic nephritis, menopause syndrome, etc.All have very good results.

Seven bad things about not eating breakfast

Seven bad things about not eating breakfast

Have a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a small dinner.

This sentence is said abroad: eat breakfast like a king, Chinese food like a gentleman, dinner like a poor man.

Nutritionists recommend that breakfast should account for about 30% of total heat energy throughout the day, lunch for about 40%, and dinner for about 30%.

In the proportion of breakfast energy sources, the energy provided by carbohydrates should account for 55% -65% of the total energy, adults should account for 20% -30%, and protein accounts for 11% -15%.

Nutritionists have confirmed that breakfast is the main source of nutrition for a day, and it is the least likely to be transformed into a meal of the day.

Among them, the ratio of breakfast, lunch and dinner is preferably 3: 21: 1. If you do n’t have enough breakfast every day, you will only eat more lunch, not to mention not eating breakfast!

So what if you don’t eat breakfast?

1. Without breakfast, it affects the health and longevity of the human body. It is dominated by the circadian body clock. Without breakfast, it disrupts the normal operation of the circadian clock. The nutrition required by the body cannot be replenished in time.The effects of various diseases brought on the body are affecting people’s health and longevity.

2. Don’t eat breakfast makes you unresponsive. Breakfast is the source of energy for brain activity. If you don’t eat breakfast, your body can’t supply enough blood sugar for consumption, you will feel tired, lazy, fatigued, unable to concentrate, lose energy, and respond slowly.

3. Don’t eat breakfast. Chronic diseases may “up” the body and skip breakfast, and start the day’s work to revive the intestines. In order to gain momentum, the body will use glands such as thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary gland to burn tissues, exceptIn addition to causing glandular hyperplasia, it can also cause acidity and chronic disease.

4. Do not eat breakfast. The stomach and intestines may have to “rebel” and do not eat breakfast. They do not eat until noon. Gastric cancer is always in the state, which will cause excessive secretion of gastric acid, so it is easy to cause gastritis and gastric ulcer.

5, constipation without breakfast “out of the cage” At the time of three meals, the human body will naturally produce gastrocolonic reflex phenomenon, simply to promote defecation; if breakfast is not a habit, it may cause gastrocolonic reflex disorders in the long term, soconstipation.

6, skipping breakfast is more likely to be obese Some people think that skipping breakfast can reduce conversion intake and reduce weight.

In fact, the nutrition is actually low. The protein and protein are consumed first, and the aunt is consumed last, so do n’t think that skipping breakfast will help to consume slightly.

Conversely, skipping breakfast will make you eat more for lunch and dinner, but will become fatter instead of slim.

7. Absence of breakfast will cause hypoglycemia. After a night’s sleep, the body ‘s nutrients are exhausted, and the blood glucose concentration is low. If you do n’t eat or eat breakfast, you ca n’t replenish the concentration in time, and you will feel dizzy and panicky in the morning., Limb weakness, lack of energy and other symptoms, and even hypoglycemia shock, affecting normal work.

Nutritional needs and dietary arrangements for preschool children

Nutritional needs and dietary arrangements for preschool children

(A) nutritional needs

Thermal energy, protein pre-school children are growing and developing, the average activity capacity and activity volume increase, thermal energy consumption increases, and their requirements are still relatively high in adults.

The amount of heat supply is 6 for male and female children at 4 years old.

1MJ (1450kcal) and 5.

9MJ (1400kcal), increased to 7 at the age of 6.

1MJ (1700kcal) and 6.

7MJ (1600kcal).

Similar to young children, individual differences in thermal energy needs should be noted.

It is necessary to prevent inadequate thermal energy replenishment and prevent excessive disease from occurring.

Preschool children develop muscle quickly, and then add internal organs to grow, and mature enzymes and hormones, all require a large amount of protein.

45-558 protein should be supplied daily.


The supplementation of minerals, vitamins, and calcium and vitamin D can be enough to affect preschool children’s bone growth and increase callus hardness, and it is related to the health of permanent teeth.

At this stage, although the deciduous teeth of the child have been formed, and permanent teeth will begin to grow around the age of 6, but the calcification process begins before teething, so the nutritional status of calcium and vitamin D is very important.

The current calcium supplement is 800mg, which has been consistent with the requirements of adults.

In terms of iron and zinc nutrition, it is mainly to pay attention to choose high content, absorb and use good food to supply.

Children’s vitamin A and riboflavin are often easily implanted due to food relationships, and should be noted.

  (2) Dietary arrangements The digestive and absorption functions of preschool children have not yet fully developed, and their nutrient requirements are relatively high for adults. Therefore, if they eat exactly the same food as adults, they can cause insufficient absorption of thermal nutrients.

In addition, children are prone to excitement, inattention and inadvertent interference at this stage, which leads to insufficient food intake; but sometimes, due to the large and small amount of activity, their food intake will often change accordingly, so it is not necessary to worry about it.

At this stage, children’s ability to imitate increases, and they are susceptible to the eating habits of their parents.

According to the survey, the current growth rate structure of preschool children in the city usually has excessive quality and refinement, and there are some unreasonable conditions, such as more aunts, less sugars, more animal protein, less plant protein, more fruits, and less vegetables.

Therefore, a balanced budget cannot be obtained. Generally, the intake of calcium, vitamins A and B is low.

The extension should ensure that children have sufficient outdoor activities to promote appetite and supplement necessary nutrients. At the same time, attention should be paid to adjustments and improvements in the supplement composition and processing methods.


Among all kinds of foods, vegetables are generally the most disliked by children, but they are rich in minerals, vitamins and alternative fibers, which cannot be replaced by fruits.

A daily supply of 200-250 grams of vegetables should be guaranteed, of which 1/2 are green vegetables.

Pay attention to the cooking and processing of vegetables to make them full of color, aroma, and taste to promote appetite, without having too thick and hard fibers, and easy to chew.


The daily intake should be supplemented daily with a certain amount of high-quality protein foods such as milk, meat, eggs, beans, etc., about 300-500g.

Pure sugar foods should not be eaten more. This is often an important reason for children’s appetite loss, and it also easily causes dental caries. Avoid fried, greasy, and irritating foods.


This is the stage when life-long eating habits begin to form, so food should be little by little, encourage and guide to eat a variety of different foods, and cultivate good eating habits that are not picky or partial.

Pay attention to the timing of your diet, and one snack in addition to three meals.

In addition, children’s cleaning and hygiene habits must be cultivated. Parasitic diseases are also one of the causes of malnutrition.

N questions about moisturizing spray


N questions about moisturizing spray

In the cold winter, the most troublesome problem for MM is the dryness of the skin, so it is a serious problem to do a good job of moisturizing the face.

Now, take a look at the daily moisturizing spray questions and product recommendations, maybe these can meet your needs.

  Q1. Will I use makeup spray after makeup?

  A1, no makeup.

The purpose of using moisturizing spray after makeup is to set makeup and increase skin moisturization.

However, when extracting the moisturizing spray, the small and dense type of water droplets should be supplemented. If the large droplets are sprayed, it will be counterproductive and cause makeup removal.

  Q2, will it be effective if I use a moisturizing spray after I have applied it?

Will it clog pores?

  A2, in addition to hydrating and moisturizing the skin anytime, anywhere, it can also adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, soothe skin pressure, resist allergies, and increase the skin’s natural protective function, so it will not cause pores.

  Q3. Do I need to dry the spray just after spraying?

  A3, it depends on what type of spray you are spraying.

If it is a normal moisturizing spray, you don’t need to rub it. Tap it to help it absorb.

If you use a hot spring water spray, you need to use a paper towel to dry it after about 20 seconds, otherwise it will take away the moisture of the dead body and make the skin drier.

Because hot spring water is generally hypotonic, it cannot be completely absorbed by the skin, and the residual water on the skin will accelerate the skin’s water loss.

  Q4, in the order of moisturizing spray, toner and lotion after cleansing in the morning and evening?

  A4, after cleansing in the morning and at night, the normal skin care procedure should be: toner, then lotion, if the winter is particularly dry, you can apply a layer of moisturizer after the lotion.

According to the moisture spray is not a morning and evening skin care procedure, generally we use the moisture spray during the day, for example, staying in the office air-conditioning room for a long time, feeling the skin is very dry, spray the spray to alleviate your lack of water.