Tiansheng Pharmaceutical’s restricted stocks explode on the eve of the ban, institutional investors’ earnings or discounts

Tiansheng Pharmaceutical’s restricted stocks explode on the eve of the ban, institutional investors’ earnings or discounts

Every time reporter Wu Zhibang edited Chen Junjie for more than two months, four senior executives of Tiansheng Pharmaceutical (002872, SZ) were unable to perform their duties one after another, which made many organizations secretly sweat.

  Public information shows that Tiansheng Pharmaceutical was listed on May 19 last year. Before listing, it had 15 external shareholders, most of which were equity investment institutions, and the corresponding shares will be lifted on May 21 this year.

However, on the eve of the lifting of the embargo period, Tiansheng Pharmaceutical broke out the personnel black swan and subsequently suspended its trading.

Judging from the current situation, the chairman and general manager of Tiansheng Pharmaceutical have been detained by the relevant departments to assist in the investigation. The two deputy general managers have been criminalized. The above measures may affect the earnings of these institutional investors.

  The prospectus shows that in order to accelerate the company’s development and improve the corporate governance structure by dating external shareholders, the shareholders’ meeting of Tiansheng Pharmaceutical on August 16, 2010 passed a capital increase resolution, and decided to invest in Liding Wealth, Liding Kate, Shanghai BinzhouAs Heguang grew, 5 natural persons from Zhongshan Duomei and 3 natural persons from Lu Zhiyun, Zou Xiang, and Li Suzhen issued additional 1840.

800,000 shares, minimum 6.

88 yuan.

  In June 2012, Tiansheng 北京夜网 Pharmaceutical once again implemented value-added, and newly introduced Suzhou Beta, Detong Ventures, Detong Yinke, Liding Mingyang, Heguangyuan 5 institutional investors, former shareholders Liu Qun, Yudian State-owned Assets, ZhongshanTome also subscribed for the additional shares at the same price, with a minimum price of 8.

5 yuan; On August 21, 2014, Tiansheng Pharmaceutical issued another issue, newly introduced Huayuan Xingsheng, Renhe Ankang, Kunming Longxing, Shengshi Chengjin, Taihao Yusheng 5 institutional investors and Lei Chunfeng, SoaringTwo natural persons, former shareholders Liu Qun, Yudian State-owned Assets, and Detong Venture also participated in the subscription at the same price, which was about 10 yuan.

  Judging from the subscription prices of these institutions, if the financial cost is not included, the cost is more than 6 yuan?
10 yuan, compared with the suspension of trading of Tiansheng Pharmaceutical.

05 yuan, the above-mentioned institutional investors’ floating profit is 3 times to 4.

5x interval.

However, if the company suffers a potential setback due to executive problems later, these institutional investors’ earnings may also be discounted.