Winter Skin Care Soup Gives Skin Care Extra Points_1

Winter Skin Care Soup Gives Extra Skin Care

This winter, meeting two or three friends to go to the hot spring has become very popular.

Everyone uses their leisure time to take a trip to the hot springs, which can relieve stress and purify physiology.

The most important thing is that after soaking in the hot spring, everyone will become ruddy and have smooth skin.

No wonder many people call hot springs “beauty soup”. Hot springs can indeed help women become more beautiful.

If you can seize the hot spring time for skin care, the beauty score will increase even more.

  The perfect place for beauty treatments in hot springs. No matter in our neighbourhood or in a distant country, beauty people like to enjoy the care of hot springs.

They will make good use of the power of heat and steam, and let the hot springs help improve skin care and make skin more effective.

  Japanese hot springs must be fully skin-care when bathing in Japan. Japan’s hot springs are too famous. Even the Taiwanese beauty Lin Zhiling and Da S have made a special trip to Japan’s hot springs. They are really the first choice for beauty.

  The Japanese pay attention to “three baths a day”: before dinner, before bed, and once every morning in the morning, so the hot spring naturally becomes the best place for skin care.

Japanese women are convinced that hot springs help their targeted skin care become more effective.

  In Japan, soaking in hot springs is a way to connect feelings with friends and an important moment for women’s skin care.

At the hot spring pool, beautiful Japanese women will do a full set of skin care: cleansing, exfoliating, applying facial masks, doing massages, and body detail care . almost moved their bathroom to the hot spring pool.

  Turkish brides soak in Turkey for a full day before they get married-in our hearts is a country associated with hot springs and baths, and Turkish beauty is always so mysterious, holy and beautiful.

  Traditional Turkish women usually cover their face with turbans and wear robes. Only in the hot spring bath, they will take care of their body skin carefully while taking the best time for cleaning and skin care.

  It is said that many family affairs in Turkey are set in the bath, and the hot spring bath is an important place for future mother-in-law to choose daughter-in-law.

Before marrying, the bride and his wife would spend a whole day in the hot spring and do everything from head to toe. Every detail would be ignored so as to become the most beautiful bride.

  Korean hot spring beauty services are full of eyebrows, Korean women are beautiful for two reasons: the first is to soak in the hot springs, and the second is to use makeup and cosmetic surgery.

  The biggest feature of Korean hot springs is the humanized service, and this feature is precisely because Korean beauty is very aware of the beauty effect when soaking in hot springs.

Towels, cosmetics, hair dryer, flow rate, weight machine, back rubbing machine, etc. are provided free of charge in the powder room of the hot spring bathroom, which is very thoughtful and considerate.

  Korean hot spring services for women are even more diverse: bathing, doing beauty, meridian massage, foot massage, plucking hair, manicure, applying wormwood, etc., it seems that Korean beauty really depends on the beauty of the hot springs.