Yoga can improve the strength of cancer patients

Yoga can improve the strength of cancer patients

Many people think that cancer patients undergo surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, which cause major injuries and should be less active and rested.

In fact, this will only make the patient weaker and weaker.

Medical experts point out that yoga can improve physical fitness, gentle aerobic exercises such as walking, Tai Chi, etc.

  Although exercise can not tolerate the treatment of cancer, it can reduce the fatigue and discomfort caused by chemotherapy, improve the immune function, and make patients feel cheerful. Therefore, they can do what they can to extend the time and frequency of exercise in a gradual manner to improve their physical fitness.

  Research from the National Cancer Institute has shown that yoga can boost the immunity of cancer patients.

The American Academy of Sports Medicine recommends practicing yoga for 20 to 60 minutes at least 3 days a week to improve the patient’s physical strength.

You can start from 3 minutes each time, increase the number of times, and gradually change the rest time of each time.

  Medical experts said that cancer patients do not exercise at all, not only poor physical strength, but also reduce tolerance to treatment. The concept of more rest in the past has actually greatly reduced the quality of life of cancer patients.