Parent-child magic changes

Parent-child magic changes

Today the old man prepared at home: roll a conical paper roll and put it on the thumb, this is the “little old man”.

If he was painted with a goatee, he would be even more playful!

When this “little old man” caught the eye of the child, the magic game began.

   Play like this: 1, “The old man is at home today”-“Little old man” on the thumb.

   2. “Tomorrow the old man will not be at home”-a hand called “old man” will make a circle under the contralateral limb socket, and the “old man” will disappear (in fact, in the palm of his hand!)

3) “The day after tomorrow the old man is back.

-This hand made another round under the contralateral limb socket, and the “old man” returned to his thumb.

   God guessing preparation: a deck of Bourke cards, first divide it into A and B according to the red and black colors, and then get it in front of your audience to show your “God guessing” ability!

   Play like this: 1, “Do you believe it?

I don’t need to look at the cards you choose, I can guess.

Now you draw a card from this card (Group A) and see what you remember.

Then put it in this bun (Group B) and insert it anywhere.

“2,” Now, let’s shuffle the cards.

“You wash the B 沓 card twice in front of the child, and then ask the child to wash the B 沓 card twice, and then give it to your hands.

   3. “Let me think,” you open the B 沓 card (the back of the card is facing the child), “Is this this?

“You can easily find the special card chosen by your child-A 沓, the color is different!

   4. “How about, would you like to try again?

“Absolutely tried!

Banana self-determination preparation: Select a banana, use a sterilized steel needle before the show, and pierce the banana pinch at the part where the banana is divided into 3 sections. Shake the steel pin left and right to simplify the slice of the banana pinch.There are marks on the skin, so you don’t need to do it yourself when performing. Just peel the banana peel and the banana cricket will be broken into 3 segments.

   Play like this: “I have a banana here, with skins. I want to invite three of you to eat.

“Give the three toothpicks to the child and ask him to help everyone.

“Slow down. Today we can’t use a knife to divide bananas.

“2,” It’s not easy to divide, I’ll help you divide.

“Please raise the banana by your child’s hand. You waved twice on the banana and shouted,” Break!

“3,” Now, who will peel the banana?

“People (preferably adults) are asked to peel the banana. Everyone will find that the banana has been ordered to be broken into three segments. Please enjoy it.

   Rubber band move preparation: This is a pure magic trick.

The props can be sourced locally, rubber bands, and head ropes, as long as a small elastic loop.

But need to practice a few times beforehand.

   Play like this: 1. You can borrow a rubber band or head rope from the audience, or you can prepare one in advance.

   2. Put it on the little finger and ring finger of the left hand, and pull the rubber band back and forth to prove that the rubber band is intact and elastic.

   3. Say to the audience: “In order to let everyone remember that the rubber band is indeed set on the little finger and ring finger, I locked it here.

He said with five fingers in his fist. “Look, it’s sealed on all sides, it can’t run.”

“-At this time, the left hand must have the back of the hand facing the audience, the right hand pulls the rubber band into the arms, and when fisting with the left hand, take the opportunity to insert all four fingers into the rubber band, which is the key to the success of this magic!

   4. The right hand grabs something from the air that no one can see and throws it at the left fist and says, “Sprinkle some magic powder, change!

“5, spread out five fingers,” Hey, rubber bands have moved! ”

“In fact, the elastic resistance of the rubber band will naturally jump to the index and middle fingers.