Using mung beans can prevent tumors

Using mung beans can prevent tumors

A certain sentence of Chinese medicine, “100 sources of constipation.”

If the stool is blocked, the large intestine is blocked and the lungs are blocked. If the lungs are blocked, the body is prone to bruising.

The lungs are gold, and the water is golden.

Water is squeezed upwards by pressure. If kidney qi is insufficient, water cannot come up.

The lungs are water officials. If the water does not grow up, the lungs will be easy to heat; the lungs will be easy to stagnate, and it will be easy to grow tumors.

In addition, excessive anxiety, constipation, love to eat fried food, preserved food or barbecue, etc., eventually turn the tumor into cancer.

TCM expert Wang Yangfu believes that this is the cause of cancer.

More than a thousand years ago, the chronic and famous “medicine king” Sun Simiao had treated a classic patient with lung cancer.

The treatment plan is to take 3 catties of mung bean per day with licorice, supper is mainly eggplant, and eat some white radish before going to bed.

In addition, with the pricking therapy, where is the blood?

That is the first and second toes of the left and right feet.

Blood was bleed once a day for the first ten days, and every two days for the next twenty days.

The second month was changed to bloodletting every three days.

Three months later, the patient recovered, and Sun Sizhen concluded afterwards;

Why can mung beans cure tumors?

“Kaibao Materia Medica” stated that “cooking, swelling and qi, pressure heat detoxification.

“Diet Materia Medica” Yunqi “replenishes vitality, reconciles the five internal organs, calms the mind, walks the twelve meridians, removes wind, moisturizes the skin, and should be eaten regularly.

Mung bean has a good detoxification effect. Drinking mung bean soup in summer is better than all drinks.

Nature lives, grows, collects, and hides, and so does the human body.

For example, in the spring, when the body’s yang is resuscitated, we must adapt to the law to allow the yang to germinate and grow smoothly.

Therefore, to be healthy, grains and grains are common; the body often detoxifies and drinks more mung bean porridge; it does not grow tumors and stay away from cancer.