Can we distinguish between colleagues Wei

Can we distinguish between colleagues Wei

The boss hopes that the relationship between his employees is like a harp. Each employee is a vertical string. There will never be intersections. Some are just beautiful music played together.

He himself is the skilled piano player.

But communication between employees is really not that simple.

In private, their relationship with each other is more like a spider web, seemingly fragile but not able to stand the test. A gust of wind, a finger, and a gecko may break through the fragile web.

Moreover, there may be a “spider essence” in each web.

  The game theory of the office Cox’s 26-year-old interpersonal relationship game is really everywhere, so-called office politics is such a game.

Although I don’t want to spend a lot of time and brainpower on going to work every day or dealing with complicated interpersonal relationships, this kind of thing is often what you don’t like and face.

After I was once out of the company because I was too naive, I chose to take the initiative to go to a new company.

First of all, knowing the composition of the people in this company, the youngest employees are naturally the easiest to mingle with; then ask the old employees with an open mind, and let them treat you as a junior who needs to be carried.It is natural to behave well and be obedient.

There are also factional struggles in the office, and how to deal with them is also very important.

As a new employee, casual intervention is a taboo. Try to maintain an attitude that does not understand the situation and avoid these struggles. However, you cannot keep a cold relationship with both parties. Therefore, how to control this level requires random response.

Of course, the most important thing is how close you are to the superior leaders on both sides of the conflict. Let him know that you are aloof. In this case, no problems will occur and it will not be difficult to argue.

For one thing, there is no need to hate a colleague no matter how bad it is. The so-called defensive heart is indispensable, and the harmful heart must not be.

Once you want to frame someone, you will be involved in the conflict yourself, after all, work is your main purpose.

So this is important.

Many colleagues who usually get along with each other just because of this problem have gradually become people who get caught up in the game.

  It ‘s better to work together than to work in the same room. The relationship between my private business clerks and colleagues seems to me to be very simple. Our company is a young company. From the boss to the most ordinary employees, we are all young.It’s not over 35 years old.

  Young people have no plans, they also have many common languages. Working together, talking and laughing are always very happy.

Especially in our sales department, no one is over 30 years old. Although there are some comparisons and competition among colleagues, but if you manage each client individually, you can do well, and the efficiency of the department will rise; you ca n’t do wellAt that time, the salary budget will fall, and everyone will suffer.

  Therefore, the word “teamwork” is most obvious in the sales department where I work. It can be felt that with such a harmonious interpersonal relationship, everyone in the department wants to integrate into this “relationship circle.”I want to get support in my exchanges with colleagues and hope to be recognized by this “relationship circle”.

Anyway, I think that since working in a team, it is better to help each other than to work together in the same room.

  In addition to the harmonious relationship between colleagues in the office, the company and the department also often organize some activities, some people have dinner together, go to KTV to sing or something.

In these casual occasions, colleagues are more relaxed, and barriers to communication between each other are more eliminated. In those occasions, we can hear real repetitions, sincere praise, and of course, objective evaluations.

  Don’t separate work from friends. Patrick’s 25-year-old job can also make friends, but I don’t think work should be the whole of life. At work, I always want to make friends.

If it is meaningful to focus on work, such a friend is not a friend, but a colleague or a work partner.

However, if you have the sincerity of making friends, in fact, other content will inevitably be interspersed in your work, such as life, feelings, hobbies and so on.

Therefore, I don’t think we should think of the battlefield as soon as we mention the workplace. Even on the battlefield, there are alliances and friends who kill the enemy and have the same daring.

In fact, the most important thing is its own mentality and principles of life. It is actually a very happy thing to treat your colleagues suddenly and forgivingly.

A true friend doesn’t distinguish between subordinates and roles.

For me, a friend is the person you would like to ask his opinion on, no matter what, you would be eager to communicate with him and share their experiences.

Maybe my thoughts are naive, or maybe I am simpler.

  In my current job, I treat each colleague with “honesty”. You will not offend me, and I will never come to offend you.

Of course, for that kind of insidious villain, I will never be softhearted.

Because I despise those who rely on relationships to climb up and only give small reports behind the scenes.

Although I haven’t worked long, I already have many friends and of course enemies.

Public and private are clear, and treat each other with courtesy is my working principle.