What is the best way to relieve stress

What is the best way to relieve stress

Now, the stress of life and work will make you breathless and the pressure will multiply.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that long-term psychological stress is too great, which can cause great physical harm. When it is severe, it will cause illness.

So, how do we properly relieve stress and get the body healthy?

Take a look at the experts.


Positive mentality often affects mood, and one-sided negative attitude leads to negative mood.

Therefore, don’t always stare at yourself, the deficiencies of others or society, magnify the defects; think positively, learn to be tolerant, don’t always be picky, accuse, and only act without action.


Proper exercise sunlight, fresh air and exercise will increase the secretion of substances that make the body happy, and relax the mood, while reducing the effect of stress.


Sense of humor Learn to speak humorous words, watch humorous films, try to use humorous mentality to resolve conflicts and relieve stress.

Humor is the best way to keep fit.


Taking a deep breath to relieve stress can be said to be the most convenient method of health, suitable for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Basic method: Sit or stand in a relaxed position; inhale slowly through the nose, count 5 times, 1 breath per second, feel fresh air filling the abdominal cavity and chest, bulging belly, open chest; hold your breath, silent number 5Next, feel fresh air injected into the whole body; slowly exhale the old breath in the lungs from the nose or mouth, count 5 times silently; repeat it several times or minutes until you feel calm.


Ensuring adequate sleep and sleep can be full of energy, work and life can be full of vitality, and meet any challenges.

  To relieve stress, you need a good way to protect your mental health.

I often do some psychological counseling to myself and tell myself that there is nothing to withstand, and as long as you can let go, there is nothing remarkable.

Keeping your mood happy is very helpful for your health.