How is the body odor caused by body odor?

How is the body odor caused by body odor?

1. The patient’s psychological tension, secretion of sweat glands in the nose, axilla, groin and other parts, accelerated decomposition of staphylococcus, easily lead to aggravated odor, so the patient maintains a good mentality, maintains emotional stability, and can reduce unpleasant odors.

  2, pay attention to detoxification in the body can also reduce the bad smell of underarm odor.

Kelp, mung beans, mushrooms, papaya, apples and tea can all help detox.

Vegetables contain many kinds of cellulose and many kinds of water, which are very helpful for bacteria in the body.

Drinking more water will allow more metabolites to be excreted from the urethra, which can also reduce the discharge of bacteria through the sweat glands.

  3, bathing more frequently, changing clothes frequently is a little trick to remove underarm odor.

Thoroughly wash the underarm with soap, wipe it off, and insert antiperspirant immediately under the arm to remove the underarm odor.

  4. Avoid eating a lot of meat or high-fat and greasy foods. These foods are prone to produce protein and fat decomposition products, and when they are bacteria, they produce unpleasant smell.

Like garlic, onions have an unpleasant smell, and patients should eat less.

  People eat foods with oil content, some of the oil will go with the blood, and the oil glands connected with sweat glands will replace the body.

If the body has too much oil, it will cause bacteria to break down and form body odor. Therefore, eat less greasy food.

  Red meat is pork, beef and mutton, and contains protein.

But bacteria like proteins best, giving them nourishment because of infection.

Therefore, people with a body odor should reduce the amount of food they eat, and eat more white meat, that is, poultry and fish. It is best to take two meals a day, and 3-4 meats per meal is enough.