Why do women become more powerful when no one wants them?

Why do women become more powerful when no one wants them?

Girls in the new era have their own personality created by the times, and girls are constantly changing this era. They are beautiful.

It is also right that they embellish this era enough, and girls are so important, then it should be the time to have the sacred feminism.

  I did n’t have a room or a car but I would cook. When I first saw Sally, I felt her beauty and intelligence.

  After graduating from Sichuan University, she came to Shanghai alone.

At first, she was a sales lady, but two years later, she has become the youngest sales manager in that company.

After that, the marketing manager, intermediary manager, and until now as the project director of an investment consulting company, she has been forging ahead very fast.

  Of course, success in career does not mean that she does not understand life. Sally loves traveling, also plays golf, and even plays frisbee. She once had taught Latin dance and won awards.

In the face of such a rich and sensual woman, you will lament the gift of the Creator, which has made her beautiful and intelligent.

However, when I looked through the newspapers and magazines that had interviewed her and asked her a “women’s income and how much assets”
she used to say to a female entrepreneur or a young rich sister, Sally went up immediately, Again and again to deny, “No!

I don’t have a house or a car, but I can cook!

“That nervous look, as if a woman has a house and a car, but does not cook, would be a great sin.

  The stronger a woman is, the more no one wants it, Sally has a group of girlfriends about the same age and similar conditions.

When everyone got together, the most enthusiastic concern was the female lawyer who participated in the “8-minute date” in “Sex City”.

  At first, the female lawyer said to the date, “I am a lawyer”, “I am an important partner of the firm”, “I am .”, and as a result, no one was interested in her.

Later, she had to change her mouth and said, “I, I can do nothing, nothing.

“I didn’t expect the opposite man to immediately become enthusiastic and introduce herself to her.

  ”Is it true that the stronger a woman is, the more no one wants it?

Sally said she didn’t know, and I didn’t know as an editor.

But we all know that many ordinary women are happy to marry and have their own warm home and children, but we are still alone and wandering in this city.

  Borrowing a pair of silk screens made me believe that there are countless women who are as good as Sally in the bustling crowd every day. Under the bright and beautiful appearance, there are heart to heart.

For girls from a foreign country, surviving and “mixing up personal appearances” are especially more stressful. When loneliness comes, in addition to helplessness and confrontation, many expect to be co-pilot and can be overcome.

  Sally told me that every year in the Mid-Autumn Festival, a group of girlfriends encourage each other, “Come on!

Will definitely find a good man!

“But in the second year, he was still alone.

I remembered what another female guest told me, “I have a lot of male friends, but it’s really hard to admit that he is a boyfriend.

“At that time I thought she was demanding, but now I think of it, I’m afraid that I can’t help but linger.

  Love is always lost in the distance of time and space. Of course, a man who likes it will always appear at a certain moment. However, if he meets the right person at an inappropriate time, the result will still be perfect.

Sally’s “he” was the director of a famous French bank. At that time, the company sent him to Paris to work and be promoted. Love and career made him unable to make a choice.

  As if all naive girls willing to sacrifice for love, Sally said to him, “Go ahead, your career is more important.

“Then for three full years, I just kept receiving postcards and small gifts, but never had a chance to meet again.

Then, on a sunny afternoon, he finally called and said, “Let’s break up, I know you’re tired too.

“No quarrel, everyone accepted the reality calmly.

Who said, “If the two feelings are long, how are they going up and down?

“How much love is lost in the distance of time and space.

  In the red dust, we cut and missed. From 27 to 30 years old, Sally seems to have been in love with the air.

Paris sometimes does not always represent romance, but also breaks up and heartbreaks.

“In fact, in the past 3 years, I really missed many people, all of whom were in good condition, but I would rather have a vain love, is it really stupid?

Sally asked me wryly, but I didn’t know how to answer.Sally who can be a director is certainly not stupid, but sometimes, a wedding book still can’t stop the wings of change of heart, let alone a love that is not earth-shattering?

  When I think of some of my girlfriends, I always like to have two boyfriends at the same time. I think it’s safer, at least one way won’t work, and the other is here.

In this age of insecurity, even love needs to be backed up, keep promises, and really only a few girls can do it.

Although Sally is a good girl in charge, she is alone in the city and confused.

“I am responsible for my relationship, but who will be responsible for my future life?

Q: You have had outstanding sales performance. Would you like to know if it is related to your beauty?

  A: I don’t think I’m a beauty, it’s just an affinity.

It’s very important for sales. Affinity, integrity, are very important.

Customers will only recognize your service if they recognize you. It is useless to be beautiful. At that time, it is likely that a building will not be sold, but just receive numerous harassing calls.

  Q: Why do you have no room or car if you have been working in real estate?

  Also do you really cook?

  A: It is because I am doing real estate, but I miss the opportunity to buy, so I am very upset, and now I do n’t want to buy it.

Such as cars, I think boys are more suitable for driving.

I am very good at cooking. Whether it is Sichuan cuisine in my hometown or Chinese style, Western style is inclined, I can make a large table.

  Question: You are so good, do you also want to find a “strength” boyfriend?

A I do n’t know what a “power group” is. After income reaches a certain level, there is no big difference between earning 200,000 and 300,000 a year.

I am pursuing something more spiritual. I hope he loves life as much as I do, and that he knows life.

  306Sally’s ideal lover hopes that he is mature, mature, and able to support me when I am frustrated.

Anyone between the ages of 35-47 can be accepted even with a marriage history. The most important thing is fate.

  I don’t know why, the more excellent a woman is, the less she requires of material conditions, Sally’s requirements for her ideal lover are also more concerned with internal rather than external economic conditions.

But in such a crowded city, would she really meet the one who was open-minded and tolerant in her life?