Press 揉 陵 陵泉 to help the legs to swollen

Press 揉 陵 陵泉 to help the legs to swollen

Everyone is born Chinese medicine, every life is full of medicines; acupuncture points can be very interesting, health can be very cheap – called “Chinese medicine”, many people will have some inherent concepts, like white-haired old people,The expression is serious and deep, but Li Zhi is not like this. She is fashionable, sunny and full of energy.

Her unique diagnosis and treatment method also makes people feel that Chinese medicine is not so mysterious. It is around us. Many small details in life use the knowledge of Chinese medicine acupoints. The meridian points are the “small medicine box”.

  Yangchi-When you are on the phone, you also have wristbands in Chinese medicine. Many acupuncture points are opposite each other and match each other.

Yangchi and Daling are such a pair of points, all on the wrist, protecting the wrist joints one after the other.

  The joint is the most active part of the body and the most prone to wear, especially the wrist.

You can massage these two points when you call: use a stethoscope to hold the microphone, stand up, and stimulate the acupuncture points of the other hand with one hand, which avoids the disadvantages of sedentary and protects the wrist.

  Acupuncture points: Yangchi and Daling are on the back and inner side of the wrist, which is the midpoint of the wristback.

  Too white – tired to help the feet to solve a lot of elderly people will find foot pain after walking for a while, take off their shoes and pinch their feet when they go home.

In fact, this time stimulates the white hole in front of the foot, the effect will be better.

  The best way to stimulate this hole is not to massage with your hands, not to take off your shoes and socks, to stand your feet, and to step on the heel of the other foot.

This is because, besides the better strength of the feet, it is the principle of balancing the body.

The body grows very symmetrical, the left and right feet, the left and right hands are two-two opposite, just like the two sides of the balance.

During massage, consciously use the body’s alternative to massage the other side, which can better adjust the balance of the body.

  Acupuncture points: Place one foot on the other leg and you will see an elliptical arc in the center of the foot. This is the arch.

The starting point of this arc is the location of the Taibai point.

  Yinling Spring – help the swelling of the legs. Many middle-aged and old people will find their calves swollen after doing a housework.

This is the swelling caused by the long legs in the same position, the blood can not go straight.

At this time, you should use the “small leg swelling point” – Yinling Spring.

  Stimulate 3 at this acupoint every day?
5 minutes, let the blood flow smoothly.

In addition, try not to maintain the same posture for a long time, which is conducive to the blood circulation of the whole body and avoid the stiffness of the body.

  The acupuncture point is a little bit: the radial direction is upward, and it will touch an aligned bone. Under the bone and under the position, it will touch a concave place. Here is the location of Yinlingquan.

  In the middle of the committee – relieve lumbar back pain in the elderly, lumbar disc herniation, waist and leg pain, numbness, including back fasciitis, etc., can be pressed according to the points.

The wet hot water of the bladder is gathered here, and the turbidity can be distinguished by pressing this point.

In addition, patients with frozen shoulder can also try to use the right finger from the back to try to the tip of the left finger, and then vice versa.

By doing this, the action similar to sputum is very effective in relieving pain.

  The acupuncture point is a little pass: the patient should adopt the acupoint posture of the prone position. The middle point of the sacral point is located at the midpoint of the transverse striate, the middle of the biceps tendon and the semitendinosus tendon, that is, the center of the inner side.

  The curved bone-eliminating prostatitis has the greatest correlation between the curved bone cavity and the bladder urinary system.

However, any diseases related to it, such as Tongli urinating, conditioning menstruation, etc., can find Qugu points, which is an important point for the treatment of underlying diseases.

  Massage the bones every day for 50 to 100 times, which can relieve the pressure of the prostate and solve the problem of urinary urination and other urination.

  Acupuncture points: In the small abdomen, pushing the navel from top to bottom, you will touch an arched bone. This bone is the pubic bone. The position at the midpoint of this arched edge is the curved bone.

  Neiguan – Improve heart function Heartache, heart palpitations, chest pain is a common disease in middle-aged and elderly people.

There is such a point, often massage can become a role in protecting the heart – Neiguan point, can calm the nerves, qi and pain, can also treat motion sickness, seasickness, etc., the pregnancy response to nausea and vomiting in the first 3 months of pregnancywell.

  Align the wrist up and down or use the coin side wheel to scroll and press 揉 for half an hour every day.

  Acupuncture points: The Neiguan acupoints are very easy to find. There are two horizontal fingers on the wrist transverse stripes. We use a little bit of strength. There are two big ribs. Between the two big ribs is the Neiguan point.Feeling of swelling.