Peanut oil brings healthy life to middle-aged and elderly people

Peanut oil brings healthy life to middle-aged and elderly people

American nutrition experts have found that peanuts and peanut oil contain a biologically active natural polyphenolic substance, resveratrol.

Its content is 908 times the grape content, reaching 27.

7 micrograms / gram.

It is a natural chemopreventive agent for tumor diseases and a chemopreventive agent for reducing particle aggregation, preventing and treating atherosclerotic heart and cerebrovascular diseases.

It has antioxidant and blood-lowering properties that help lower blood levels in people and improve cardiovascular health.

It is a potential anti-aging natural compound that can effectively extend the lifespan of fruit flies and yeast.

Resveratrol is listed as one of the “100 most popular and effective anti-aging substances” in the Anti-Aging Code, edited and published by American scholar Al Mind in 1998.

  Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton summed up peanut products through the latest clinical trials. Peanut oil can play an effective role in lowering blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

  In the trial of Dr. penny Kris-Etherton, they conducted clinical trials on peanuts and their products at the University’s Center for Metabolic Research.

The results prove that peanuts, peanut oil and peanut butter can play an important role in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The study used a randomized, double-blind, 5-stage crossover design to observe the effects of five different expectations on blood lipids and lipoproteins.

  The five types of income are: the first is the average expenditure of the current US residents, that is, the high mortality rate, high saturated fatty acid content; the second type contains low impurities, low saturated fatty acid expenditure; the third is olive oil precipitation, that is,被证明的一种健康膳食;第四种是花生油膳食;第五种是‘花生+花生酱’膳食。The experimental results show that the mixture with the first high-concentration additive, olive oil, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts and peanut butter significantly reduces total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol in the blood, and has no effect on beneficial cholesterol.

The second low-fat metabolism, although it also reduced total plasma and harmful plasma, significantly increased the amount of blood lipids, and beneficial plasma also decreased.

The comprehensive evaluation of this trial concluded that the probability of eating olive oil instead of cardiovascular disease was reduced by 25%, and peanut oil and peanut products were reduced by 21%.

This result shows that peanut oil content, peanut + peanut butter is estimated to have an effective effect in preventing cardiovascular disease, like olive oil.

  In California, nutrition experts conducted a seven-day study of 27,000 volunteers, and the researchers looked at the effects of 65 foods on coronary heart disease.

Among all the foods studied, nuts were thought to have a significant effect on reducing the onset of diabetes, and the researchers found that 32% of the nuts consumed were peanuts.

The results of the experiment showed that eating nuts more than 5 times a week can reduce their risk of heart disease by more than 50%, and can reduce their risk by 27% by 1-4 times a week.

The Harvard Center for Public Health Research conducted a study of 850,000 women aged 34-59 on eating habits and health for nearly 20 years. The results showed that people who regularly eat peanuts and nuts had a low prevalence.

The proportion of women who consumed peanut oil and nuts more than 5 times a week and women who seldom or hardly eat nut peanuts reduced the incidence by about 1/3.

  Professor Peter Howe, Director of the Society of Microbiology and Biomedical Sciences, University of Adelaide, USA, through the study of Christian health