Choose acne method according to growth site


Choose acne method according to growth site

I found an acne on my forehead in the morning. I didn’t think about it, just rubbed it with an acne product.

After finally getting rid of this acne, it was found that two more emerged from the chin.

In fact, the place where acne grows is different, the reason for its formation is different, and the natural acne treatment methods are also different.


hzh {display: none; }  1.Causes of forehead acne: high pressure, bad temper, causing heart fire and blood circulation problems.

  Improve: Go to bed early and get up early, drink plenty of water.


Causes of acne between the eyebrows: chest tightness, arrhythmia, and palpitations.

  Improvement: Don’t do too much exercise, avoid smoke, alcohol, and spicy food.


Causes of acne on the nose: stomach fire is too strong, and the digestive system is abnormal.

  Improvement: Eat less cold food.


Causes of nasal acne: related to the reproductive system.

  Improvement: Don’t over-indulge or abstinence, and get more fresh air outdoors.


The cause of acne on the right cheek: pulmonary dysfunction.

  Improvement: Pay attention to maintaining the respiratory tract, try to avoid mango, taro, seafood and other susceptible foods.


The cause of acne on the left cheek: liver function is not smooth and there is fever.

  Improvement: Keep your work and rest normal, keep your mood happy, and blow cold air. Don’t leave your body in a sultry environment.


Causes of acne around the lips: Constipation can cause toxin buildup in the body, or use toothpaste with excessive fluoride.

  Improve: Eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits and adjust your eating habits.


Cause of acne on the chin: endocrine disorders.

  Improvement: Eat less cold food.


Small acne near the temples shows that your diet contains too many processed foods, causing the gallbladder to rupture. You need to quickly clean your body from the location. The forehead is mostly caused by lack of sleep and fire inflammation, so you need to add more water.It accelerates metabolism, allows pores to eliminate oil, and avoids staying up late and lacking sleep.

  Most of the temples are under pressure, and the liver and gallbladder are hot, which induces acne. At this time, it is necessary to relieve the stress and relax.

  Most of the adolescent acne on the cheeks is on the cheeks. It is caused by poor gastrointestinal tract. It is easy to have constipation or wet stools.Defecation function.

  If acne grows around the chin like a cheek beard or even corrects, it is related to the Yangming Stomach Meridian, which is mostly a hot and humid type of the stomach. Eat less spicy. If it grows in the human body, it may be urine and reproductionSystem problems must be treated.

  The skin is mostly related to renmai. Like acne in the middle of the human body, we must pay attention to urinary and reproductive system problems and seek medical treatment.