Yoga at home focuses on conditioning

Yoga at home focuses on conditioning

The office ladies are tired and busy every day, and they may not go when they buy a fitness card.

He said he was in bad shape all day.

From now on, do yoga for half an hour at home before going to bed. Set your mind on weight loss and adjust your mindset is the key.

The movement of the tip can not only make the lines beautiful, but also strengthen the digestive organs and the respiratory system.


Essentials of legs extension and stretching: sit on the mat with your legs straight, your back upright, and inhale with your hands tilted above your head; exhale, your arms drive your body forward and down, and straighten your eyes toward the toes.Try to keep the abdomen close to the thighs and keep 3 abdominal breaths.

Inhale and restore your upper body; exhale and relax your hands downwards.

  Training effect: The entire tibia is stretched, which increases the strength and elasticity of the spine. At the same time, the muscle groups of the tibia and legs are shifted, and the thighs and abdomen are compacted.

This action not only has the effect of exercise, but also relaxes the body and mind. It does not prevent you from trying when you are tired and nervous.


Essentials of boat action: Lie on your back with your feet together, lying flat on your side.

Inhale, lift your upper body, feet and up at the same time, with your buttocks on the ground and the spine as the fulcrum to keep your body balanced. Keep your hands straight with your feet straight and your fingers pointing at your toes. If you can, hold your hands with your hands.Exhaust your toes and slowly lower your body back to the ground.

Smooth your breath and relax.

  Training effect: enhance the strength of the abdominal muscles, eliminate excess and excess meat, and make the thighs longer and the waist thinner.

Prevent viscera sagging, improve rehabilitation, eliminate constipation and strengthen the back end.

Thin waist movements, if there are symptoms of sciatica, can be effectively alleviated by daily practice.


Side angle bending action essentials: open two legs with two legs wide, right foot rotated 90 degrees to the right, inhale with hands raised flat, exhale arms drive the body to bend to the lower right, bend the right knee, put the right hand on the right footOn the front side, eyes look at the fingertips of the left hand, palms forward, and the fingertips point to the sky.

Note that the right knee does not exceed the toe of the right foot.

Maintain 3 abdominal breaths.
Inhale, the arm drives the body to slowly return upwards, doing the opposite direction.

  Training effect: Stretching exercises of the limbs and both limbs can reduce joint pain and sciatica, and can stimulate gastrointestinal motility.

It also helps the digestive process while reducing waist circumference.

This movement can exercise the muscles of the whole body, and you can have a slender and soft body by practicing frequently.


Essentials of a dove-style variant: legs straight, sit on the ground, and keep your back straight.

Bend your left leg and your lower leg. Try to keep your thighs straight.

Grasp the surface of the right foot with your right hand, and lift your right lower leg upward, and clamp the surface of the right foot with your right elbow joint.

The left arm is tilted above the head.

Eyes look obliquely upwards. Keep this position for 1-2 minutes. Swap your legs. Adjust your knees to form a straight line during practice. Focus on your lower back.

  Training effect: strengthen the thigh and calf muscles, beautify the arm lines, enhance the flexibility of the waist and shoulder joints, make the waist thin and soft, beautify the body lines, promote the whole body blood circulation yoga breathing method, relatively relatively immobile

This method can make the membranous muscles more powerful, so that the time and cycle of breathing become deep and regular.

  Chest breathing is deeper and more focused than regular breathing.

Participate in breathing with the upper and middle lungs, feeling chest, ribs undulating, and the abdomen relatively immobile.

Chest breathing stabilizes mood and helps expel short, short-term backlogs of exhaust.

  Complete breathing can be said to be the mainstay of yoga pacing and the corresponding constriction method. It is a natural and smooth breathing method. The entire lungs participate in breathing exercises.

Complete complete breathing can triple the amount of breathing air, allow fresh oxygen to supply the blood, strengthen the heart, relieve visceral pressure, and adjust endocrine disorders.

  Training effect: strengthen thigh and calf muscles, beautify the lines of the arms, increase the flexibility of the waist and shoulder joints, make the waist thin and soft, beautify the lines of the whole body, and promote blood circulation throughout the body.