Three simple ways to help you clear acne


Three simple ways to help you clear acne

Some women have already passed through adolescence, and they are not very oily, but they have abnormal acne.

Your estrogen always floats up and down and never gives the body an indicator of adaptation.

  If your acne is blackheads, it is most likely related to your excessive outdoor travel; whiteheads are related to the large-scale consumption of sweets and high-metastatic foods when you are worried; headless acne is usually the result of high nerve tension.

  An emergency plan 1, the most urgent and effective is hot and cold therapy, that is, wash your face with hot water first, and then wash it with cold water again.

  2. You can also steam your face with steam. Steam can dredge pores and inhibit sebum secretion.

  3. Cucumber can also be used as a mask to make the skin converge and make the skin smooth and not greasy.

  4. Take an aromatherapy one hour before bedtime, take a hot bath, and then use a calming, decompression body lotion to relieve tension, sleep well, and stress adult acne naturally disappear.

  Second auxiliary food kelp-rich in minerals, regular consumption can regulate the pH of the blood and prevent the skin from secreting excessive oil.

  Bitter Gourd-Contains Vitamin B and Vitamin C. It has a significant effect on lowering heat and removing heat, and can treat acne and freckles caused by liver and fire.

  Three basic countermeasures 1, exercise can effectively relax the spirit to adjust the regularity of cell metabolism and sebum secretion.

  2, pay attention to the diet structure should also be reasonable, try to eat less spicy, fried and high-conversion food.

  3. Drink more green tea. The tannins in green tea are indispensable.

You can also boil green tea with boiling water, wash your face after cooling, and wash it again and again. Take a pat on the place with acne, and let them drink a cup of green tea.