Seven bad things about not eating breakfast

Seven bad things about not eating breakfast

Have a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a small dinner.

This sentence is said abroad: eat breakfast like a king, Chinese food like a gentleman, dinner like a poor man.

Nutritionists recommend that breakfast should account for about 30% of total heat energy throughout the day, lunch for about 40%, and dinner for about 30%.

In the proportion of breakfast energy sources, the energy provided by carbohydrates should account for 55% -65% of the total energy, adults should account for 20% -30%, and protein accounts for 11% -15%.

Nutritionists have confirmed that breakfast is the main source of nutrition for a day, and it is the least likely to be transformed into a meal of the day.

Among them, the ratio of breakfast, lunch and dinner is preferably 3: 21: 1. If you do n’t have enough breakfast every day, you will only eat more lunch, not to mention not eating breakfast!

So what if you don’t eat breakfast?

1. Without breakfast, it affects the health and longevity of the human body. It is dominated by the circadian body clock. Without breakfast, it disrupts the normal operation of the circadian clock. The nutrition required by the body cannot be replenished in time.The effects of various diseases brought on the body are affecting people’s health and longevity.

2. Don’t eat breakfast makes you unresponsive. Breakfast is the source of energy for brain activity. If you don’t eat breakfast, your body can’t supply enough blood sugar for consumption, you will feel tired, lazy, fatigued, unable to concentrate, lose energy, and respond slowly.

3. Don’t eat breakfast. Chronic diseases may “up” the body and skip breakfast, and start the day’s work to revive the intestines. In order to gain momentum, the body will use glands such as thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary gland to burn tissues, exceptIn addition to causing glandular hyperplasia, it can also cause acidity and chronic disease.

4. Do not eat breakfast. The stomach and intestines may have to “rebel” and do not eat breakfast. They do not eat until noon. Gastric cancer is always in the state, which will cause excessive secretion of gastric acid, so it is easy to cause gastritis and gastric ulcer.

5, constipation without breakfast “out of the cage” At the time of three meals, the human body will naturally produce gastrocolonic reflex phenomenon, simply to promote defecation; if breakfast is not a habit, it may cause gastrocolonic reflex disorders in the long term, soconstipation.

6, skipping breakfast is more likely to be obese Some people think that skipping breakfast can reduce conversion intake and reduce weight.

In fact, the nutrition is actually low. The protein and protein are consumed first, and the aunt is consumed last, so do n’t think that skipping breakfast will help to consume slightly.

Conversely, skipping breakfast will make you eat more for lunch and dinner, but will become fatter instead of slim.

7. Absence of breakfast will cause hypoglycemia. After a night’s sleep, the body ‘s nutrients are exhausted, and the blood glucose concentration is low. If you do n’t eat or eat breakfast, you ca n’t replenish the concentration in time, and you will feel dizzy and panicky in the morning., Limb weakness, lack of energy and other symptoms, and even hypoglycemia shock, affecting normal work.