How to care for dry skin

How to care for dry skin

Four ways to care for dry skin, do it now and let you have supple skin.

  Method of care 1 Skin often feels tight and hard in the cold season?

First, apply a hot towel to your face to promote skin blood circulation. It is not advisable to use excess boiling water.

After cleansing the skin, apply some lotion to moisturize.

Manual massage is recommended.

  Care method 2 The skin is very dry in an air-conditioned environment?

Hydrating should be done in time. You can bring a moisturizing spray or apply a moisturizing lotion. For oily skin, use as little oily lotion as possible.

  Care Method 3 How to apply makeup on dry skin to maintain perfect makeup?

Use a sprayer to replenish the water → apply the foundation with a sponge evenly and thinly again → apply a rehydrating spray at the end, and use a moisturizing lotion around the eyes.

  Four methods of care at night is the best time to care for the skin.

After washing your face, you should regularly remove dead skin, so that the skin can better attract nutrients.

The selection of products should not use irritating products.

Skin massage can also be carried out to promote the skin’s metabolism and let you have a more rosy skin.